Hello Baby Digital Security Baby Videos Camera with Night Vision Temperature Monitoring and 2 Way Talkback System

Parents looking to keep an eye on their child even while they nap through a convenient monitor that is about the size of an iPhone need not look much further. This baby monitor has a ton of features that set it apart from the rest, but the size and shape of the handheld monitor to look over your child is at the top of the list.

The monitor takes up as much space as the average smartphone but is much easier to use. Unlike many other models, this baby monitor is a simple plugin and set up the system.
Even with such a simple setup, the video still comes in the clear, and the parents can hear the baby loud and clear from anywhere in the house. Even better, one monitor can be plugged into up to four cameras, meaning families with multiple children can better keep an eye on what is happening throughout the house.

Clear Sound and Video

One of the most important aspects when trying to find the best video baby monitors is how well the video comes in and if the mother can hear the baby. This monitor has great video and sound quality, regardless of what time of day it is when the parent is looking for their child. This is due to the great technology and design of the monitor. The monitor maintains this clarity, even when the parents are on the other side of the house. In fact, the monitor has a range up to 960 feet because of the enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology the monitor uses. This allows parents to take care of things around the house and spend time with their other children with peace of mind that they have a full view of the baby.

Plug and Play

The setup can be the most challenging aspect when getting a new monitor system. However, this monitor makes it easy. The baby camera is plugged in to power then set up where it needs to be. This can be a tabletop, mounted on a wall, or other convenient option. Once the camera is plugged in and set up, simply turn the monitor on. There are no other steps; the monitor is simply ready to go after plugin. The monitor can be connected to up to four cameras at one time. There is no real additional set up for the other cameras other than putting them where you want them and plugging them in as well.

Long Battery Life

Regardless of what technology you are using, everyone wants the battery to last a long time. This is because having to stop, no matter which type of technology it is, and having to recharge a battery instead can be frustrating. When it comes to monitors, it can dampen a whole day. This monitor has a large capacity. With the power save mode on, the monitor can last as long as 12 hours. When the screen is left on, the monitor will still last for around 8 hours. The power save mode can have sound activated to ensure the parent can hear their child, even as they are trying to lower the use of power. This can help ease stress about always being fully charged with removing the problem altogether.

Multifunctional Features

Source: https://amzn.to/36wUlLt

One of the things that make this monitor unique to others are the small features and additions it has to offer. Many of the other products focus on just the functionality of the monitor. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, this monitor blows the others out of the water with its unique features. One feature includes the option to monitor the temperature of the room and will alert with a warning when the temperature is not what the parent wants. There is also the option for two-way talk, which allows the parent to soothe a child without entering the room. There is also an option to play lullabies, which can be a great feature when soothing a child but trying not to coddle them.

One Year Warranty

No matter how much research a parent does ahead of time, there is no one solid way to figure out which monitor will be the best for your needs other than buying one and trying it out. This can be difficult, especially when shopping online. Many places do not provide warranties, and other places have confusing return policies. This monitor offers up to a year of warranty protection. This means if something is defective or malfunctions, the entire first year of your child’s life, you will be able to get a full new system. The seller is great about talking through problems and offering support, so many times; the parent will not even have to send the monitor back to be repaired.


  • With a reliable product and a ton of extra features to boot, there are many reasons to try out this monitor.
  • Some of the top reasons include:
    *VOX mode to save power automatically.
    *Range up to 960 feet.
    *2.4-inch screen in full color.
    *Long lasting battery.
    *Automatic infrared
  • technology for night vision.
    *Room temperature monitoring.
    *Alarms to feed the baby.
    *Eight different lullabies to lull baby to sleep.
  • Two-way talk.
    *Up to four cameras.
    *Pan and tilt options.
    *Sound activated LED light indicator.


  • While 960 feet range is one of the highest currently on the market, there are some issues with two-story houses, as they are so large. Of course, this is an issue not unique to this particular monitor. A select few customers also had issues with charging the monitor, though nearly all disputes were resolved.


With the only cons being two issues found in every monitor, it is not too hard to find a reason to try this one out. With the option of up to four cameras, this is one of the best video baby monitors for twins. Watching over both babies from different angles is easy. The set up is also great, along with the many extra features such as lullabies. The night vision is also much more clear than in many other models. Overall, this monitor can be used for multiple children and multiple uses for a very reasonable price and includes a full, one-year warranty.