Merkur -Razor Progress Long Handle Adjustable Safety Razor


Merkur DE safety razors are well known among wet shavers. They are german crafted shaving tools know for quality and precision. They are a part of Dovo which was founded back in 1906. Though they are usually more expensive but their interesting offers and expansive line of razors make them worth the price. They are a good brand to explore if you have not found the kind of razor you are looking for. Even if you own a safety razor the offerings from Merkur will sure give you some advantage over your current razor. They make a variety of heads and handles including 2 pieces, 3 piece and adjustable razors like this one.

Six Angle Settings

The Merkur Progress safety razor has six angle settings that change how “aggressive” it will be. The settings change the angle at which the blade is placed and the amount of blade exposed to the skin. At a more aggressive setting more blade is exposed making the razor more aggressive. There is a know at the bottom part of the handle which allows you to change the angle setting.

If you are a new user set the angle to 2 or 1 so that you don’t get any nicks while shaving even if your hands are not steady. Experienced people, on the other hand, can go for higher aggressiveness for a faster and closer shave. You can even start with a low setting and increase the angle with each subsequent pass. The ability to change the aggressiveness makes the razor very versatile.

Excellent Build Quality

Merkur safety razors are made by Merkur Stahlwaren in Solingen, Germany. They have made the finest razors and grooming accessories for many years. The combination of the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship ensures that you get the very best. The Merkur Progress safety razor also follows the same quality standard that you’d expect from Merkur. All parts are beautifully crafted.

The Merkur Progress provides excellent grip which is needed to handle its above average weight. The handle is built with solid brass and finished with a thick chrome plating for durability. The safety razor is beautifully contoured and stays balanced in your hands while shaving. Overall it displays the same high -quality german craftsmanship for which Merkur is so well known.

Easy Blade Replacement

The Razor is made of 3 parts but for the most part, you will only have to deal with two. The bottom knob that controls the angle of the blade needs to be twisted to unscrew the top part holding the blade. Once the top part is unscrewed replace the old blade with a new one and place it back. Twist the know again in opposite direction to screw the top back on.

Though you don’t need to open all parts of the safety razor for changing the blade but you might want to do it for cleaning. You should thoroughly clean the safety razor every once in a while so that you don’t face any hiccups while shaving. For a razor that does not have a butterfly top design this razor makes it pretty easy to change blades.

Long Handle

The Merkur Progress has a shorter handle version as well but most people find the longer handle version to be better. The longer handle helps in balancing the weight of the razor which is well above average. The safety razor itself weighs around 3 ounces and thus need a longer handle for a proper balance. This razor is perfect for people with bigger hands who need a longer handle to grip the razor properly.

The weight also demands better grip which can be achieved from a long handle. The extra length does make it difficult to carry while travelling but at home that’s not a concern. The handle is made from brass and coated with a thick layer of chrome. The knurling on the handles provides greater control even when your hands are wet and slippery.

Ultra Close Shave

You get a very close shave almost identical to what you’d get from a straight razor. The adjustable blade settings help you get exactly the kind of shave you want. The weight of this safety razor is enough to shave without applying extra pressure from the users side. You can just use its own weight to do the job for you.

This results in a closer and more uniform shave. The razor itself is only responsible for half the result while the other half depends on the kind of blade you use. Since the prepared blade differs from person to person Merkur Progress works with all standard DE blades. The refined design, balance and adjustable aggressiveness mean you get an ultra close shave every single time.


  • One of the best finishing in terms of craftsmanship and material.
  • Customizable aggressiveness allows you to get exactly what you want.
  • Weight and long handle give the safety razor a perfect balance.


  • More expensive compared to the competition.
  • The angle adjustment knob is made of plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the whole razor made from brass?
A: No, only the handle a and some of the internal parts are made of brass. The head is made from cast iron.
Q: How does Merkur Progress compare with Gillet Mach III?
A: Merkur Progress is a premium wet shave razor that gives closer and more comfortable shave than cartridge -based razors like Gillette Mach III. While the one-time investment for Merkur may be higher than cartridge razor overtime cartridge razor tend to be costlier.
Q: Are some blades included with the razor?
A: No, the razor does not ship with blades. You will have to purchase the blades separately.
Q: How thick is the Handle?
A: The handle is 88mm in thickness. They should be comfortable enough even for people with big hands.


The Merkur Progress is a premium safety razor. Every aspect of its design and construction reminds you of this fact. Even though the asking price for the Merkur Progress is higher than its competitors the premium build, long handle and adjustable blade angle makes it worth every penny. This razor is perfect for someone looking for quality shaving experience and appreciates fine craftsmanship. For people who are willing to pay the premium for a razor that can give ultra -close shave and provide years of service, the Merkur Progress is the one to go for.