How to Choose The best Folding Knife

A folding knife is an excellent addition to your cutlery as it has numerous uses in your home. Whether you need it to cut boxes, opening an envelope, cut your cheese, and slice an apple, hunting, or for self-defense, your folding knife should be designed to meet the needs of a user. Thus, what constitutes an ideal knife?

Functionality, durability, appearance, design, user -security and performance are some of the details that not only make the best folding knife but also ensure that the folding knife meets the user needs completely.

These are some of the best brands to get you started:

1620ST Scallion Kershaw with Speed Safe

The scallion is a perfect combination of classic design, practical knife, and high functionality. With a 2 % inch size and made from 240 stainless steel top makes it one of the most durable folding knives. However, even with the small design, the scallion with its sharp, durable blades is a mighty knife and can be used around your home for all chores from cutting twine to breaking cupboard boxes. The serrated blade offers an additional feature to its versatility hence improving its functionality.


Easy to use

Ease of use is another unique feature that makes the Scallion 1620ST one of the best folding knives. With a speed safe assisted opening mechanism, you can easily open the knife by simply pulling back the flipper or pushing the thumb stud, and when the blades move out, it is ready for use. This feature can come in handy, especially during self-defense when a second can save your life.


Safety adds on to the amazing features of this folding knife. The Scallion 1620ST comes with two locking systems: the inner locking liner and Tip -lock slider. The inner liner works by locking the blade to ensure that the knife doesn’t close accidentally when in use. The tip -lock slider ensures that the blade doesn’t accidentally open during transportation. Further, the speed -safe offers an additional safety feature by keeping the blades closed when not in use thus keeping them from being opened by gravity.


The handle of the Scallion 1620ST is made from lightweight, safe and durable high-tech polyamide material to make it resistant to corrosion and rust. Further, being lightweight offers a firm grip making this Scallion 1620ST a high -functional folding knife.


This drop -point high-performance knife if great for outdoor activities since it comes with belt clip and removable pocket making it one of the most portable knives. All these amazing features and a pocket –friendly price make the Silicon one of the best folding knives to add to your home.

12 -in 1 Kainnt Multifunctional/ Multi-tool pliers (US Pliers 658)


Kainnt is a household name in providing sophisticated, high -quality and highly functional products and this 12 -in -1 multifunctional plier is another success story. This lightweight frame with an open design tool features 12 tools which can come in handy in almost every aspect of your life ranging from opening cans, cutting boxes, bottle opening and tightening bolts among others. The tools include:

  • Spring Loaded Pliers
  • Knife Blade
  • Cross Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Medium Saw
  • Spring Needle -Nose Pliers
  • Hard Wire Cutter
  • Big screwdriver
  • Nail file
  • Small screwdriver
  • Can opener
  • Saw/Fishing tool.


The multi-tool unfolds or closes when not in use, and this way only the regular pliers will be available for use. If there is need to use one of the tools, gently pull the tool from the grip pocket. Rest of the tools remain unfolded. When you finish using the tool, the multi-tool ensures that the tool locks up completely thus keeping you safe. Further, you can use more than one tool at a time, as long as it is used for proper use.


The multipurpose pliers are made from high -quality stainless steel to ensure it is highly durable. Also, each of the tools is made of stainless steel for high-performance and functionality. Each of the 12 tools comes with a pouch (velcro closure) to offer extra protection. Further, the sheath pouch protects each of the tools in between uses to ensure the tool(s) is carefully stacked away inside the pouch until when there is need to use.

Ease of use

Ease of use is an outstanding feature of all Kainnt brands, and this tool is no different. The compact design with hard to slip handles which are spring -enabled make the tool easy to open and close thus helping reduce hand strain. Further, being light -weight makes this tool highly portable thus can be used for almost every function including hunting, camping, home repairs, fishing among others.

