Miele Classic Cl Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White — Corded Review

Most homes are made of different surfaces. Different surfaces require different cleaning approaches and equipment. This machine addresses the challenge by providing an all surface usable solution. When doing the home cleaning, the convenience of using one machine to effectively clean all surface is possible with Miele Classic Cl Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White — Corded. Other than offering the convenience of use, the machine has some other important features that make it an ideal home cleaner for a discerning buyer.

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Combination of the rug and floor cleaning ability

The Miele Classic Cl Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White — Corded is designed to be used in more than one place. The single system can effectively clean a rug while at the same time clean the floor.

Buying the cleaner allows you to save money instead of having to purchase a different cleaner for rug and floor. Unlike other machines that would break down on cleaning the rug, the home cleaner has the features to prevent the fibers from causing a malfunction of the machine. The easy to operate cleaner meets the requirement for effective cleaning of surfaces with fibers as well as those that are smooth. Its dual purpose makes cleaning easy and less time-consuming.

Installed with an air cleaning filter

Most of the cleaners on the market emit air that affects the users. The cleaning effect of a vacuum system results in the emission of air as a result of the cleaning. These emissions often make cleaning disturbing if not unhealthy. The moist dust affects the respiratory system and may result to the contagion of some related illnesses. The Miele Classic Cl Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White — Corded comes installed with a filter that ensures that the emitted air is clean and does not affect the users. The equipment has a filtering system through which the emissions have to pass through before released into the ambient air. The filtering holds all the impurities.

Wide operating area

The key to having to work less and cover a wider cleaning has a cleaning system with a wider cleaning radius. While this comes as a challenge when cleaning hidden areas and hard to reach spots, having a wide cleaning area saves the cleaning time and energy by up to 60% without interference with the effectiveness of the cleaning process. The Miele Classic Cl Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White — Corded comes with a 29.5-foot operating radius cleaning ability. You can clean an area within the specified parameters without needing to change the location of the socket. The cord of the cleaner allows the user to cover the wide area from a central point.

Speed adjustment

One of the unique features of the cleaner is its rotary dial speed control system. The speed control system allows the user to adjust the rate of suction and the motion of the cleaner. With the rotary dial speed control, the user enjoys more control over the operation of the system. The cleaning becomes easy with this ability. When you need to move at a faster speed, you have the liberty of making the necessary improvement to match your specific needs. Most of the cleaners in the market do not allow the cleaner to enjoy control and management of the cleaning process. The speed control system comes in handy for this purpose and offers the cleaner the necessary convenience when changing the cleaning surface and the level of dirt.

Comes with a set of accessories

The cleaner is a complete cleaning system that matches its specific target cleaning areas. Unlike other cleaners that come incomplete, the Miele Classic Cl Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner comes with all the cleaning parts that are necessary for all the surfaces. In addition to the main cleaner, the system comes with a dusting brush. The dusting brush comes in handy when you will need to remove stubborn dust. The system also has an upholstery tool and crevice nozzle held in place with a VarioClip. With these accessories, all your cleaning needs for the soft and hard surfaces are with the single package. Moreover, the accessories design is for the specific system making them efficient in meeting their respective needs.


  • The home equipment is of high quality. The Miele vacuums have provided quality and reliable cleaning for the past 20 years. The equipment has maintained the high level of performance through this period.
  • The system meets the high-performance requirement. The system has an effective motor system that provides the right power for a perfect performance. This allows it to clean many surfaces.
  • Efficient filtration system. The Miele vacuums have one of the best filtration systems making the cleaning process healthy and easy.
  • Wide cleaning area. Among the corded vacuum cleaners, this is one of the few with a wide cleaning area.
  • With coverage of 29.5 feet covers radius, the cleaner is almost as good as being cordless.


  • The cleaner is bulk. The canister and associated accessories make the Miele vacuum cleaner bulk for an ordinary cleaner.
  • Has a cord. The cord always restricts movement. Miele vacuum’s cord restricts its use beyond the 29.5 feet area while it does not give it the weight relief that corded cleaners have.


Question: Does the cleaner come with a vacuum bag

Answer: Yes

Question: How big is the bag?

Answer: The bag is a 4.8-quart bag

Question: Does it come in white only?

Answer: The cleaner comes in various colors

Final Verdict

The Miele’s classic Cl is a cleaner that comes with FiberTeQ. The FiberTeQ allows the cleaner to clean low pile carpeting, flooring that is smooth, and even rugs. With this feature, you can clean any surface that you need to clean without making any adjustments to the equipment all you need to do is flip the toggle to the matching surface. The system also comes with a telescopic stainless steel wand and a long cord with automatic rewound. These features expanded its reach and enhanced the cleaning effectiveness. I recommend the machine.