How to Choose the Best Backup Camera in 2020

By the end of 2018, every car sold or leased in the United States will be required to have a backup camera. According to the NHTSA, the body that is responsible for ensuring safety on the roads. It, therefore, goes without saying that in 2018, having a backup camera installed in your car should be among your top priorities. In a bid to help you get the best backup camera in the market at a cheaper rate, I have been out researching on the best deals. In this guide, I will provide you with shopping tips but before that, let us review the top five best seller backup cameras on the market today.

AUTO -VOX Cam1 HO backup camera

This camera is among the highly rated by customers on review sites such as The Market. The AUTO –VOX camera has a design that allows it to install on the license plate of any vehicle be it an RV or truck. The camera gives you an all-round view so that you can see even the smallest objects behind the car when reversing. With the Cam1 HO camera, you do not have to worry about low vision during a rainy or foggy day. The camera has a waterproof standard of IP68, which is the highest in the waterproof technology. Even in the worst of mist or storm, the camera allows a clear vision and does not get damaged by water. The AUTO –VOX camera is an asset, especially when driving in winter weather.


Another feature that makes it the bast backup camera is its six high brightness LEDs which are designed to adjust to any light intensity automatically. The feature means that you see behind your car clearly even in the darkest of the nights. Its image sensor is furnished with an extremely sensitive CMOS of 1/3 inches to give high -quality images irrespective of the level of light in the surrounding environment.

With this backup camera, you do not need any helper when backing up a travel trailer. The camera allows a clear view to fix the trailer on the hitch ball on the first try. The best part is that when the camera is attached to its appropriate position, i.e., slightly above the license plate, the tailgate can open and close without damaging it. I have had other backup cameras destroyed when opening the tailgate.

When it comes to installation, you do not need to hire an engineer to do the work. Also, you are not required to drill holes in the license plate to have it attached. The simple process involves removing the license plate, placing the brackets of the camera, and then replacing the license plate.

Chuanganzhuo Universal Reverse backup camera


This The market best seller can not only be used as a backup camera, but can work as aside -view, or front camera. The ChuangZhuo camera is best suited for all types of vehicles and is designed to survive and function properly even in extreme weather conditions. Unlike other types of backup cameras, this kind of camera aims to allow easy installation in any place you

desire on your car. You can have several ChuangZhuo cameras installed on different parts of your vehicle and connected to the same monitor screen for back, rear and front views. The cameras can be switched easily to offer an all-round view. Another thing that makes this brand a top backup camera is the quality of its images; the camera is high quality meaning that it is designed to give a crystal clear view even in the darkest of places. If you are a camper and usually drives in the jungle at night, this backup/side-view/rearview camera is an asset for you.

The camera provides clear black and white images. The feature means that you can see small objects such as tree trunks of sharp stones when reversing in rugged terrains. The great features make it the best backup camera big vehicles such as trucks and cars with trailers attached to them. The high -quality images make it easy to attach the trailer to your vehicle. The camera is also capable of handling high-level moisture meaning that it is reliable in rainy or foggy conditions. In regards to durability, the ChuangZhuo front/rear camera has a reputation for lasting long as it is evident in the customer reviews on The market.

Pyle PLCM18BC backup camera

The Pyle PLCM18BC is another brand that has made it to the top of the most highly rated backup cameras in 2018. The camera is designed to offer clear vision even in the extreme of weather conditions. The backup camera is waterproof, and fog -resistant characteristics make it suitable to use in high moisture conditions. The waterproof feature means that you should be comfortable using it in winter or during the rainy season. The Pyle PLCM18 camera is also designed to allow clear night visions and can give a projection on distance scale lines. The level lines make it possible to tell how far objects are when reversing. With this camera, you can accurately backup to the exact point you want making it possible to complete hectic tasks such as hooking up a trailer to your car.


Another feature that makes it the best backup camera is the RCA video output which makes it possible to connect to other source inputs. The feature means that the camera can help with a review mirror monitor, a DVR, an existing in-dash TV, or any other compatible video input. Like the other cameras in the best backup camera list, PLCM18 offers high -quality images even in the darkest of the nights. When it comes to installation, the camera specifications require it to mount on the license plate.