Kershaw 1670 BW Black Blur with Blackwash Speed Safe


This black blur 1670BW is one of the latest addition to Kershaw’s amazing collection. The break-in blades which make it look like a pair of properly worn pair of jeans is one unique feature that the folding knife is known for. The blackwash finish gives it a cool, sophisticated look while maintaining its performance and strength. With the recurved blades combined with exceptional blades sharpness, this folding knife is ideal for all home chores including cutting, slicing piercing and other multiple tasks.


Like all Kershaw’s products, this black blur 1670BW is highly durable. The knife comes with coating protection for the blades while concealing the scratches encountered during use. This way, one can lose the knife in the yard for weeks and find it n good condition after several weeks. Further, the blades are made of Sandvik 14C28 stainless steel which makes this knife highly resistant to corrosion, wear and tear and even scratches making it the best folding knife. Further, the stainless steel provides an aggressive holding capacity making it one of the mightiest folding knives.

Easy to use

Ease of use is one feature that makes black blur 1670 one of the best folding knives. Speed safe assisted opening enables it to handle one -hand opening. You simply push the thumb stud while being careful not to harm your fingers to open the knife. Further, the blackwash finish gives it a cool, sophisticated look while maintaining its strength.

User -Security

Regarding user security, the black blur doesn’t fall short. The handle is made of high quality adonized aluminum to give you a firm grip when in use. The trek-tek which comes with the folding knife offers it extra gripping power. This folding knife also comes with pre-drilled handle holes which are reversible. This feature enables a user to easily change the position of the tip or side when carrying the knife. The liner lock in the handle makes it lightweight and slimmer while maintaining both the strength and security of this knife.

Spyderco Tasman (Salt Rust Free)

The Spyderco Tasman isn’t just an exceptional tool for submarine action but one of the best folding knives. Every cutlery manufacturer boasts of high -quality steel, but the Spyderco Tasman Salt is special. The unique Japanese H-1 steel used to make this knife not only makes it get better with use (tougher and harder) but also make it entirely resistant for rust making it the best folding knife for submarine action.


The hawkbill design of the blade makes the Spyderco Tasman a god sent to submariners. The curved blade works by gathering and holding what is being cut, thus preventing it from slipping back to water. This feature comes in handy particularly when speed is of the essence. Further, the tip of the blade is rounded to give it extra strength. Easy to use user-friendly nature of the Spyderco brands make them outstanding, and this Tasma Salt rust is no exception. The handle (fiberglass with nylon reinforced) contains a volcano grip to keep the knife slip -free even when under wet. The back lock mechanism exists to give a secure and reliable lockup of the blades, thus giving a 100% safety guarantee when in use.


User security is a huge concern when talking about the best folding knife, and the Spyderco Tasma is highly secure. The reversible titanium pocket (black -coated) has a mechanism that ensures that the blades completely lock when not in use and securely open whenever there is need to use. Further, this pocket clip ensures easy left or right turning as well as the tip -up, carry to ensure user safety both when carrying and using the knife.

Customer reviews indicate that users love this folding knife due to: Made of high -quality H-1 steel both on the blades, handle and all other parts of the knife. High resistance to rust, which comes in handy when working in salty sea water. The strong blades combined with a lock mechanism to ensure a safe lockup of the blades thus keeping the user safe. The titanium pocket clip exists to ensure a left or right tip -up when carrying the knife.

Spyderco Dragonfly2 Plain Blade Knife (FRN British Racing )C28PGRE2

Spyderco is known for its Constant Quality Improvement (COI) which makes its products stand -out in the market. The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 captures the CQI better than any other Spyderco brand.

Sophisticated appearance

Its features consisting mid-sized blade combined with ergonomic handle featuring a spine cusp and front -finger choil make this one of the best folding knives. The mid-sized blade (leaf-like shape) is not new to Spyderco products as it exists in older versions of Spyderco products, but when this feature (mid-sized blade) is combined with choil echo in this version creates uniqueness not seen in any Spyderco products.

With a 2DP-189 blade size, this folding knife has the most reliable cutting power which is why this product has been labeled little big knives’.


