Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030

The technology that drives the vacuum cleaner plays a central role in determining the effectiveness of the equipment in doing the cleaning. There are various vacuum cleaning technologies in the market. The Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030 is Powered Brushroll with Cyclonic Technology for its cleaning. This is one of the main and effective vacuum cleaning technologies in the market. You get effective cleaning in the best possible way through the Cyclonic technology which has been used for many years. The following are some of the important features with the cleaner.

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Comes with Non -marring wheels

Vacuum cleaners need to be easy on the floor when doing the cleaning to make the process easier. It is important that the filter can easily maneuver around the floor to where it should clean. The equipment should be able to move around swiftly less it turns out to be another task. This equipment has the perfect design for easy movement. It comes with swivel steering system that allows you to maneuver around the house with ease. This way, you can clean every spot in the room and do it for a long period without feeling tired and worn out from the task. It is the best machine for cleaning large spaces that have many items within. If you are looking for a cleaner that makes your work easier, this is the machine.

Allows you to clean the edges in the best way possible

Vacuum cleaners have always faced the challenge of having to reach to the dirt in the corners and edges to do a perfect cleaning. Finding a cleaner that does all the cleaning without the help of a corner scrubber does not come easy that is why this equipment is one of the best in the market. The design of the cleaner is made in a way that it can pull all the hidden dirt from their hidden corners and edges to make a perfect cleaning. The wide cleaner mouth reaches out to deeper edges and tighter corners to clean even the smallest dirt that may be stuck to the edges.

Flexibility in movement

Most people fear corded cleaners because they restrict the movement around the room. Part of the easy movement feature of this vacuum cleaner is its long cord that allows unlimited access to the room cleaned. The cleaner comes with a 20 -ft power cord that has a cord release. With these features, you can enjoy flexibility in movement within a 20 -ft radius without fear of the cord entangling. The cord release ensures that the cord is held in the right place and prevents loose hanging off the cord. This feature completes the effectiveness of the machine to match the free movement needs of the cleaning process. You can also reach different areas and cut many corners when doing the cleaning without any inconveniences.

Recline handle

The cleaner comes with an extreme recline handle. The specific intention of the design of the handle allows deeper reach of the cleaner. You can easily reach under furniture and hidden spots without having to move the furniture. The recline effect drops the brush handle to an angle that matches the elevation of the furniture to be cleaned. Attached to the handle is a bottom release dirt cup that makes cleaning easy by enabling an easy view of the dirt level and knowing when to empty the cup. The multifunctional recline handle makes cleaning easier and enjoyable. It also reduces the number of interruptions during cleaning. With these features, it takes a shorter time to clean a wider area.

Powered by Cyclonic technology

Cyclonic technology revolutionized vacuum cleaning by not only making the process more effective and cleaning easy but by also allowing the cleaners to clean different surfaces. With the technology, the cleaner allows you to enjoy the convenience of using a single cleaner to clean area rugs, hard flooring, and low pile carpeting with ease. All the surfaces in your home can enjoy the reliable cleaning from a single machine without fear of damage or ineffective cleaning. This technology is among the best technology available for vacuum cleaners that provide all the needed cleaning attributes. The technology also makes the cleaner light and operates on a simple process that does not malfunction easily.


  • The cleaner is light in weight. This cleaner is among the lightest cleaners in the market weight 4 ounces only thus making cleaning less tiring
  • Has a wind tunnel technology that removes stubborn dirt while minimizes the level of blowback
  • Has a wider cleaning mouth enabling it to cover a wider area with a single shove and takes care of larger debris


  • The switch used to turn on the flooring type is located at the base of the cleaner rather than on the handle
  • Difficult to push the button that is used to release the handle from a perpendicular position
  • Does not clean big fluffy carpets with ease compared to other cleaners


Question: Can it clean bamboo floors

Answer: Yes, it can clean most hard floors

Question: Does it come with a warranty

Answer: The cleaner comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer

Question: Can the cleaner pick up animal hair or other long fibers without getting stuck

Answer: The design of the cleaner allows it to clean most of the dirt in a carpet among them animal fur and other long fibers

Final Verdict

This is one of the most suitable cleaners in the market. It is easy to use as much as it efficiently cleans. The cleaner allows the user to use the least effort when doing the regular cleaning. It is ideal for people who do the regular cleaning in their homes or other places of common use. Also, it is one of the most energy efficient cleaners in the market. You will get to spend less on your electricity while keeping all floors within the room clean with a reliable cleaner. I recommend the cleaner any day for any surface.