Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shopping for the right vacuum cleaner is like shopping for anything else. In looking for the best vacuum cleaner you have to consider several like weight, power and maneuverability. The Hoover Air Cordless upright vacuum cleaner is a decent choice because it comes with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries, a swiveling brush and a reusable filter. Also it has a relative considerable weight of 10 pounds which makes it very flexible and easy to use.

There is so much you can talk about the Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner like how the battery has 3 led status bar that indicates on the battery consumption levels.

Features of the Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The Hoover Air Cordless vacuum cleaner is a very awesome beautiful piece of machine. It is made up of different types of gray plastic and blue accent is used to differentiate parts of functionality such as the Power and Brushroll buttons. The machine has a height of four feet which is average enough for easy handling. Also the handles are made of rubber -like material for easy grip and comfortable feeling when handling the machine.

This Hoover made vacuum lacks wires around it hence this design feature helps the machine to be movable and flexible around the house. Some additional design feature is the 3 led indicators of the battery levels.


The Hoover cordless model comes with 2 lithium batteries that can power the machine up to 1hour of action time. With such power the vacuum cleaner a 2500 square foot house or room. The use of Wind tunnel 3 technology gives the machine the suction to lift and remove embedded dirt.

This model can hold up to 1.1 liters of dirt hence with so much power and suction you can do a lot of cleaning without having to worry on the amount of dirt collected. The Hoover Air Cordless vacuum cleaner can clean twice as much compared to other corded option available in the market. Also the suction control in this model helps when cleaning leather upholstery materials.


This model has the recent discover High efficiency particulate air filter system which provides high level of vacuum cleaner filtration. Also this system reduces helps in reducing emissions. It has a dust system that has capacity of 1.1 liters. Emptying the dust bin is quick and easy you just press an eject trigger at the top compartment the dustbin ejects.

At the top of the bin there is button to open the bin. You can just press it and empty it into garbage without having to come into with the dirt particles. Also the this model as a reusable easy to rinse filter this means it is easy to maintain the machine compared to the other models where you have to change every time. This makes the machine ideal for stairs and mostly furniture.


The Hoover Air Cordless upright vacuum cleaner weighs only 9.9 pounds this makes it very agile and nimble. This relative light weight makes the machine very easy to handle. Due to the light weight navigating from one place to another is simple.

Apart from the light weight the machine is fitted with a pivoting nozzle that helps machine to navigate around corner and various objects with so much easiness.

Also the lack of a cord makes even more flexible since the mobility is not limited to a specific area. Also a light machine means you can handle it for much longer period without getting tired.


This machine uses a 3 air channels to suck in and remove deep embedded dirt particles. Also with a bigger dustbin the machine it able to more debris compared to other vacuum cleaners. The Hoover Air Cordless is an awesome that you can reap a lot from its performance like it comes with a hard floor brushroll. This brushroll is made specifically for hard floor or extremely very fragile floors.

In terms of performance among cordless vacuum cleaner the Hoover is a very pretty choice.
It offers plenty of power and a bigger dustbin.


  • It is effective removing very stubborn dirt.
  • Easy to navigate from room to room.
  • It is cordless the only one in the upright vacuum cleaner category.
  • 2 Lithium ion batteries that offer 50 minutes action time.
  • It has a light weight of 10 pounds
  • It comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Large dust bin
  • Filters are washable


  • It has no attachments for cleaning carpeted stairs
  • Short Hose

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the brush turn off. Does this vacuum have rubber wheels.
Yes: It is very simple you just have to press the hard floor button.
Q: 50 minutes with cordless Is that on one battery or fifty minutes with two batteries?
A: Each battery Lithium battery has life of 25minutes.

Final Verdict

They are a lot of positive reviews on the internet on this machine. Whether to like or hate the machine depends on each individual expectation. It takes a lot of factors in crediting this machine like Filtration efficiency, Suction Power and Usability.

Bearing in mind this only cordless vacuum cleaner and can say this machine is stunning. It offers a lot in terms of suction power which comes from 2 lithium power battery. The dust filtration system is equal very effective there is no much complain from consumers.

It is very easy to use since it is cordless mobility is not limited to one particular area while cleaning. I can find power complaining about suction power which to me is very petty because you cannot compare a corded machine and cordless in terms of power.