How to Make a Golf Course in Your Backyard

Unless you have many acres of land, you’re not going to be able to build yourself an entire golf course in your backyard. However, it does not mean that one cannot enjoy a round of golf in the backyard or use the best golf rangefinder. So if you like golf or enjoy design and architecture, you can feel a sense of satisfaction if you can create your very own mini -golf course where you can practice with the best golf rangefinder. The following are the steps to follow if you want to build a golf course in your backyard.


1. Consider your space

Start by determining the amount of space you have in your yard. For starters, you need a reasonably large backyard to build your course. And of course, it will be only one hole and not an entire eighteen-hole golf Course.

2. Choose the right ground

If you have a huge parcel of land, in which you are ready to spend a lot of time on maintaining your course, you could build a par -4 or par -5 course. But if your backyard is averagely big, you should make a par -3 course. You also have to ensure that you make your course on a flat land that is also not very bumpy. It means that you should look for an area without too many slopes or hills. For a reasonably sized backyard, you should build a course that is around 15 yards long.

3. Placing the golf hole

You also need to determine where you’re going to put the golf hole. Once youVe found a good area, you should clear it of any brush and debris. Next, place a golf ball on your chosen ground and ensure that its completely flat without any sloping. Ensure that the ball won’t roll around unless you tap it. Relocate the hole until you find the perfect spot.

4. Digging the golf hole

Place one side of a plastic pipe a few inches in diameter on the spot where you want to dig the hole and press it gently into the earth to mark where you want to bury it. The next step is to dig a small spot on the spot. You will then measure the pipe’s height and make the hole an inch deeper. At the bottom of your hole, pour a bit of gravel to help drain the rain water. Place your plastic pipe into the small hole and press it down using a hammer. You then need to pack the dirt youVe scooped from the hole around the outer edges of your pipe. Continue to tap and pack until the rim of your pipe is around a half inch into the ground to prevent golf balls bouncing off it or getting stuck. However, don’t put any soil inside this pipe because that’s where your golf ball will land.

5. Trim the fairway

If possible, you can mow alternative rows so that it is striped like an actual fairway. You also need to cut the fairway after every three to four days. And depending on the size of your backyard, the fairway can be around 8-10 feet across. The grass around your fairway should be rather long, at 3-4 inches to provide a rough. You also need to ensure that your fairway is longer than your green.

6. Trim the green

The next thing is to cut the green and to do this; the mower blades should be at their lowest setting to mow the grass extra short. You should try to locate the green where your land is flattest. To maintain your green, you need to mow it every two days. Also, try to ensure that the green and the fairway are lined up, but you shouldn’t connect them directly. You also need to leave several feet to accommodate the rough. Depending on the dimensions of your golf course, create a green that is 8 feet by 8 feet. The green should also be as wide as your fairway.

7. Build your sand traps

When you build your sand traps, they shouldn’t be larger than 5 feet by 5 feet. You are going to need a maximum of three sand hazards throughout the course. You can place one of these sand traps on one side of your fairway. You can put another sand trap at the front, back or alongside your green. Even though you don’t need to have sand traps, they provide a nice touch and will provide your golf course with prestige.

8. Maintain your course

Real golf courses have crews who come in each day and maintain them. Even though you don’t need to trim your course daily, just every three to four days is all you need to keep your course is pristine condition. This job will take less than half an hour.

9. Equipment you need

You will need a putter and a pitching wedge to play on your miniature golf course. You will also need to have extra balls because you are likely to lose some. The bast golf rangefinder can give you practice for the actual golf course. You also need to ensure that you invest in a quality grass mower so that you can manicure your lawn and keep the grass short and meticulous.

10. Invite people to play

Once you’ve finished setting up your golf course, you can have a lot of fun practicing your shots from the comfort of your home. You can also invite some friends and family over to enjoy a game together. It makes it more fun, and it will give you satisfaction to share your creation with others.


Making a golf course in your backyard is great as it will allow you to play the game anytime you’re free at home. Also, its going to save you time and money because you don’t have to join a golf club or travel to a golf course. The good thing is that you can find plenty of ideas online and some professionals have shared their designs to inspire other people. With a limited amount of money, you can turn your backyard into a unique and personalized mini golf course that you can be proud.