The new Korg SP 170 is a stylish and easy to use digital piano designed to give the pianist the best sound quality possible with ease. Produced with perfectly weighted and expressive 88 keys and sporting a classic and pragmatic design with enhanced speaker system, headphone jacks amidst other great features and available at the superb price, this musical masterpiece from top brand Korg is a must have for every music lover and their families. The Korg Piano combines comfort and style with a sound you would want to hear again and again making it one of the best pianos available in the market today.

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Stylish and powerful sound system

Music is meant to be heard and enjoyed and the Korg SP -170 ensures your creative sounds are heard as loud and beautiful as possible through their new oval speaker’s system. This perfect novel 10cm by 5cm speaker design combines with the unique structure of the piano to produce captivating sounds with better resonance and improved tone quality.

The Korg SP 170’s unique speaker design also produces reverberation and chorus which enhances the sounds produced while giving the individual notes life and rhythm, all of which combines to give an irresistible music that makes you spend each day aching to get back home to your piano. Despite their moderate size, the oval shaped speakers can produce surprising loud and powerful sounds making it a great instrument for outdoor events.

Dedicated headphone and MIDI ports

Nothing beats listening to your music through your headphones, and that’s why the Korg SP 170 comes equipped with two separate headphone jacks and a MIDI port on its rear panel specifically designed towards increasing your piano experience. You can practice on your own or when in class with your students as well as play duets with your friends without disturbing anyone around you like your neighbors or colleagues. These jacks can support a wide range of headphones comfortably giving you a large range to choose from with similarly enjoyable experience. You can also connect other musical components to the SP 170 via these jacks such as amplifiers when playing to a large audience. You can also connect a tape to record your carefully composed new song and replay it later on your own or to play it to your friends.

Fewer control buttons on panel

The Korg SP 170 piano was built for easy use hence its use of designated normal keys for control instead of the usually jam-packed control key panels and dials on other similar digital pianos. The power switch and volume knob are located on the front panel enabling easy access and navigation of the piano even for beginners. The Sound and Piano Play buttons which were newly added to this piano, unlike earlier models, also give an extra level of control. The Sound button allows easy and quick selection of any of the ten different inbuilt sounds while the Piano Play button returns the piano to its initial brilliantly recorded concert grand piano sound.

Expressive keys

The SP 170’s Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NHI), i.e. heavier keys in the lower registers with the keys gradually becoming lighter as we progress to the higher registers, which is a common feature of other keyboards makes playing much more fun and allows you express yourself in the piano. Equally, the special Key Touch Control feature which allows you to scroll through three levels of touch ensures adaptability of the piano to any user while retaining its trademark top-notch performance and sound. These features combine to ensure a great experience no matter your level of experience with a piano i.e. either a beginner or an expert in piano use.

Optimized sound options

Korg, the makers of the SP 170 in a quite commendable move decided to stick close to the base piano tones, offering only ten exquisite instrument sound options in all, and painstakingly ensured that the piano produces the most realistic sounds possible. By removing some of the flashier components on similarly priced pianos from the SP 170, Korg can optimize the performance and functionality of this stylish and quality piano. Some of the inbuilt sounds you can select from on the SP 170 include harpsichord, strings, organ, electric piano and more. Also featured on this piano is a damper pedal and well-positioned music rest to increase pianist control and easy music visibility respectively.


  • The Korg SP 170 is a great product because;
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is weighted as it has all 88 keys
  • It has an enjoyable sound
  • It is simple to use and doesn’t feature the normal 100+ different sounds on an electric keyboard


  • However some of the problems with buying this product are;
  • The Korg SP170 piano doesn’t come with a piano stand, and buyers will have to buy theirs’ separately.
  • It’s not USB capable
  • It doesn’t come with a recorder

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the piano USB capable?
The piano is not USB capable as it’s an entry level keyboard.

Does it have a MIDI port?
It has a MIDI out port.

If headphones are plugged on, does the piano fall silent?
Yes, the piano falls silent when the headphones are plugged

Does the keyboard come with a pedal and a dust cover?

Yes the SP 170 is pre-equipped with a pedal. However, it doesn’t include a dust cover in its package. Compact, loud, portable, super comfortable and designed to please, the Korg SP 170 piano is a top product that is a must for every true music lover. Also available in different colors like white, black or red to match the surroundings and events and equipped with comfortable, perfectly weighted keys and satisfying sound, this top product from Korg is just the right product to deliver that true piano experience you desire. The crowning feature of the headphone and MIDI jacks that enables you record and amplify your music with your friends as well as enable you to enjoy your beautiful notes in solitude makes this piano simply perfect for pianists. Get your own piano today for $499 and create music just as you want it.


Arguably the best product of the reputed Casio Privia series, the PX-850 is an all -encompassing stylish, lightweight and superior grand piano that is simply built to amaze. This flagship product from the famous instrument maker boasts advanced features like dual speaker system, upright cabinet, 18 instrument tones, 1/4 ” audio outputs, USB output port and the piece de resistance, the advanced AIR sound set which produces an added realism to the piano’s note and rhythm.

