FreshTek Best French Press Coffee Maker 34oz Pot

Begin your day with an invigorating start! Strong coffee brewed to just your liking is just what you need to wake up your mind and body. Using your favorite beans, you need not spend hundreds of dollars at your local Starbucks and every day stand in line among the crowds. Instead, in the solitude of your own home, make coffee that ranks right up there with the designer coffee houses. With an excellent insulation system, your coffee will remain hot for an hour!



Set aside your worries of breaking the carafe if dropped, or knocked off the table. Instead of using glass, FreshTek has formulated a perfect design of stainless steel. It is durable and will last for years to come. Take it hiking; it won’t break in a backpack. If it falls when on a rocking boat, the carafe can take it. The sleek design is easy to hold, and you are unlikely to drop it.

But if you do, it will simply bounce and roll, not shatter like a glass pot. You need not worry of glass flying all over you or your guests, because of a slight mishap. On top of that, a lifetime guarantee is given on every purchase. Be sure to keep your receipt safe, should you ever need to return it.

Well -Insulated

Take your time with your morning coffee, and make it a ritual. FreshTek has engineered this carafe well! The container holds 34 ounces of piping hot coffee from the moment you pour in the water to the time you top off your last cup. If you have compay and are enjoying a leisurely morning, take your time with your conversation – the double wall of the carafe works hard.

Instead of having to reheat it in a half hour for your next cup, simply pour and enjoy the robust flavor! Coffee remains hot for up to an hour. For best results, preheat the carafe with a batch of hot water, wait a few moments for the inside to warm and pour out the water. Then make your perfect coffee as usual.

Large Capacity

The carafe holds 34 ounces of the robust flavor of your favorite brand of coffee that only a French press can give. This means you can make one batch and be done! Coffee left on a burner becomes bitter, such as a drip machine. That doesn’t happen here. Because of the fantastic insulation, you need not make small doses of your morning medicine for it to be hot.

It saves you time when you are in a rush. Or, you can simply enjoy an excellent breakfast with multiple cups of perfection with no more effort. And when entertaining, there is plenty to share without interrupting your time together to make a mad dash to the kitchen. You are the perfect host or hostess!

Elegant Design

Too often the functions of the kitchen require the use of clunky machines or unattractive utensils. With the FreshTek carafe, not only does it perform in an excellent manner, but it also is beautiful. It sits handsomely on the counter, actually focusing attention on its sleek design. Visitors will be drawn to it. There is no need to hide this in an already crowded cabinet.

Leave it on the counter for display. And with three different colors from which to choose, this nice addition will fit in with any décor you have. Its exterior is durable and will’ remain beautiful for years to come. It even arrives with its own cloth, for keeping that wonderful shine, making it one of your favorite pieces.

Advanced Filtration

Don’t you get tired of chewing grounds? After all, you go to the extraordinary effort of choosing just the right type of beans for the most robust flavor. But it all gets ruined if there are any grounds floating in your otherwise perfect java. The Cowboys put up with it because they had to. But you don’t. With a very fine mesh, this wonderful contraption by FreshTek removes all possibility of escaping grounds.

The mesh is very fine, catching those tiny, would-be runaways! Enjoy your fine -Tuned cup of perfection with no interruption. The grounds have done their job releasing the delicious taste and the filter does its own to keep them where they should be – away from your cup!


  • There are three colors – red, silver and black to fit any kitchen decor.
  • The carafe is very hardy and withstands dropping without shattering.
  • Insulation keeps the java perfectly hot.
  • No grounds are allowed to escape to your cup.


  • Must be hand washed, it is not dishwasher safe.
  • You cannot see the level of the liquid inside at a glance.
  • Stainless steel requires a little polishing to keep the shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I use distilled water?

A. No. It won’t taste as good.

Q. How do I keep the outside shiny?

A. Clean the outside with warm water and baking soda. Dry with a microfiber cloth.

Q. My coffee is not that great. What should I do?

A. Try a different brand of coffee bean. The quality does make a difference.

Q. If I grind the beans the night before, is that okay?

A. Not at all. For the richest taste, grind the coffee right before using them.

Q. Why does my coffee taste flat or bitter?

A. Could be your tap water. Hard water makes coffee flat and soft water makes it bitter.

Q. Should I measure how much coffee I add?

A. Definitely. Even slight variances make a lot of difference in a French press.

Final Verdict:

The French press by FreshTek is sleek and beautiful. It extracts an amazingly robust flavor from your favorite brand of coffee beans. You can carry the carafe with you anywhere, and drop it all you like without breaking it. And with its amazing insulation, you can enjoy a carafe of delicious java for a much longer time than any other pot of coffee, without having to shove it into a microwave or put it on a burner, which makes it bitter. It only makes sense that if you are in search of a new coffee maker, that you choose this one. Order it today; tomorrow, you will be glad you did!