Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Monitor is the first monitor to hit the shelves that have been made with interchangeable lens technology. The different lenses include an average, wide angle, and zoom. This allows mothers are checking on their child to have the most useful focal length and the best possible angle for any baby room. The design is inspired by professional cameras that use similar technology to capture any environment.

The video is streamed in live time to ensure mothers can see their child any moment. The LCD provides a very clear image in full color. Other features include the ability to pan or tilt the camera remotely, a talkback function, a sensor for room temperature, infrared night vision, and other related features. The best part is that there is no setup required, making it the perfect option for even the least tech-savvy mothers.

Instead, plug it in and press to play.

World’s First Interchangeable Lens System

The best feature of this product is also unique. Other baby monitors do not have the same type of lens system as the Infant Optix DXR-8 Video Monitor, making it a contender for the best baby monitor in 2016. With the interchangeable lens options, it is easy to have a complete vision of your baby or other room. All the customer has to do is choose the lens most appropriate for the environment and room they are working with and switch out the lens in only a few seconds. The result is a customized view of the room being monitored. This is perfect for later on when the baby will be more mobile, as the panoramic lens gives a full view of any child’s activity.

Wireless Portability


As any mother knows, each day with a child is unpredictable. Even further, life itself can be hard to plan. When at home with the baby, anything can happen to cause a mother to need to move around. This can be as simple as answering the door, cooking dinner, or when something needs immediate attention. The wireless portability option of the baby monitor makes it easier to go through the day and get everything done without having to worry about the baby. The monitor gives a visual for the mother as she gets chores done or as she takes a moment for a break. The battery lasts up to 10 hours in power saving mode or 6 hours with the display constantly on, giving plenty of time to get things done.

Remote Pan and Tilt Control

Being able to adjust is an important part of being a parent, but it is also an important part of a baby monitor. As you child moves around, you will want to have still a clear view of what they are doing. Even further, it is good to have a clear view of the entire room to make sure everything is fine. However, babies need to sleep. By going in and adjusting things by hand, or having a monitor that moves loudly, the baby is sure to awaken.

Instead, the remote pan and tilt control options are quiet with the baby in mind during design. The design has made movement smooth also to ensure a clear quality picture without disruption.

Easy to Charge Anywhere

While the battery does last a long time, it is still convenient to be able to recharge whenever necessary. The monitor unit can charge for anything that can hook up to a USB charger. This means the monitor can charge on a laptop while the mother is checking emails, or charged in the wall in the kitchen while she is preparing food. The ease of being able to go about a normal day while still ensuring a full view of the baby is something every mother could use, especially when it is her first child. There is a spare cable included storing wherever it is needed. Some keep the spare in a separate and well-frequented room to ensure the monitor is charged at all times.

Sound Activated LED Lights

A mother always wants to know when their baby is crying, but they do not necessarily need to hear it every time. If a mother needs a quiet environment, such as when she is making a call, it is likely a bad idea to have the volume turned up on a baby monitor. This can also be true when guests are over, or there is something important happening in the home. However, a mother still needs to know what is going on with her child. In this monitor, there is a row of LED lights that let the mother see the baby’s voice. This is to alert her that the baby is crying out, even when the volume on the monitor needs to be kept low or completely off.


  • This baby monitor has many pros on its side, making it a solid choice for new and seasoned mothers alike.
  • Some of the pros include:
  • Beeping warnings are now gone.
  • Temperature monitoring in the baby room.
  • Option for the screen to be off and sound still on.
  • Two-way talk.
  • Ability to use wirelessly.
  • Pan and tilt remote control.
  • Easy to charge anywhere.
  • Sound activated LED lights.
  • Interchangeable lens system.


  • There are not too many cons to this baby monitor. Some have reported the monitor has malfunctioned for them, but there are overwhelming reviews that this is rare at best.
  • There is also reports of white noise from a very small number of customers. However, with return policies, even the malfunctions or improper workings can typically be resolved.


With only malfunctions or defective products as cons, this monitor is one of the best video baby monitors currently on the market. The interchangeable lens system gives new parents a ton of options in keeping tabs on their child, and the wireless options make it easy to move around and continue a normal life now that baby has arrived. For those with more than one child, this monitor is one of the best video baby monitors for twins as there are many lens options to ensure both children are fully in view at all times. Overall, the monitor is worth the investment.