Anyone who owns a lawn mower will find this tool very useful. It is easy to assemble and makes cleaning and repairing your mower easy. The lift will especially be useful if you like to do things on your own.

Furthermore, you can save cash if you are in the habit of doing mower repair and replacements on your own. The idea of using some tool or a makeshift stand can be risky because of the possibility of the breaking under the weight of the mower.


Strong and Stable

The Mo Jack sits on a tripod stand. This makes it extremely stable when working on your mower. Once you have it up, you can do just about anything. If you own a mower, you know that once in a while you might need to change the blades. Furthermore, there are instances when the mower won’t work completely requiring you to replace some worn out parts. I stumbled on it online while shopping for a new blade for my BMC.

I had not thought about a mower jack before. I was used to turning over my mower whenever I needed to make repairs. Most of the time I would end up spilling the gas or oil. However, this strong and bold stand makes everything easy, and I never have to worry about having spills on my garage. The jack lifts a weight of up to 40Ibs. This means that it will do a perfect job as compared to stools and benches most people prefer to use. I was very proud of this tool, so I decided to invite my neighbor’s to check it out. The response has been amazing.

Stands Tall

Unlike a car, a mower sits low, and it is impossible to slide underneath to make repairs. I am the kind of person who likes to get my hands dirty. Furthermore, getting someone to do repairs and servicing is costly.

My next door neighbor proposed that I use some short stool. I tried it once, but it still required me to squat at an awkward angle, so I gave up on the idea. I was thinking why nobody invented a mower jack not knowing that there was already a 22 inch tall Mo Jack Mower lift.

This makes it easy for anyone to slide down and make repairs. The angle is just right, so you do not have to worry about sitting or standing in crazy positions. The Mo Jack will work with just about any mower. So when you are buying this tool, you never have worry about the type of mower. In essence, it some fit it all tool.

Easy To Store

This is not the kind of tool that you will need on a daily basis. If you keep your mower in good condition, you will rarely need to make constant repairs. I do service for mine once a month. This means that my Mo Jack Push Mower lift sits idle for the rest of the days.

I had not thought about storage when buying this lift. However, after reading a couple of reviews, online I realized that I could disassemble it and store it in a garage drawer. This is perfect for people who do no have that much storage space in their garages.

It is Adjustable

The manufacturer must have given this lift much thought when designing it. You can adjust the lifting height depending on your needs and the section of the mower you want to work on. When you are using some makeshift lift, or you are in the habit of talking some into holding the mower for you while doing repairs, you already know how unreliable these options can be.

What you need is some adjustable tool that you can use. My 12-year-old son takes after me when it comes to fixing things. However, he is 4 foot 9 whereas I am 6 foot 2. He can use the lift as well as I can because it is adjustable.

It is Light

It is always best to have a lift that you can carry around. This is because the mower can break down when you are using it on the lawn. The Mo Jack lift is made of lightweight material which makes it easy to carry around.

You will seldom need to move the mower when you want to clean it, repair, or even change blades. The other day a friend wanted to borrow it, and I was comfortable sending my son to drop it for him ecause I knew he could handle the weight.

I later realized that the bars are hollow instead of solid. Furthermore, it has a simple shape which means you can hold it with one hand and carry it around easily.


  • It is cheap
  • This is the kind of tool that can last a lifetime
  • Works with just about any lawn mower
  • It is very strong


  • It is only necessary for people who like to do repairs and cleaning on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Some people will wonder whether the lift can work on mowers with plastic housing. Of, it can. The hold works perfectly and is easy on the mower.
– Never try to use the lift for other purposes apart from its intended use. It can only hold a maximum of 40Ibs. Anything heavier and there are chances it will break under the weight.
– The Mo Jack Push Mower Lift works best if the fuel tank is empty. The fact that it tilts the mower at some angle means that if you have a full tank, you risk getting spills.

Final Verdict

This is the kind of tool that makes cleaning and repairing push mowers very easy. It will cost you only $22, and you will never regret parting with the amount. As a matter of fact, everybody who owns a push mower needs this lift. Avoid using makeshifts because they can be risky and unreliable.