Convenience is another unique feature of the Spyderco Dragonfly 2.This accessibility is attributed to the lightweight nature of this folding knife. Features such as positioning of the round hole close to the blade’s pivot, the hand tip-up wire, the bi-directional handle and several gripping angels make this folding machine lightweight.


Quality materials used in making the Spyderco Dragonfly make it one of the most durable folding knives. The VG -10 steel used is highly resistant to corrosion and has outstanding strength, hardness, and toughness making the Dragonfly 2 one of the best folding knives regarding performance and durability.


User security is 100% guaranteed with this Spyderco version. The closing mechanisms used -Mid –lock mechanism is highly effective. This closing mechanism consists of deep dent characteristic which prohibits the blade from disengaging accidentally during use. The handle construction combining the tip-up wire clip, spine and bi-directional handle texturing offer extra grip feature boosting user -security. Further, the handle has fiberglass nylon reinforcement for extra gripping power.

The finishing of this folding knife is almost flawless. The finishing complements other amazing features which make this version of Spyderco a unique combination of new and old coming together to make one of the best folding knives.

Choosing the best folding knife

A folding knife is one tool that you don’t buy frequently, thus when picking one, make the best choice that will meet all your needs, last for a long time and is completely secure. With many brands and models, this decision can be overwhelming. Thus, the following buying guide can help you to not only choose the best folding knives but that which you truly need.

1. How do you intend to use the folding knife?

The intended use of the folding knife is a major consideration when picking the best folding knife. If you are a mechanic, you need a different knife from an accountant because the mechanic probably does a lot of cutting as opposed to the accountant. Thus, two things determine what folding knife is needed for what purpose; the blade size and the blade shape.

The blades of most folding knives range from 2-6 inches. Thus, if you need a folding knife to handle simple home tasks like slicing an apple, or cutting boxes, then the ideal blade size should range from 2-3 inches. However, for more complex activities like outdoor cutting, hunting or even submarine actions, then you need a large blade knife.

Thus, the more information you have concerning how you plan to use the folding knife, the easier it becomes to pick the best folding knife. Other that blade size, other factors to be explained later like security, portability, and storage also determine how you can match the intended purpose and ideal folding knife.

2. Types of blades

Unless you an expert in this field, most people get a hard time matching the type of blade required to their use probably due to many different folding knife blades. As a user, you can either choose to focus on one blade type or a combination of a variety of blades depending n your needs.

Since each blade type serves a different purpose, users should understand a few types before deciding which the best is for them. To begin with, blade size of several folding knives can either be straight-edged or plain, partially serrated and fully serrated blades.

The difference is determined by the type of cutting to be done. The type of cut can either be push cut, which means pushing the knife into an object like an apple or pull cut which means pulling the knife across an object like cutting robe. In this regard, plain edge blade is ideal for push cut. The reason for this is that, with a plain edge blade, a user has more control over the cut, is more accurate and gives cleaner cuts. Further, plain edge blade is easy to sharpen meaning you don’t have to go back to the manufacturer to get your folding knife sharpened.

The serrated edge blade, on the other hand, is ideal for pull cuts or tough cuts like sawing. This is because the fully serrated blade comes with additional strength due to higher pressure from the serrations. Further, the serrated blade tends to be thinner, allowing for better cutting. The downside of this type of folding is that it is difficult to sharpen.

If you want a combination of the both the plain -edge blade and serrated blade, then the partially serrated blade also known as combination edge is ideal for you. In this type of folding knife, part of the knife is serrated while the rest is plain edge thus allowing a user to get the advantages of both the plain edge and partially serrated blade.

Other types of blades include:

A Clip Point: This type of folding knife comes with a blade with a cupped edge in one of the sides and a sharp blade making it one of the best folding knives for everyday cutting. However, due to the tip on the sharp side of the blade, it makes it vulnerable to damages thus the knife cannot be used when excessive force is required.

