Fresh Tek Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker. 34 Oz Pot with Bonus Scoop and Cloth

Closely related to the Secura is the Fresh Tek stainless steel French press coffee maker. With a similarly sleek design, it has a simple silken finish that makes it relatable to the user. The main design difference between this and the Secura is that the Fresh Tek has an elongated knob at the lid, a slight difference on paper but in reality giving the Secura an aesthetic lead in my opinion. This French press serves a flavorful coffee, ideal for anyone who is mad about their coffee.


Stainless Steel Design

With a stainless steel design, it is sold as an all indestructible’ French press as it cannot break, melt or crack. The stainless steel design actually makes it a very durable design, which is a very important requirement for French press buyers. After all, who wants to buy a coffee brewer that will fall apart in a day or two?


With a capacity of 34 ounces, the equivalent of 1000 ml: this French press is bound to have you drinking at least eight 4 -ounce cups of coffee. For the larger coffee mugs, you would probably get two or three of those out of this brewer per round of coffee.

Double Insulation

Just like the Secura, this French press is double walled in construction, therefore ensuring that your coffee stays hot just for you. There’s nothing as annoying as drinking your first cup of coffee hot, then coming back to get a second cup-like 30 minutes later and finding it cold already. The Fresh Tek takes care of this, though, delivering it fresh and hot for you.


The press comes with a micro -filtration mesh. It isn’t specified whether this is three -layered, and may therefore not result in coffee as smooth as that of the Secura and the Bodum Brazil.

Variety of Colors

Unlike the Secura that only comes in that silver finish, this sleek design is available in three colors: silver, red and black. Is it not amazing to be able to choose what color of French press you can have? I think this is added value on their part.

Added Value

What’s more? The Fresh Tek press comes with a clip – a handled scoop that you can use to remove your coffee bag from inside the press. This is also a rare addition in comparison to other press manufacturers. Again, it comes with a bamboo cloth that ensures you can shine your Fresh Tek stainless steel French press every day, back to the shiny new brewer that it was the very first day that you saw it. Once again, this is not a very common addition. We really must give it to Fresh Tek for being quite customer oriented and thinking out of the box. They have really gone out on a limb for this one.


On weight, the Fresh Tek comes at a low weight of 1.1 pounds. This is quite impressive especially for a double insulated French press as one would expect it to be a bit heavier than this.


The Fresh Tek French press sells at a starting price of $37.50 on Amazon, which is a notably higher price as compared to the Secura.

So let’s get to the pros and cons of this press, shall we?


  • Fresh Tek, just like the Secura, produces quite the tasty fresh coffee brew.
  • The French press is attractive and comes in a design that coffee consumers would want to identify with.
  • An elongated knob on the lid ensures that you can uncover the French press lid without scalding your fingers with steam or directly burning yourself from the heat on the lid.
  • That it comes with a bamboo cloth for shining the surface makes for an attractive selling point.
  • A free scoop is also a welcome addition to the package. This saves you from having to buy one separately or using other methods like struggling to do so with a teaspoon (I know you’re also guilty of that).
  • It comes in several colors, giving the buyer a few choices to pick from.
  • That it is made of stainless steel makes this a durable purchase.


  • For a start, the Fresh Tek filter isn’t detachable from the coffee brewer, making it hard to clean the French press.
  • At a starting price of $ 37.50 and not as much to offer, the Fresh Tek is too costly for little delivery.
  • Fresh Tek manufacturers have not specified whether both the interior and exterior are made of stainless steel, which may raise questions of material and durability.
  • Its light weight may shy one off from the quality. However, reviews indicate that the Fresh Tek is not a bad purchase and delivers exactly what it says it will deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Fresh Tek French press come in glass and steel versions?

A: No, Fresh Tek French press is only available in one durable stainless steel variety.

Q: I have seen that the package can come with an extra bamboo cloth and scoop, what is the additional cost for these?

A: Nothing. Fresh Tek gives these to you as a value bonus at no additional cost to make your coffee experience that much better.


On an overall, I would still say the Fresh Tek French press is a good buy. It may not be for the budget buyer, but for the discerning coffee lover who likes their coffee hot, is attracted to an additional coffee press scoop and cloth, but is not too keen on the filter system. Then the Fresh Tek French press would suit them perfectly. The higher price is also not a problem.