With the growing number of diseases, eating and drinking healthy has become a modern day routine. The number of the store that sale juices that contain a fair share of chemicals and sugar is on high alert, it is no surprise the number of people who are turning to homemade juice is increasing rapidly. As a matter of facts, in the next three or four years, the number of people who are buying store bought juice will reduce.

Homemade vegetables and fruits have been essential in helping individuals meet their daily nutrients requirement. With that in mind, allow me to talk about Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor with Big Mouth. According to reviews available, this monster extractor delivers both speed and efficiency. If you have been looking for an extractor that allows you to personalize your juice recipe you are in the right place.

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Healthy lifestyle -What is a healthy lifestyle? The answer is simple, eating more of vegetables and fruits are part of healthy lifestyle. Studies carried out indicates that vegetables and fruits have high chances of protecting your body from diseases like obesity, heart attacks, cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure among others. A glass of natural and fresh juice is enough to add more energy into your daily routine. Extracting juice from vegetables and fruits is not a problem with this machine because this monster extractor enhances efficiency and speed.

Variety is good –

The Big Mouth Juice Extractor does not only bring speed and durability on the board, but also healthy recipes to help you spice your drink. You will find suggestions on how you can add fruits and vegetable for the tastiest and healthy juice. You will find some recipes, and if you follow all the instructions well and appropriately, you achieve positive results. With a variety of options, you can easily break the monotony of using one meal or drink always. Sometimes shopping can be problematic to some of us, but with the list of items to buy on board you should worry about anything since you can shop for your favorite juice.

Alternative uses –

Are you wondering where to take leftover pulp? Well, at leftover pulp is made of cellulose and fiber which is juice in simple word. It contains nutrients that are vital for our daily diet intake. The leftover can be utilized in various recipes from front drinks to casseroles. This way, we can break the monotony of taking juice each day. Now you can get your nutrient intake in the form of almond, by making soy or even milk. To kick start your option, soak amount of soybeans you want into the water and slowly pour a similar amount of water into food chute. The mix in the food chute is called milk. You can enhance this taste by adding honey or vanilla.

Easy cleaning and more enjoying -Eating and drinking healthy means having that kind of nutrients on a daily basis. This means that you will be using this machine more regularly. The simplicity in cleaning is critical if we take regularity of usage into consideration. Considering the small size of the home appliance, you will be using this extractor regularly thus ease to clean is a plus. It is easy and fast to assemble and disassemble Hamilton Big Mouth Juice Extractor when preparing your juice or when done and you want to wash it. Another bonus for those has or opts for this machine is that all sections of this juicer are dishwasher safe except, the motor base. For easy cleaning, you are required to follow simple steps outlined in the manual.

Usage tips and care –

Extractors vary in many ways. You may find some extractors extract more than others while the size of pulp also ranges from extractor to another. A good number of fruits may need to be cut but others will not since they can fit into the feed chute easily. Vegetables and fruits like cucumbers, carrots and apples don’t need pre -chopping while oranges, mangoes, pineapples and melon needs to peel for the sake of the test of your juice. Fruits with large seeds need to be pitted before placed in the extractor for juicing. To extract maximum juice from fruits, slowly guide it into the feed chute. Users are advised not to overfill the pulp because it will hinder or even damage the machine.


  • Hamilton Beach Juicer is a bottomless pulp canister.
  • It operates better than competitors of the same price in the market
  • Is not a must to chop your fruits and vegetable since they can fit well into a feed chute
  • It is a centrifugal juicer
  • It juices fruits and vegetables within no time.


  • The juice cups sits down under the wide mouth opening thus you cannot move it while in use.
  • Some parts of this machine are prone to breaking
  • Cannot handle all fruits and vegetables well
  • It vibrates a lot when juicing hard fruits and vegetables

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. is the juicer easy to clean?
A. Yes. Use a plastic bag inside the pulp catcher if you have no plans to keep it. You can also use a brush cleaning the mesh basket.

Q. Will the machine juice kale effectively?
A. yes, it juices kale effectively. If you are planning to juice some fruits and vegetables, it is good to start with kale.

Q. Does the Extractor leave a lot of form on top?
A. It depends on with what one used and how much foam is available because it varies.


In this fast moving and contaminated world, it is wise to have your daily nutrients intake as well
as phytonutrients since they play a vital role in the protection of our bodies and energizing our day-to-day operations. Juice extractor like Hamilton Beach with Big Mouth can do a fantastic job in ensuring you achieve this goal and your entire task is simplified. With that said, if you are looking for a juicer that provides maximum efficiency and perfection, the answer is Hamilton Beach with Big Mouth Juice Extractor. Enjoy your juicing by shopping for this incredible machine.