A Drop Point: This type of blade has two sides which are both curved; one side is sharp while the other one is flat, thus making a folding knife with such blade type best for chores like hunting.

A Hawkbill: As the name suggests, this type of blade resembles the hawkbill which allows the blades to cut and hold objects at the same time. This type of blades is ideal for marine activity making folding knives with such blades the best folding knife for someone who enjoys water action. Further, the shape of the blade allows for easy storage in the toolbox.

A Needle Point: This type of blade has a small sharp end just like a needle. This type of blades has limited users, but the knife is best for people who collect knives as a hobby.

A Pen Knife: This is ideal for small, simple tasks since the shape of the blades allows for easy control and sharp, clean cuts.

These are just some of the blade types found in most folding knives. The trick to choosing the best folding knife is to first understand your needs as a user, then match the needs to the blade types and ultimately pick the best folding knife.

3. Opening Mechanisms

We mentioned earlier that opening mechanism determines how well a folding knife can serve the needs of a user. This is because how fast, and how it opens can sometimes makes a difference between life and death, particularly in circumstances when the folding knife is used for self-defense. Thus, in matching your needs to the best folding knife, understand the opening mechanism of your folding knife.

There are three types of opening mechanisms in many folding knives:

Manual Open

Manual open or manual knives refer to folding knives whose capacity to open depends wholly on the user. Such knives come with an indentation on the blades which allow the user to open the folding knife using the nails. These knives can either be Single -hand opening (those operated by the fingernail) or two -hand opening ( those operated via a stud or with the thumb) thus allowing for fast opening.

Automatic Opening

These types of folding knives are also called switchblades. They open by a simple push of the button which gives them a super fast opening power. This feature makes such folding knives highly expensive and illegal in some countries as they are viewed as highly dangerous. Such folding knives are mainly ideal for commercial fights. Thus if you think the Automatic opening is the best folding knife for you, first understand the legal requirements and legal repercussions of owning such a knife in your country of residence.

Assisted Opening Folding knife

The assisted opening is a combination of the manual and automatic versions. A user is required to apply pressure directed to the blade to open the folding knife. This is mainly initiated using the thumb, after which the spring kicks and the blade are fully deployed thus opening the folding knife.

Being a hybrid of the manual and automatic implies that the assisted opening folding knife enjoy the properties of both making it the best folding knife mainly for hunters and heavy cutting. The user gets to enjoy the high opening speed while retaining control of the folding knife.

However, in spite of the advantages of the assisted opening folding knife, some states deem it as a dangerous tool thus treated as an automatic type. So before acquiring one, enquire the legal implications of owning this folding knife in your area of residence.

The bottom line is that a user should understand their needs and how to match them to the different opening mechanisms. If you feel you prefer a secure laid back two hand opening, then the manual version is the best folding knife for you. However, if you are about speed, simplicity, and sophistication than the two other versions; automatic and assisted opening version is ideal for you. If you want the benefits of control while enjoying fast speed opening the assisted opening version is the best folding knife for you.

4. Locking mechanism

The best folding knife should offer a user complete user -safety both when in use and storage. In this regard, the locking mechanism is one of the most important considerations in choosing a folding knife. The locking mechanism is the mechanism that keeps the blade open as well as prevents it from accidentally opening when in use. There are several types of locking mechanisms found in most folding knives:

Liner lock

This is the most common type of locking mechanism in most folding knives. Manufacturers love this type of locking mechanism for two reasons; simplicity and performance. It is the most simple type, yet it gets the job done all the time.

The basic operation is that a section of the liner gets angled to the inside of the folding knife. To lock the knife, the liner simply goes back to its original position by use of a manual force thus locking the folding knife. As this takes place, the liner lock’s tail is cut thus engaging the bottom of the blade under the pivot. To disengage the lock, the user simply moves the liner to the side facing away from the bottom of the blade. This process is simple, efficient and faster, explaining the popularity of this type of locking mechanism in most folding knives.