The mounting place ensures an all-around view and safety when opening the tailgate of the car. A DIY installation is possible even though the majority of people would require a helping hand, especially with the drill. However, the process is simple and straightforward, and you can have the camera installed in less than ten minutes. The camera comes in chrome, zinc, or black color and fits perfectly with the exterior of any car when installed correctly. You can install the PLCM18 camera at the top or bottom of the license plate of your vehicle.

Esky EC180-19 backup camera

If there is a camera that deserves to top the list of the best backup cameras this year, it is the Esky EC180-19. Through its 180 degrees adjustable lens, the camera provides an excellent viewpoint and eliminates blind spots behind you when reversing. With this camera, you do not have to worry about running into small objects or wasting time when trying to connect a trailer to your car. Its two white -light flat LED ensure clear images in dark places making it safe to reverse even in the most rugged terrains. If you own a camping truck, the Esky EC180-19 is the best backup camera to install. Likewise, the camera is the best for trailers and long vehicles.

Like the other cameras in its category, the EC180-19 is waterproof making it durable and efficient even in the most extreme weather conditions. The durability features mean that it is the best fit if you live in high humid areas or in areas where it rains regularly. The camera is an updated version of the previous EC180-18 and therefore has the best qualities. The installation process is a simple one given that it has a metal frame that allows it to attach perfectly to the number plate of your car. The camera comes with an installation manual to help you through the process. Also in the package are a DC power cable and a 19 feet AV cable, with directions on installation. When installed correctly, the camera should match with the exterior appearance of your car. In regards to price, the EC180-19 is among the cheapest in our selected list of the best backup camera in 2018.

Pyle PLCM7500 backup rearview camera

With over 800 reviews and a rating of 45, the PLCM7500 is among the highest rated backup cameras on The market. Like the rest of the cameras on my list, this camera is waterproof meaning that it can survive even in the toughest of weather conditions. The camera is fit for any vehicle to be it an SUV, truck, or hatchback. When it comes to image quality, the PLCM7500 is on top of the list of backup cameras with the best quality.


Its high resolution 7 inch TFT widescreen monitor allows you a clear, all round and detailed view when reversing making it possible to see even the smallest objects. The big screen and the high video quality make it easy to attach the car to the trailer. Unlike the others in the best backup camera list, this camera comes with a remote to enable you to control it from a distance. The camera is equipped with capabilities to produce clear images in light and dark places.

The camera power allows it to work excellent both during the day and at night. Another thing that makes this the best backup camera is the swivel angle -adjustable feature which enables the drive a full dimensions view. Even though there are complaints that the installation manual is complicated, the process is simple when you follow the guidelines offered in the manufacturing company website. You can also follow the instructions given by other users in the reviews section on any website where this product is sell. The camera should be mounted just above the license plate. When installed correctly, the PLCM7500 should fit perfectly with the exterior of your car irrespective of its type, model, or color.

A buying guide to the best backup camera for your car

Before buying a backup camera for your vehicle, there are several things that you should do to ensure that you get the best. A good backup camera should not only provide you with a clear view but should enable you to see the blind spots. The ability to see the blind spots behind your car is vital especially in a home with small children or animals. You may have heard of stories where people accidentally ran over toddlers or pets when reversing. One

touching story is that of Greg Gulbransen, a pediatrician, who accidentally ran over his son when moving his car to the driveway. The doctor had left the house without knowing that his son had followed him only to realize when he heard the crunching sound after running over him. This type of accidents usually happens very frequently, and that is the reason the National Highway Transportation and Safety Authority has seen it necessary to make them mandatory for every vehicle.

In a family with children, you never know when a kid will come in the way of a reversing vehicle. The essence of having the backup camera is, therefore, to ensure that you have a clear view of the blind spots when reversing whether during the day or at night. In a nutshell, here are some of the things you should consider when looking for the top quality backup camera.

  • The type of the sensor.
  • Automatic system switching.
  • The size of the camera.
  • Weatherproof properties.
  • Parking lines.
  • Mirror -image capability.
  • Viewing angle.
  • Day and Night visibility.
  • Automotive power source.
  • The ease of installation.

The best backup camera should have a tick in each of the above properties. Here is a comprehensive look at each of them.

1. The type of sensor the camera uses

In a camera, the sensor is the one that determines the quality and clarity of the image produced. The sensors used in most backup cameras are two different types, i.e., the CMOS and the CCD. The CMOS sensor is known to draw less power and perform better in low lights. The COD sensor, on the other hand, is not as efficient in small lights but is better adapted to fluctuating lights. The sensor you settle on should be dependent on the environment you operate. If you are likely to drive in very dark areas, the backup camera with the CMOS sensor may be the best choice. Likewise, if you are operating in environments with fluctuating light intensity, the camera with the COD type of sensor may be the most suitable.

