Owning a push lawn mower is usually a blessing in disguise as they are an alternative to the extremely expensive electric lawn mowers or the noisy gas-powered lawn mowers. The Great States 204-14 lawn mower is compact, lightweight and versatile, thus a worthy investment for any homeowner. Its effectiveness and efficiency are a true representation of its incredible features. Anyone searching for a new push lawn mower should actually consider investing in the Great States 204-14 lawn mower.

Discussed below are some of its most notable features.




The Great States 204-14 lawn mower is equipped with large high impact polymer wheels with a diameter measuring 8 inches. This makes maneuverability easier. Thus this lawn mower can be driven over long grass and smaller obstacles. These wheels are equipped with treads that enhance traction, thus providing maximum grip when mowing wet grass or over slippery ground. This not only ensures that the lawn mower does not keep slipping during mowing, but also ensures that each of the blades of grass is cut perfectly to the desired length. With this kind of wheels, it is easier and more practical for the lawn mower to run over uneven sections of the lawn, thus more reliable even though it is designed for relatively flat terrain.


The Great States 204-14 lawn mower features a reel made of strong alloy steel material for optimal sturdiness and durability. This steel reel is designed as a rotating set of rollers that capture the blades of grass and roll them onto the bed knife blade which in turn cuts them. This steel reel is 14 inches wide, thus the corresponding cutting width. Its side plates are made of steel for maximum durability and also the stability of the whole lawn mower system during trimming of the lawn. This reel features a 3 -section spider roller and 1 -blade design for the best results in lawn mowing. This is also best for easier adjustment of the cutting heights from to 1 inches.


With a cutting width measuring 14 inches, the Great States 204-14 lawn mower is a good example of a machine that performs its job faster and efficiently. Although not the widest, its 14 -inch wide reel and bed knife blade ensures that for every distance traversed, the Great States 204-14 leaves a 14 -inch wide path of trimmed grass. This greatly increases the amount of grass cut at any given time, thus reducing the amount of time taken to trim a large lawn with grass. For the ultimate level of versatility, this lawn mower can be adjusted to different cutting height arranging from to 1 Inches. In this way, the user can choose to what length he needs the grass trimmed.



Since the Great States 204-14 lawn mower requires manual pushing to work, its weight is a great determinant of how easy using it becomes. This lawn mower has a weight of 19.9 pounds which is unbelievably light for a lawn mower. Its light weight, coupled with its compactness, makes maneuverability, transportation, and storage a cinch. When it comes to storage and transportation, its foldable handle makes it even easier. On the other hand, portability and maneuverability are not limited by heavy weight and large designs. This feature makes it easier to move the Great States 204-14 lawn mower through different kinds of terrain because it requires lesser effort as compared to a heavier lawn mower. It is a great alternative to the heavy gas lawn mowers.


For the purpose of sturdiness and durability, this push lawn mower’s handles are made of Aluminum. Aluminum is also used because of its resistance to rust and corrosion, as well as its lightweight property. These T -style handles are then equipped with soft cushion grips to provide comfort to the hands. Its handles and side plates feature tube frames for greatly reduced weight. The handles also feature a fold -down design for easier storage and transportation. In addition to this, this lawn mower costs only $66.93 and features 1 -year warranty for its parts. Not only does this indicate that the Great States 204-14 is a worthy investment, but also of high quality, with a high level of trust from its manufacturers and distributors.


  • Easy to maneuver, transport and store.
  • Sturdy and strong overall design.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Twigs, cones, and pines may jam it.
  • Challenges may be experienced when cutting thick or tall grass.


Q. Does the Great States 204-14 push lawn mower cut all types of grass?
A. It cuts a really wide variety of grass with ease. Though, longer and thicker grass may present a challenge since its reel has only three blades, as compared to other more advanced lawn mowers with up to 7 blades.

Q. Can the Great States 204-14 work on an even 30 degrees slope?
A. Yes, it can work on a 30 degree slope. As much as it is designed to work specifically on relatively flat ground, a 30-degree inclination isn’t too much as to render this lawn mower useless.

Q. How low does this lawn mower cut grass?
A. According to most users, the Great States 204-14 push lawn mower cuts up to and an inch low and 2 inches highest. This may mean that it could be difficult to use it on extremely long grass.

Q. Is this lawn mower foldable?
A. Yes. It does have a foldable handle for ease of transportation and storage.


The Great States 204-14 is an amazing choice for anyone seeking a really affordable lawn mower. As much as it will take quite some effort to cut grass with it as compared to electric lawn mowers, it is more effective and less noisy. Its reel and blade have been designed to work perfectly together, achieving a clean trim for your lawn.

With most of its users praising it by its excellence in trimming grass, it surely is the machine to give a try. Its excellence can be attributed to its ease of maneuverability, transportation, and storage, its ease of use, as well as its highly effective features. It is also really affordable, going for only $66.93, with a 1 -year warranty in case of malfunctioning.