Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor, 54 -Inch Review


When out shopping for the ideal garden equipment, affordability and efficiency are your key concerns.
Husqvarna has established itself as a brand that delivers efficiency at an affordable cost. Husqvarna
LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor is no different. Like most products, it has its own pros and cons.

However, when the advantages surpass the setbacks, then it becomes the safest bet. The tractor, that comes pre installed with 54 -inch blades, takes your mowing to an entirely new level. The engineering finishes are impressive, easy controls hence fast mowing. If you aim at maintaining your gardens and lawns at 4 inches then this is the tractor.

What is it that makes this mower exceptional? To begin with, this mower has superb price for the size. It is designed with a heavy-duty 54 -in cutting deck with anti -scalp deck wheel to protect the turf from mechanical damage. There are a number of factors that could certainly attract you to this riding mower. Let us discuss some of this features in depth.

Electric 54 inch cutting blades

The Electric 54 inch cutting blades that mow on anything are what actually attract most buyers to settle for this tractor. The blades operate on Koehler motor making them very powerful. The tractor reduces your mowing time by half. The superiority of Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor is evident on long grass as it reduces it to about 4 inches long in no time.

The reinforced 54 -in cutting deck is 1 inch higher than on most tractors. Since most of us prefer our fescue lawns at 4 inches or slightly higher, this tractor is will work fine for most of us. Moreover, you just need to pull a switch on the control panel to control these electric blades.

Could things ever get any easier?

Is it because it offers great Great price for the sizeHeavy-duty 54 -in cutting deck with anti -scalp deck wheel protect the turf from mechanical damage Air Induction Mowing Technology(tm) The technology to allow air from the bottom and top into the Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden
Tractor’s deck makes it superior to a fabricated deck.

This results in a superior evenly cut and improved grass lift. With this deck and a bagger, unlike a fabricated deck, you do not have to spend extra cash on a discharge blower. The tractor throws the cut grass out and evenly spreads it. Obviously, it requires a lot of power to discharge mowing and/or bagging it weekly. The tractor has more than enough power for mulching. The tractors durable 747cc Kohler V -Twin 26 -HP hydrostatic engine can effectively handle dethatchers, aerators and any ground -engaging attachments.

Very large tires

Let us face it. Operating a tractor having large tires is very comfortable. What is even more fascinating is the idea of large tires soaking up bumps better than the lawn tractors’ smaller 20 -inch tires. This feature makes it ideal for both flat and uneven terrain, 2+ acres of field and mowing around obstacles. Large rear tires provide more superior grip as you drive in the garden.

You would expect that since the tires could soak wet to negatively impact on the drive. However, the Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor’s wide tires go along the lawn a smooth breeze. Furthermore, you do not have to be worried of the tires cutting up the lawn. Let us not forget that the tires are responsible for lifting the deck 1 inch higher for the perfect cut.

Easy -to -use controls

For such an affordable price, Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor offers greater luxury. A deluxe seat, good field of view and easy to use operator controls. Yes, that is right! This tractor simply has great traction and handling. Its high -back seat is adjustable to suit the occupant. Easy step -through design and ergonomic steering wheel make this tractor comfortable and quite simple to operate.

Electric 54 -inch cutting blades are very easy to engage. You are only required to pull the switch on the control panel and you are set to go. The clips to remove its deck and adjusting height are easily accessible. For the vertically endowed folks there is no cause for alarm, there is sufficient legroom while mowing.

Fender mount transmission

The transmission life of this tractor has probed mixed reaction from the public. However, they have a point of convergent. The tractor is effective and efficient. In order to enable easy cutting height adjustment, fender -mounted deck lever is spring -assisted. The hydrostatic transmission is an amazingly engineering work if you ask me.

The fact that you do not changing speed does not require you to stop is brilliant. It saves time and actually gives some dignity to mowing. Adjusting speed using one hand while still on the wheel with the other hand could be tough at first but it gets easier with time. Moreover, your speed is 5.5mph, which is a safe speed I presume.


  • Heavy-duty 54 -in cutting deck with anti -scalp deck wheel protect the turf from mechanical damage
  • Great price for the size
  • Large tires for easy movement
  • This lawn tractor can actually mow in reverse
  • The electric cutting blade can be used easily


  • A 18 inch turning radius
  • Discouraged for mulching dry grass

FAQs about Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor

Q. Does the belt come off while mowing?
A: No. That is not prone to happen. Of cause, it occurs if you have lost the bolts on the bracket holding the back axle upright. The belt coming off indicates that the bracket is unhooked.
Q. Is the tractor good for sundown mowing?
A: Yes. Husavarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Liaht Garden Tractor is ideal for sundown mowina. Its front headlines work perfectly and it has a strong bumper to protect the tractor from wreck.
Q. Does it have foot pedal control or lever for forward and reverse controls?
A: Yes, Husqvarna LGT2654 is lever -operated. The foot pedal present is responsible for stopping.


Here is that breakthrough you have been waiting for, Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden
Tractor. Gone are the days when mowing was such a headache that you had to procrastinate until you cannot do it anymore. Imagine having a tractor with electric 54 -inch cutting blades that works two times faster. Large wheels make the tractor move easily, not forgetting the easy to use controls.

Everything is in reach at your own comfort. You can mow in reverse with big tires for maneuverability. You actually have a chance to stop imagining it and actually own it. However, if your terrain is full of obstacles you might want to find a mower with zero turning radius. Get this extraordinary tractor on the Amazon for great deals. Make this worthy investment to experience affordability and convenience.