2. Automatic system switching

Another thing you should look for when shopping for a backup camera is whether it switches on automatically when the vehicle is in reverse gear. The automatic camera usually comes with a wire that connects to car’s backup light circuit hence sending a signal to the camera system whenever the vehicle is backing up. If you must switch on the backup camera manually, then it may not be the best choice. Having to turn on buttons every time you have to reverse your car may not only be tiring but can be forgotten when you are not

used to it. Again, a person who is not familiar with your vehicle may miss the technology and reverse through the dangerous traditional way. It is, therefore, paramount to enquire or check in the instructions whether the backup camera you intend to buy is manual or automatic.

3. The size of the camera and the screen

You do not want to have a camera that obstructs your license plate or is too big to match the exterior of your car. The best backup camera should perfectly fit with the exterior of your vehicle and should be hard to recognize when outside. In short, the camera should not look foreign on your car but should match perfectly and look as if it is part of the car.

Remember that the larger the backup camera, the more challenging it will be to install. Again, the more different the camera looks on your vehicle, the higher the likelihood that you are violating some law. In most states in the US, it is illegal to have an obstruction on the license plate of a car. The top quality backup cameras are small in size, meaning that they do not cause any obstruction and are easy to install.

When buying a backup camera, always ask yourself how it will fit on your car and how easy it will be to install. If you are not sure of a given camera, I encourage you to read other customers reviews on any e-commerce website. On the other hand, the displaying screen should be big enough to broadcast images from behind the car clearly. When the monitor is small, you will be straining to gain a clear view, and this may distract your attention from other things in the surrounding environment.

4. Weatherproof properties

A weatherproof backup camera is the one that can survive extreme weather conditions such as rain, high winds, and extreme cold. You do not want to have a camera that breaks down two months after use. Again, you do not want to have a camera that stops to function when it is foggy or rainy. The best backup camera should last long and work properly in all weather. Likewise, the cables and connectors used for exterior installations should be weather resistant.

If the cables are not weatherproof, you should look for ways to protect them. When purchasing a backup camera, it is important you inquire about the durability of the cables and how you can protect them from weather damage. While every camera seller will tell you that their products are durable and function correctly in all weather, it is important to check the reviews of other users before you make a purchasing decision. I recommend that you buy only from the list of best sellers on sites such as The market since this is the only place that you can get honest feedback from other users.

5. Parking and distance lines

A good backup camera should also be able to tell you how far you are from objects when reversing. This feature is very vital when completing tasks that require high accuracy such as parking in a limited space or backing up to connect to a trailer. Without this feature, objects may appear closer or far than they are and this may translate to an accident. Some backup cameras provide information about the distance from objects through colors with green

showing that there is still room left and red is a warning that is no room left, and you should stop immediately. Other backup cameras provide lines that move when the car runs hence showing you exactly how far you should reverse in a given direction. When buying a backup camera, take your time to understand how the camera communicates the distance

from objects. Get a chance to read other customers reviews to determine how accurate a given type of a backup camera is.

6. Mirror -image capability

A mirror image is a mimic of what you see in a rearview mirror. Good backup cameras usually come with both the standard and mirror image capabilities. Remember that you need this functionality to ensure safe operation. The more options the backup camera system gives you, the better. Before settling on any given backup camera, double check the given features and enquire from other users on the accuracy of each given function.

I still recommend that you take your time and read other customers review to get a clear picture of what you should expect.

7. Viewing angle

The best backup camera should provide you with a full field of view to ensure that you can see all the blind spots behind your car. Depending on the size of your vehicle, the ideal field of view should be somewhere between 90 and 180 degrees. If your car is small, the 90 -degree field of view may be appropriate, but I would highly recommend 120 degrees one, which is the standard for most high -quality backup cameras. For long vehicles, a backup camera with a field of view between 160 and 180 degrees is the most ideal. I would never recommend a camera with a field of view beyond 180 degrees. Make sure that you check this feature when shopping for a backup camera and only purchase a camera with the recommended field of view. The top five best sellers mentioned in this guide are an excellent place to start.

