How to Choose the best Video baby monitor

When it comes to mothers, they know what is best for their lovely children. For parents with newborns, a best video baby monitor is a must-have. This device enables you always to keep an eye on your lovely child without having to be with them all the time. The device is very useful to parents whose children have some medical problem hence need to supervise them. Baby monitors have been in use for a long time, but with the new technology, these devices have been made smaller and even cheaper as well as producing a better quality picture than before.

There are several models of video baby monitors in the market making it difficult to know the best one. When choosing a baby monitor, you should look for one that will meet your needs and also gives you peace of mind. If you want to buy a baby monitor, then worry not since this best video baby monitor buying guide is going to help you get the best video baby monitor ever.

Five Best Video Baby Monitor Reviews.

There are various video baby monitors available in the market today. This makes it a challenging task for parents to choose the right one. However, here are five great products on the market that I would unreservedly recommend to parents.

a. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


This monitor is one of the most selling baby monitors on Amazon. It is also the world’s first ever baby monitor which comes with the Interchangeable Optical Lens making it a hot cake for parents. The best thing about this baby monitor is that it gives you a complete vision of your child’s room or any other nearby room. It has a large 3.5 inches LCD full -color display enabling a clear image without a pixelated or grainy view.

The DXR-8’s lens technology allows you to customize the camera performance as you can switch to different lenses in a second. The camera is more like a professional camera as you can choose the viewing angle or the focal length for a particular environment. This great camera is a long-term investment since you can use the close- up lens to have a more intimate vision of your baby or use the switch to the panoramic lens when your child starts to move to give a full view of the baby’s activity.

Another cool feature with this baby monitor is the battery. It has an extended life battery which can last for 6 hours when the display screen is mostly on or 10 hours when in the power saving mode. The monitor is simple to use; you only need to plug it in and play, and no setting is required at all. The camera also provides full digital privacy as it gives a delayed audio playback and free video.

Here are some incredible features of this baby monitor

• Remote pan, zoom, and tilt.
• Interchangeable lens system
• Invisible IR night vision
• Alarm function
• Has a two-way talk
• It has a scan mode
• It is expandable of up to four cameras
• It has a remote temperature display.
• An interchangeable optical lens which enables you to zoom and also customize the viewing angle.
• It comes with One Optical Zoom Lens and another separate Wide Angle Lens
• Long lasting batteries

b. Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor


This is one of the best brands of baby monitors available in the market. The Summer Infant Baby Monitor comes with features that are not seen on any other products out there. It is the only handheld infant monitor that makes use of 100% digital technology for quality viewing as well as private connectivity.

One of the greatest features of it is the 5″ color LCD with a flat-screen handheld unit that provides you with the maximum view of your little one on the screen. It also has a sound activated LED light which indicates the level of noise coming from the baby’s nursery. It also has extra cameras features, digital zoom, and automatic black and white night vision such that parents can see their baby even in a darkened room.

Another feature that makes this Summer Handheld Video Monitor worth considering is it’s 10 –hour rechargeable battery. It also has a time-out feature that automatically takes effect to save your battery life.

The flip stand and belt clip make it easier for you to turn around this handheld child monitor as well. The digital technology of this baby monitor enables a secure and private connection hence giving parents a peace of mind both during the night and day.

The audio quality is incredibly good; you can even hear your child breathing if at all you want to. There is also a wide range of audio settings, ranging from quiet to loud, to off. The LED lights usually enable you to know when the baby makes some sound. Therefore, you do not need to put the volume on. It is very easy to adjust the volume of the monitor.

Some of the convenience Features include:

• Out of range indicators and low battery
• Sound activated LED Lights
• Brightness controls and adjustable volume
• Automatic power saving mode.
• Belt Clip/kickstand
• Rechargeable battery
• Wall mountable or table top camera
• Includes security clips and wall anchor
• 600 -Foot Range
• One year warranty.

c. Hello Baby Digital Security Baby Video Camera


This is another best video baby monitor that parents can take advantage of. It has great features which make it worth your investment. One of the coolest features of this monitor is the temperature monitoring, night vision, back talk system and two-way talk.
Here are some of the features of the Hello baby monitor and how they are useful to you.

1. Super clear video sound and 2.4GHZ connect – The Hello baby video baby monitor has great video and sound. The night vision for the video is very clear in both white and black. The monitor uses enhanced 2.4GHZ wireless technology. This kind of technology prevents signal interference, and it ranges up to 960ft.

