G&M Professional Pasta Maker Machine with Hand Crank

G&M Professional Pasta Maker Machine with Hand Crank is a high-performance pasta maker that offers a perfect way of making traditional homemade pasta in the kitchen. The machine includes a basic recipe included which helps in easy and quick preparation of spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine and much more using healthy pasta ingredients and also avoiding preservatives.

he machine also allows for easy preparation of pasta rich in vegetable; which are very healthy. It is made of a sturdy stainless steel which makes the machine highly durable. It also features anodized aluminum blades that are easy to clean using its cleaning brush included in the package. Other accessories included in the package are; extruder, kneading unit, hand crank, cleaning brush and counter -top clamp.

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The Pasta Maker is very suitable for home use as well as use in bigger kitchens in restaurants for professional use. This makes it convenient for:

  • Chefs
  • Kitchen maids
  • And housewives


The model has the following great features for its performance;

1. Sturdy stainless steel: The strong stainless steel and anodized aluminum blades make the machine very durable and worth a lifetime of use. The machine is also equipped with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning.

2. Recipe and instruction booklet: The Pasta Maker is equipped with a basic recipe manual that guides you to the easy and quick preparation of spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine and much more pasta ingredients. The unit provides a perfect way of making traditional homemade pasta.

3. Full refund policy. You may have the item returned in case of fault or dissatisfaction. It comes with a full refund policy whereby you will have your whole purchase price refunded. You may also get a replacement with a similar quality item.

4. Rollers: The unit has steel rollers that are easily adjustable for extruding and kneading up to 7 pasta thicknesses that vary from 0.5 to 3 mm.

5. The machine’s entire package Includes; kneading unit, hand crank, extruder, counter -top clamp as well as a cleaning brush.


  • The following are the numerous benefits of this pasta maker model
  • It ensures you have healthy ingredients and helps in avoiding preservatives.
  • The machine makes it easy to prepare enriched vegetable pasta which is very healthy.
  • Its first noticeable thing is the machine’s heavy duty construction that makes it very durable and functional over a long period.
  • It helps in easily and quickly extruding lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccini and more
  • It is made of pieces which fit perfectly which makes it very classy and a great addition to your kitchen at home.
  • The G&M professional pasta machine is made using a sturdy stainless steel and anodized aluminum blades which make it very effective.
  • It is a very easy -to -use the machine; involves just inserting the dough and turning the handle around to extrude.
  • It features easily adjustable rollers made of steel. The rollers can create up to 7 thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 3 mm.
  • Suitable for making lasagna noodles and has an attachment for cutting the pasta. It takes less than a minute to get your fresh pasta ready.
  • It can also be used to roll pita bread dough. It results in bread similar to the shape of the French bread but relatively thicker.
  • When the pasta is cooked its puffs up and can be cut after cooling similar to the like the pita bread for stuffing with sandwich ingredients.


  • You will require a huge lip on the counter for screwing this pasta maker on. It may have to be positioned on the kitchen bar or table as opposed to the recommended counter.
  • It does not remain sturdy if you have a smaller lip for clamping
  • The machine’s crank base may be a bit loose as well as unstable. It, however, locks into place when messed with it a little and pushed in with slight force.
  • It has been said to be hard to clean and at times people have had to boil it before using so as to kill bacteria. For efficient cleaning, it has to be opened up and unscrewed which may prove to be hectic if done regularly.
  • It has also been said to have a bad design for its cleanliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the frequently asked questions as well as their answers to give you vital information before making your purchase.

1. Does the machine make angel -hair pasta?
Yes, it does. It has the thinnest cutter attachment which cuts adequately thin for Angel hair pasta.

2. Where is the machine made?
The machine is made in China and is very sturdy.

3. Can the pasta maker make ravioli?
Yes, it can. You can make pasta for ravioli using the cutter or ravioli wheel by just putting both of the pieces together with what you want in it. It does a great job.

4. What is the thickest counter -top the clamp will properly attach to?
The counter should be at about two inches for a successful and stable clamping.


This machine will definitely have you preparing the most amazing noodles and other special recipes included in the featured recipe booklet. It may be a huge labor and intensive process which takes quite some time to do, but the results are worth it. This pasta maker makes your life easy since it is simple to use which makes the pasta making process more streamlined.

Overall, it is relatively affordable and definitely worth its price tag on Amazon. It includes good and easy -to -follow instructions and convenient size for proper storage. The Professional Pasta Maker’s Return Policy that guarantees full customer satisfaction. For any reason, if you are unsatisfied with the item, you just return it back within 14 days, and you will have your full refund without shipping charges. This is among the many reasons why it is highly recommended to order for this product online on Amazon as you will also benefit from the great customer rewards on the Amazon deals and discounts.