Frame lock

This type of locking mechanism is also common with most of the best folding knife. This type of locking mechanisms utilizes the handle to help when opening the folding knife. The liner is positioned inwards while the tip is engaged from the blades’ bottom. Thus, by releasing pressure to the frame, the lock is forced to open on the blade. Like the liner lock, it is simple, efficient and fast opening mechanisms.

Other types of locking mechanisms found in most folding knives include:

  • Lever lock
  • Mid lock
  • Lock back
  • Slip Joint

The most common locking mechanisms are liner lock and frame lock. Thus, if you want the best folding knife regarding user security, then these two should be your priority.

5. Blade Material

Most cutlery makers insist that they use a high -quality material on their products. However, when choosing the best folding knife, don’t fall for this lie. Instead, scrutinize the details to uncover what exactly is the composition of the blade material. Four considerations should guide your choice:

Resistance to Corrosion: Basically, this determines how the material particularly steel will resist both rusting and discoloration. Some users require a knife to be used in salty sea water like submarines which is highly prone to rust. Thus, some steel types like Krupp 1.4116, VG10, H-1 and N690 are highly resistant to corrosion. However, highly resistant to corrosion comes with a prize, which is less hardness, toughness or both of them.

Toughness: This refers to the ability of the material to bend without breaking which is a requirement in case f tough cutting. Some of the products with this ability include 3V, INFI, steel 1095 and steel 5160.

Hardness: This refers to the ability of the steel material to resists bending which is mainly required for tough cutting. The hardness of steel material is expressed in the form HRC 64-66 with those with higher value donating more hardness. For instance, hard steel like ZDP-189 AND M4 which are mainly used for tough cutting are in the 64-66 range. This type of steel is best for two things; holding an edge longer as well as more acute edge, thus producing both better and cleaner cuts.

Thus, for normal or light cutting, choose a folding knife made of steel in the lower 58-62 range, but for tougher cutting, higher range steel should be chosen.

6. Handle

Different folding knives come with a different handle regarding size, shape, material, appearance among other features. However, as a consideration when buying, the handle should support the security of the folding knife by offering a firm grip. Hence, depending on your needs, the major factors regarding the handle should be:

Appearance: mainly important if you are a collector and not concerned with the performance of the folding knife. In such cases, the handle should be sophisticated with a cool look.

Use of folding knife: if you want the best folding knife for cutting, the handle should fit well in the hands to minimize cases of slipping and have more control over the folding knife while in use.

Economical choices: If affordability is your priority, then rubber and plastic material should be an ideal option for your handle.

Tough cutting: In this case, the Kydex handle or G-10 should be an ideal option since they are known for their reliability.

Material: If you want an excellent, sophisticated look, then wood, bone, mother of pearl are some of the ideal elements for your handle. However, these materials fall short regarding durability. Carbon fiber is known to make the durable handles without compromising on the cool look. Rubber, plastic, and Kydex are loved for their economic nature since they are highly affordable, but such material is not resistant to scratches. Zytel and aluminum offer lightweight handle.

Thus, the bottom line, what is the user’s priority regarding the choice of handle. Is it the look, durability, affordability, resistance to scratches or lightweight nature? Regarding these, then you can pick the best grip for your folding knife.

7. Budget

Price is an important consideration when choosing the best folding knife. However, you don’t need to spend much to get the best. The general rule of thumb is that the more features a folding knife has, the more expensive it tends to be. So users should prioritize their needs and only pay for features that you require and not everything offered by manufacturers.


Regardless of the numerous models and brands, the best folding knife should meet user needs. Thus, security, ease of use, durability, quality of material used, and the handle are some of the features that increase the performance and effectiveness of the folding knife.

Thus, whether you need a folding knife to cut things around your home, defend yourself, for submarine action, for hunting or to add to your existing collection, the brands recommended above make the ideal choice for you. Simply understand your needs as a user, and match those needs to the unique features the top rated brands outlined in this article to get a product that not gives you outstanding user experience, but is worth your money.