2. Plug and play. This baby monitor camera is easy to plug and play. It is expandable up to four cameras. This makes it possible to pair one parent unit with up to four baby unit cameras. With this great feature, you can take care of all your children using only one monitor. Isn’t this great?

3. Long-lasting battery with a large capacity and VOX mode. Another remarkable feature with this Hello baby monitor is the battery. The battery can last for 12 hours when the VOX is on, i.e., the power saving mode or 8 hours when the screen is on. When the VOX mode is on, the sound is activated, and you can do your things till when the baby makes some sound from the baby unit.

4. Incredible multi-functional features. This great hello baby monitor consists of incredibly useful features which include

• Temperature monitoring
• Two-way talk;
• Optical tilt and pan
• 2X digital zoom
• Eight levels Alarms
• lullabies playing

5. Warranty — the hello baby monitor comes with 1-year warranty. You can get some help to solve any problems that arise before one year of use.

d. Mousand New Version best Video Baby Monitor


This is another great baby video monitor which parents can consider buying. It has great features which include but not limited to digital video cameras, night vision, 2 -way taking system, temperature monitoring, and a long life battery. These features allow you to enjoy your life with your child fully.
Here are some of the great features of this monitor:

• Two way- talk and talkback system
• Hassle-Free Portable Monitoring
• Temperature monitoring
• The long lasting battery which can go up to 8 hours in power saving mode
• The high contrast of 2.0″ color LCD monitor
• Interference-free, secure and long range digital signals.
• Supports multiple languages including English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

Most parents like this kind of monitor because of the above great features. The built-in lullabies usually help the parents to comfort the child to fall asleep. With the temperature monitoring system, you can always know the baby’s room temperature all the time without having to worry. With the two-way talk system between the monitor and the camera, you can always talk back to your child with no difficulties. You can also view your lovely baby all the night by the help of the automatic night vision feature. You also do not have to charge the monitor battery during the night since you can put it in the VOX mode.

This kind of baby monitor is supplied with a receiver device and a camera to enable you to view the video.

The receiver is reasonably small and can fit in a pocket. The monitor also has a flexible base which allows you to rotate it to see any part of the room. You can put it on the table or even attach it to the wall. The monitor comes in white color, and the wireless range is 260 meters.

e. Safe BabyTech 7 -Inch LCD Baby Monitor


This is an amazing baby monitor that comes with digital cameras and WiFi Signal. The monitor is loved by most of the parents perhaps due to its great features which allow you to talk to your child freely. It is one of its kind as it uses the most advanced technology which enables you to have all that you may want from a baby monitor.

Here are some of its features that make it an excellent baby monitor.

• A beautiful 7 inch LCD screen. This baby monitor has the incredibly large screen that is three times bigger than the market competition! It has made it a reality to finally have a best video baby monitor that has a large screen enough to allow you SEE your child. The monitor screen has a very high resolution which supports both the day mode as well as the night vision mode. The Safe Baby Tech baby monitor also has a sleep mode with the AUTO -DIM feature which enables you to turn off the screen and keep the audio activated.
• Top designer style. This kind of monitor is beautifully designed and has a state of the art technology.
# The sleek modern high -resolution display screen comes with a clear bezel which neatly blends with any decor.

You can place this baby monitor on the nightstand or any other place that you want to have a fantastic custom look.

• Plug and play. The Safe Baby Tech Baby Monitor is very simple to use. No programming is required at all.

The baby monitors from this manufacturer are pre-programmed giving parents less hustle when using them.

You only need to plug in power and then you are ready to use it!

• Two-way talk and clear audio. This is another great feature of this baby monitor. It produces clear sound hence enabling you to hear any sound coming from the baby even when he or she is breathing.

You are also able to talk to your child when you hold the TALK BUTTON.

• Lifetime warranty. Yes, you heard me right! The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, and you can even return the monitor if you are not satisfied with. The manufacturer will then refund your money.

How to choose the best video baby monitor

Nowadays, video baby monitors come in different varieties regarding shape, size, brand, and color. This makes the task of selecting one tiresome and confusing. However, this article will make the task of choosing a video baby monitor easy for you. The best thing is to pick a monitor that will allow you to observe your child without difficulties on mobility and function.

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing the best video baby monitor to be used in your home. Here are some of the factors that will assist you in getting the best video monitor for your lovely baby.