8. Day and night vision

Most reversing accidents occur at night or in places with little light. It is paramount you ensure that the backup camera you settle for can produce clear images both at night and during the day. The best -suited backup camera for very dark places is the one with infrared LEDs. A camera with this feature can illuminate the entire field of view on a distance of twenty feet or so from the camera. Some of the best cameras can illuminate a range of up to fifty feet from the camera. Therefore, when purchasing a backup camera, always ensure that it has the infrared LED feature. On this one, I would also recommend that you read other customers’ to determine what to expect from a given type of camera. Remember that the backup camera’s primary function is to guide you when reversing especially in dark places.

9. Automotive power source

For a backup camera to function properly and last for long, it must have the filtering circuit or a voltage regulator. When the power to the camera is not regulated, the chances are that it will get damaged or produce a low -quality image when the vehicle’s electrical system provides varying voltages. You do not want to be forced to buy a backup camera every after three months because every time you install one, the electrical system damages it.

Most backup cameras are designed to work on any car that operates from 12volts DC. The feature makes them fit for almost every late model car be it a pickup truck, recreational vehicle, trailer, or sports utility cars. If your drive is in this category, you should not be worried about all the backup cameras on the best sellers list operate from this voltage.

Before you purchase a backup camera, it is essential you ensure that it fits with the operating voltage of your car.

10. The ease of installation

You also don’t want to buy a backup camera that takes time and resources to install. The top ranking backup cameras are easy to install and usually comes with an installation guide. Before you purchase a given rearview camera, it is important you check other customers reviews on reputable sites such as The market and Wal-Mart. However, you should not pass a given camera just because the installation process looks or is said to be tedious. If the camera is among the top performers, you should take your time to get it installed. Remember that once you install it, the tedious process will be gone and you will enjoy the fruits after that. You can grasp a thing or two about how to make the installation process easy by enquiring from other users about their experience or by reading online reviews.

Five types of backup cameras. Understanding the different types of backup cameras is crucial in ensuring that you make the right buying decision. The models depend on where you install the camera on the surface of the vehicle and its intended use. Each types has its advantages and disadvantages.

There are four different types of backup cameras to include;

  • Surface mount camera.
  • Flush mount camera.
  • License mount camera.
  • Side Mount camera.

Here is a comprehensive review on each of the above types of backup camera.

i. Surface mount camera

Surface mount backup cameras attach to the flat or nearly flat surface on the back of the car. They are best suited for larger vehicles and should be installed a bit high on the vehicle to give an all-around view. You should consider this type of camera if your car is a hatchback, an SUV or a Jeep.

ii. Flush Mount backup camera.

The flush mount backup camera should be installed via a hole in the body of the car to provide a perfect level view. Most flush mount cameras are usually designed to allow angling by rotating. It is best suited for passenger vehicles such as pick-up trucks, and sport utility vehicles.

iii. License mount backup camera.

This type of camera is usually installed above, below, or beneath the license plate of a car. Holes must, therefore, be drilled to ensure installation. A good backup camera should be small and fitting to make sure that it does not block the license plate. The majority of the license mount backup cameras are usually high quality. Therefore, you need not be worried about missing blind spots.

iv. Side mount backup camera.

The primary function of a side mount backup camera, on the other hand, is to offer a view on the sides of the car. Some backup cameras such as the ChuangZhuo Universal Reverse has a design for both purposes. It is possible to have a rear view and a side view cameras installed in tandem and controlled from one monitor.


Having a backup camera installed on your car is a significant step towards ensuring safety for yourself and loved ones and also protecting your vehicle from the damage that occurs from accidentally stumbling on things when reversing. The many accidents involving running over children or pets when reversing would never happen if everyone made it their duty to install backup cameras on their cars. While installing a backup camera on your car is one thing, installing the right one is another. The guide I will provide should help you make an informed decision when buying a camera for your vehicle. The five backup cameras on our best sellers list are among the best on the market today, and therefore you are assured of their functionality and durability. I highly recommend each one of them, and I encourage you to read other customers reviews before purchase to gain insight on what to expect.

If you would like more directions on buying a backup camera, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help. By 2018, there is a high likelihood of more advancement in this technology given that it will be becoming mandatory for everyone. I promise to keep updating you on the best deals that emerge before then. Meanwhile, take your time and assess your needs and then select any backup camera from our recommended list.