Another novel and unique feature of the PX-850 is the Lid Simulation where the piano’s lid can be hooked open, shut closed or left half open or even removed. Combining all these awesome features with the new keyboard action and the powerful sound engine makes this piano a must-have for true music lovers.

Tr -sensor well-weighted Keyboard

One of the prominent features of the Privia PX-850 is the redesigned scaled and weighted hammer action keyboard with 88 keys which feature Damped Resonance, Hammer response, and Sympathetic resonance. The Ebony and Ivory textured keys gives the piano an alluring view while it’s well-built sensors read the movement of the keys with professional accuracy and speed allowing you to simply lose yourself in the light pressing keys. To enhance your experience, the PX-850 also regulates the speed of the hammers about the velocity the keys are pressed giving you that smooth and rich sound.

Superb instrument flexibility with unique Lid Simulation feature

Apart from the opportunity to choose from over 18 instrument tones which includes tones like strings, organ, electric guitar, bass, etc., the PX-850 also offers an impressive 256 notes of polyphony for easy adaptability. This superb piano also features the split and layer mode of playing which allows you to play lower notes using your left hand while playing tones on layers with your right. For music teachers, the PX-850 is just perfect with its Duet mode which allows you split the keyboard into two parts, allowing you and your student to use the keyboard at the same time. Another outstanding feature of the Casio trivia PX-850 is its powerful amplifier and lid adjustment feature. Combining all these features with the keyboard cover, pedal and piano stand makes this piano the pick for true lovers of music.

“Class compliant” USB and MIDI connectivity

Why let your music experience end when you get up from the piano? The PX-850 which prides itself on its “class compliant” USB connectivity is also equipped with the USB MIDI which allows you to connect your Apple iPad with the use of the Apple Camera Connection Kit. You can also enjoy the supreme sound quality of the PX-850 through the two stereo standard dedicated headphone jacks. The Trivia PX-850 is built with a recorder and boasts two types of USB terminals; USB to Host port that connects to personal computers (like your Mac and Windows PC) and MIDI devices and a USB to Device port that allows you transfer your music to storage devices like a flash drive or an external hard drive.

Unique and beautiful grand piano sound quality

One of the PX-850’s most distinct features is its awesome grand piano sound quality which is arguably one of the best and the finest among the digital pianos on the market today. This unique sound is a result of the Casio owned AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) processor which enhances the sound produced using four different pre-recorded levels of concert grand piano samples to produce unique grand piano sounds with long natural delays on notes and an awesome expression. To further give the pianist more control on sound production, the PX-850 come equipped with a three pedal unit namely the soft, sostenuto and damper pedals which control all 88 keys of the piano at once.

Superb sound system setup

The PX-850 12cm by 2cm speaker system supported with the 5cm by 2cm tweeters are also great for indoor parties as they are capable of producing really loud music without jeopardizing the sound quality. Powered by a state-of-the-art amplifier and a powerful new sound engine, the PX-850’s speakers produces perfectly produced notes at whatever volume you desire. To complete the appeal of this piano, it comes pre-packaged with a matching keyboard cover and stands in an all -in -one package.


  • It is very loud
  • It has USB connectivity
  • It has a unique sound quality
  • It is a durable product
  • It has a classy exterior.


  • The piano’s material feels cheap.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cover for the piano work?
About an inch above private emblem, you’ll notice a gap approximately 1/3″ wide which your fingers can lift in and pull out. You will also notice grooves on either side of the piano that the cover fits in after it is pulled out.

Will this be a good choice for someone who is self -learning to play the piano at home?
Yes, it is less expensive than a “real” piano, but it feels and sounds pretty much the same, and it is also more compact. The dedicated headphone jack which allows the learner to practice without necessarily causing a disturbance is another added advantage for self -learners. Also being able to record and playback helps you to listen to your own performance and do a self -evaluation of where improvements are needed.

If properly maintained, how long should it last?
The lifespan of the piano is unknown; it all depends on how you take care of it. However, from what I can tell, it is very durable and should last you over 20 years.

Does this piano plug into the wall or uses batteries?
It plugs into the wall

Is it difficult to set up?
No, it isn’t. It only took two adults an hour to set it up.

Trying to determine how the cabinet looks. I know it is a particle board, but does it look cheap?
I ordered the cabinet in black and I do not believe it looks cheap. The cabinet is smooth and a nice rich black.
I am very pleased with it.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a real acoustic piano experience albeit via a cheaper alternative, then the Casio PX-850 is your best choice. Casio engineers worked long hours equipping this particular piano with top features that are meant to make you give you that genuine piano experience. This is the best of the Privia series and arguably the best of the digital pianos produced by Casio. Currently available for $949 with a free shipping offer on Amazon, this classic and stylish product is simply the best for true music lovers, most of which have sent their rave reviews on how the PX 850 exceeded their expectations. Don’t miss out of this great product, place your order today.