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Digital versus analog

The first thing that every parent should look for when buying a baby monitor is the kind of transmission either analog or digital. Most best video baby monitors these days utilize digital technology which offers a much safer, secure and interference-free transmission. Even so, digital transmission can be open to interference, especially if you have other wireless devices that run on the same frequency. This is why choosing a model with digital frequency technology is a good idea as the signal is much harder to interference.

You should note that analogy monitors are relatively more affordable, but they are more prone to external interference. However, you may choose to consider buying an analog baby monitor if you stay in a rural area or in a suburban area where you aren’t top of your neighbors and have less electronic gadgets with similar frequency as your baby monitor. The best thing is that most of the baby monitors, both digital and analog come with several channels such that you can be able to switch to the channel with less interference.

On the other hand, if you stay in a densely -populated urban area where you have nearby neighbors with video monitors and other electronic devices with the same frequency, then you can choose to consider a digital video baby monitor. Although digital monitors are much more expensive as compared to analog monitors; they are less prone to interference.

However, if the budget is not a consideration to you and you badly want a video monitor for your baby, without any cause of interference and with secure signals, then I highly recommend that you buy a video monitor with the new technology.

Does Size Matter?

You should understand that best Video baby monitors are in different models, shapes, and sizes. You need, therefore, to decide on which size, design or shape you like the most. It is just the same as buying a TV; you have to decide on the size of the screen that you prefer.

The display size of the baby monitors varies ranging from 1.5 inches to 7 inches. Most of the popular video baby monitors models are of a screen size of 3.5 inches, and this is a reasonable enough size. The most important thing is that you choose a baby monitor with a display which is big enough to allow you to see your baby properly.

You should also understand that the larger the monitor screen, the more difficult it is to move it. Most of the parents prefer having a parent unit which is much more portable so that they can easily carry it in their hands or even place in on the top of the table. If you are mostly on the move, then consider buying a baby monitor that has a belt clip allowing you to attach it to your waistband, belt or pocket. Most of the monitors have a kick out stands enabling you to stand it on the top of the table or other surfaces.

For me, I prefer a monitor that of the same size of a smartphone and look like one. Such model does not only look stylish and modern but is also more portable.

What Features are Important?

When it comes to the best video baby monitors, there are some features that parents find crucial. These features include two- way talk back and night vision. Almost every video baby monitor offers an automatic black and white night vision. This is how it works; as the light in your child’s room lowers, the infrared Led light on the monitor camera allows you to have a clear vision of your baby. Depending on the kind of monitor you choose, it can enable you to view anywhere ranging from 6ft up to 20ft.

Other great features allow you to talk to your lovely baby without necessarily having to get in his or her room. You can talk to your child through the microphone placed on the parent unit, and your child can hear you through the microphone that is on the baby camera. This great feature makes it possible for you to soothe your little one even when you are out in the yard, cleaning or even doing the laundry.

Another crucial thing to consider is whether you may want to increase the observing options later in the future. If you think you will want to supervise more than one room in the future, then you should go for a model that can support more than one camera. Several models can support many cameras even four of them. A good example of this camera on our list is the Infant Optics DXR-8 best Video Baby Monitor with an interchangeable optic lens. This camera is one of its own and an excellent choice for parents who may want to expand the observing options with time.

For me, some of the paramount features that I consider include sound or motion alter sensor, lullabies, and temperature sensor. However, with the improving technology, there are super best video baby monitors with several useful features that parents can choose from. Some of the current cutting-edge models can remotely observe your little one through the Skype or even connect to your iPad, iPhone or even to the TV.

Here are some details of the crucial features to check on:


This is another important factor to consider when choosing a baby monitor. The good news is that most of the modern baby monitors are portable and are designed to be handheld, more like a smartphone. Most of them come with a built-in kick out stand making it possible to place it on a table or any other flat surface. Others come with a belt clip so hence enabling you to attach the monitor to your waistband, belt or even to be hands -free. Other monitors even resemble a cell phone, and thus you can easily carry it around in your hand or even put it in your pocket. You can as well place it in the charging station.

Night Vision

Night vision is another feature which you should check on when choosing a baby monitor. Most of the modern best video baby monitors have an automatic black and white night vision. This enables you to see your child when his or her room has low light or even complete darkness. The inbuilt infrared LED light on the camera allows you to see your baby to a certain range. Most of the new models allow you to see between 10ft to 20ft from camera to crib.

