Intex Portable 6 -Person Inflatable Pure Spa Plus Bubble Spa – 28409E

Intex designs this inflatable hot spa tub. One of the popular companies among this category, for its amazing inflatable products such as air beds, boats, pools and much more. This pure spa plus bubble spa hot tub is ideal for six persons at a time, which is quite bigger than other hot tubs. With its out of the world features, this hot tub might be the best choice for you. It is affordable and portable hot tub which can provide you with total relaxation any time you want.


170 high powered -bubble jets –

It has extremely powerful bubble lets which provide you with an overall spa experience at home. The bubbles are cold, but the water can be heated up to 104 degrees for your maximum pleasure. Unlike most of the hot tubs, it has a greater heating level and bubble jets capacity. With its cushioned bottom and soft edges, you can relax and stretch those legs out. Space is also more than sufficient. It is ideal for six people but can work perfectly for 4. The bubbles jet helps your muscles relax and relieves pain. It is also a good choice for athletes and gymnasts as they experience body pain after the tough workout. The hot water even helps in burning some calories down.

Built-in hard water treatment system –

The Intex Pure Spa offers a highly sophisticated water treatment system that gives you soft -water. Usually, the hard water used in pools and hot tub with added bleach affects your sensitive skin and causes skin diseases. The blackening of skin, itching issues and rashes are all because of the hard water. You don’t need to worry about such problems in this pure spa hot tub. With the in-built water treatment system, you don’t need any other water purification system. As the water passes through the filtration system, it becomes soft.Not just for your skin but its makes water gentle for your clothes and the overall spa tub. The filtration system doesn’t require any maintenance, and it’s easy to clean.

User-friendly interfaces in the control panel –

The control panel is made for your comfort and ease. It has the soft touch interface for quick operation and cleaning purposes. The control panel operates the spa circulation, bubble jets, and hard water treatment system. It can be set to any configurations and settings, which suits the user. The great thing about this user-friendly control panel is that you don’t even need to get out of the tub to change the settings. Everything is at your fingertips. The temperature levels can be adjusted as well. It is easy to clean and requires no maintenance at all. The overall comfort level of the user is satisfied with this product.

Amazing built -quality for high durability –

The inner portion of the tub is manufactured using Fiber -Tech high strength fibers, which offers a high-quality comfort without any slippery or sliding issues. It has a beam construction which is rare in this class of products. It makes the hot spa tub more durable. The 3 -ply laminate PVC is used in the outer walls of the tub making it puncture resistant. The side walls and edges are pretty strong. You can easily sit on the edges of the tub to enjoy the sun or a beer. The edges don’t bend with your weight even though most of the tubs do. This type of infrastructure makes it more endurable and durable for a long run.

Cool accessories and freebies –

The pure spa plus kit includes two additional replacement filter cartridges and two inflatable contoured headrests. Now you can enjoy the hot spa experience with total comfort even to your neck. It is equipped to inflate on its own and has a contemporary cobalt blue color with a textured finish. The accessories also contain an insulated ground cloth and locking spa cover, so that the water can be kept warm and dust free, when idle. Not only this, but it also has a carry bag with grab handles. And a floating chemical dispenser. It comes along with a simple maintenance instructor, that helps when you want to clean the spa tub. It has everything you need to have a full bubble pure spa experience.


  • Portable and easy to relocate
  • Contains an inbuilt water cleaner system
  • Cozy and comfortable padded bottom
  • Easy to clean and dispensing water
  • No yearly maintenance costs
  • Extremely durable, puncture resistant
  • Offers one year warranty


  • Not suitable for extreme winters
  • A little costlier than other tubs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the heater have enough power to stay hot on below freezing nights?
Answer: In my experience, it does not. The material it’s made of is not insulating, and the bubbles cool it off even faster. If you turn off bubbles, then it would last longer.
Question: Do you need to add chemicals or are the colonial and filters enough to keep it clean?
Answer: If you are going to keep it up then you will need to add chemicals to it.
Question: Does the pump comes with it to inflate it?
Answer: Yes it does, the same which is used to handle the bubble jets.
Question: Does it runs on 110 or 220 power?
Answer: 110 volts.
Question: Why is the water turning green when I add chemicals, and it leaves stains?
Answer: Well that depends on upon the type of chemical you are using. Maybe you are using the wrong chemicals. Try another type of combination.

Conclusion –

This product is ideal for couples and children. It is a luxury spa tub which gives you a complete beauty salon experience with one touch. With its powerful bubble injectors, you can almost see a lot of bubbles floating in the tub. Best for getting rid of exhausting stress and tiredness. It relaxes muscles and gives a considerably calm feeling. I am recommending this product because it is better to size wise, features are better than most of the tubs, the head cushion is surprisingly comfortable and also because it has 4.4 stars rating out of 5 stars on Amazon. If any product has that kind of rating, that means it is really good. And it gives you more than it promises. The fabric and built- quality of this spa tub is rare. And what I like is the anti-puncture feature of this product as most of the inflatable products have that risk. It also has a 104 degrees water heating level which are more than other hot tubs. Its easy to setup and the in-built inflation system does the trick for me. It has a high capacity of 6 people, more like a pool, i would say. And you can take it anywhere as it is compact and portable.