Power efficiency is one of the major factors that drive people into investing in push lawn mowers. The Great States 304-14 comes with incredible features that not only ensure power efficiency, but also eco-friendliness, ease of use and great reliability. Described by its users and buyers as great value for money, this lawn mower will give your lawn the best trim without the need for cords and fuel, and you won’t have to bear with fumes and odors. Reviewed below are some its superb features; features that are designed to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness.




The Great States 304-14 lawn mower model offers its users a 14 -inch wide cutting width which is wide enough for easier and faster mowing of large areas. Its 14 -inch steel blade and reel are responsible for the wide path of trimmed grass that is left behind every time this lawn mower is driven across the lawn.

This man -powered lawn mower requires manual pushing for the reels to roll the blades of grass onto the bed knife blade which then cuts it. These reels are equipped with ball bearings for smooth rolling which ensures seamless and clean cutting of the grass. This, coupled with the lawn mower’s wide cutting width is enough to ensure faster and effortless trimming of lawns regardless of their size.


With its pair of composite wheels measuring 10 inches in diameter, this Great States Lawn mower has the capability of running over thick grass, weed overgrowth and other obstacles with great ease. Its wheels feature ball bearings for even smoother rotation, thus faster mowing the grass.

They are also equipped with radial rubber tires that are non -pneumatic for maximum strength and durability as well as ease of maintenance. Its tires are well treaded to ensure maximum stability and increased traction that comes in handy when mowing wet slippery grass.

As much as these wheels are large and have great traction, they are also gentle on the grass and the lawn. They are easy to maneuver around, but they won’t dig into the ground, neither will they exert too much pressure to the grass as to leave tread marks.

3. HEIGHT ADJUSTABILITY (1 to 1 -3/4 -inch)

For maximum versatility and reliability, the Great States 304-14 lawn mower model comes equipped with height adjustable spinning blades that can trim grass to a wide variety of lengths. This lawn mower can trim grass to heights of between 1 inch and 1-3/4 inches which are really reliable for different users.

With a set of 3 spider blades and 5 -blade alloy steel reel with ball bearing be sure to get the most reliable cut from the Great States 304-14. Since different users usually have diverse preferences when it comes to the height of the grass on their lawns, the 304-14 model will surely make the perfect model for anyone. This in addition to its cost-effective budget, surely makes this lawn mower a worthy investment.


The Great States 304-14 lawn mower has a t -style handle design for ease of maneuverability. Its handle is Zinc -plated to ensure optimal durability and resistance to rust, corrosion, and discoloration.

The handles are also equipped with cushioned grips for maximum comfort to the hands during use. This makes it possible for the lawn mower to be used for longer without causing pain to the hands or general exhaustion. In addition to the Zinc plating, the handle also has a strong enamel finishing that is resistant to rust and highly durable.

Though not foldable, it is designed to fit people of varying heights. This Great States Lawn mower knows no limits when it comes to user age, height or size; it works perfectly with all of them.



The Great States 304-14 lawn mower used to heat -treated alloy steel bladed to ensure a classic clean trim for your grass. Being steel, ti means that they are strong, durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

To ensure that the blades are stronger and can retain their sharpness for a lifetime, this lawn mower has all of its blades heat -treated. These blades include the three spider design blades, five reel blades and the bed knife blade.

All these blades usually require sharpening after a minimum of 2 years which is a really long time. In addition to these blades, this lawn mower’s parts usually come unassembled and require an easy tool -free assembly.

This lawn mower’s features are all designed to ensure zero pollution thus safe to the environment.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to maneuver, transport and store.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Highly effective in trimming different kinds of grass.
  • Strong, powerful and durable.


  • May not work great in trimming extremely long and thick grass.
  • Manually operated


1. Where is this lawn mower made?
The Great States Model 304-14 is made by the American Lawn Mower Company in Shelbyville, USA. It is actually the biggest lawn mower company in the United States.

2. What color is this lawn mower?
It comes in red. There is currently no other color available for this model.

3. How many blades does this lawn mower have?
It comes with five blades, which places it among the good lawn mowers, with the best in the market having at least seven blades.

4. What are the dimensions of this lawn mower?
Its dimensions are 42.5 by 20 by 24 inches before assembly.


Defined by its manufacturer as one that can be fueled at the price of a banana and a glass of milk, the Great States 304-14 lawn mower model is among the most cost-effective machines of all time. Since it uses no fuel or gas, it does not produce any fumes, unpleasant odors or noise. Since it is cordless, it does not limit its lawn mowing radius and can be used anywhere at any time. This is also made easier by the fact that it requires no charging or special maintenance procedures. With the Great States being a household name for most people, this lawn mower is rich with features that ensure total user satisfaction. Its effectiveness, efficiency, convenience, reliability, versatility, and power, make it an ideal pick for people who want to get 100% value out of their money.