Parent Unit

This is one of the most important features that you should consider when buying a baby monitor. Most of the models that are available in the market today have a parent unit with LCD color screen. The size of the screen usually varies from 1.8 inches to 7 -inch screen. It depends on how well you wish to see your child. Most parents choose a 3.5 -inch screen perhaps because it is not too large to carry or too small to see your baby.

2 -Way Talk Back

This is another great feature every parent should look for when choosing a monitor. The two- way talk back feature allows you to speak to your baby from the parent unit to the camera that is in your child’s room. This is very wonderful as you can talk to your child even when you are not around him or her.


Most of the child monitors come with only one camera. However, there some new models which come with up to four cameras. Such kind of models is the best as they allow you to monitor all your kids using only one monitor. Choosing a monitor that is expandable is a long-term investment especially if you are planning to have more kids. This is also ideal for parents with twins.

Sound and Motion Sensors

This is another great feature with most of the video baby monitors. Most models have very sensitive microphones that alert you when your child makes some sound. This is a helpful feature especially during the night when you have turned off the video monitor as it comes on only when the baby makes a sound.

Sound Lights

This feature is popularly in most of the best video baby monitors. The feature is helpful in that when the child makes a sound; you are signaled through the parent unit as the sound lights will turn on. The louder the child’s sound is, the more lights that will come on or the brighter the light, depending on the model that you choose. This feature is helpful especially if you are in a noisy room, and you can’t hear the audio.


Some great monitors come with inbuilt songs. Most parents prefer the monitors that come with preloaded songs. This is because the music will help to comfort the child to sleep with less hustle. Other parents do not like these monitors because they complain that the sound is too weak and annoying. All the same, what is important is to get a baby monitor that offers a quality picture and audio, one that is free from interference and is secure. Otherwise, it is good to buy a dancing and singing model but note that, the more features the monitor has, the more expensive it is.

Temperature sensor

Most of the new models have a temperature sensor that monitors your baby’s room temperature. The room temperature should be between 68 to 72 degrees F. This is another important feature as you may want to ensure that your child is comfortable in his or her room.

Volume control

This is another thing to consider. Most of the monitor models have the ability to control the volume. With other brands, you need to scroll through the menu so as to access the volume control, and this can cause a bit hustle. Look for a monitor that has the volume control on the side of the monitor so as to make this process much easier.

Other factors to consider when choosing a best video baby monitor

The Finances

Nowadays, it is possible to bargain for almost everything that you want to buy, and this is also the case when you are buying any baby products. Thus, video baby monitors are not exceptional for bargaining. First, decide on the price range that you are willing to invest in the video baby monitor. After this, you should research on the baby monitor that is in your price range. The good news is that, as technology keeps on improving, the prices of baby products also get lower and thus you can find a fantastic bargain.

The prices of the best video baby monitors vary with the basic models selling at around $100. Other advanced models go up to $200 or even higher. However, you should consider your budget before purchasing anything from the market. The most important thing to do is first to review the features and the functions that you want and then choose the best baby monitor that you can afford.

The Style

There are several styles of video baby monitors that are available for sale today. The standard basic styles consist of two mobile radio monitors which you can put anywhere, a base unit usually left in the child’s room and an additional one. The best place to put it is in your bedroom, or you can take it with you as you do your daily chores. The most crucial thing to consider is that you choose a model that can transmit as far as possible since you can be in the garden or a different part of the house and still would like to monitor your baby to make sure that she or he is safe and sound.

Advanced technology Baby Monitors

The new modern baby monitors have advanced features that not only allow you to hear your child but also enable you to see them both during the day and night. Such best video baby monitors can be set up allowing them to function, and you will be able to see your child even when you are not around him or her. One you have positioned the camera in place, making sure that the child’s crib is in focus, you will be able to see your kid.

The above factors are among the most important things to consider when choosing a baby monitor. You should always choose the latest model to take advantage of the latest technology for the baby monitor device.

With these five great monitors, you can talk to your child, hear your baby and also see your child! What more can a parent want!

Final Verdict

I hope this buying guide for video baby monitors has been very helpful to you. I highly recommend that you get your child one among the five discussed models. These are among the best baby monitors you can ever have for your child. They have all the features any parent may wish their video baby monitors to have. They also provide enough viewing display such that you can see your child. Get one today, and you will never regret your decision. You can get these best video baby monitors from Amazon with reasonable prices.

Nothing is more important than your child’s security and well-being, and any parent who cares for his or her child will buy him or her baby monitor.