Esky is a giant in the electronic cycles. Their rearview camera, Esky Ec 135-05, is evidence of this. The camera boasts of 628 by 586 pixels. Pixels this high translate to one thing; amazing images! The rig also comes with a working infrared system. Infrared is synonymous with night vision. The infrared system allows this camera to outperform many backup cameras in the dark. I have nothing against low -light camera capability. This feature is excellent. It can, however, only serve you minimally, in, extremely dark environments.

Conquering such dark environs is the motivation behind infrared in backup cameras. With this backup camera, You get to ride safely on the darkest of nights. It is an option to consider when looking for the best rearview cam. Another good thing about this camera is the 30 -day money back warranty. That is how confident Esky is on their camera. Below is a full Esky Ec 135-05 review.

1. Excellent Viewing angle:

The cameras 135A -degree viewing angle offers a magnificent range. You get to see practically EVERYTHING that is behind you. The primary purpose of backup cameras is to prevent any surprise hits from behind. Many backing up cameras seldom achieve this. The reason for this is a narrow field of view. Some cameras only afford you a field of view that is only slightly over 90 -degrees. Such narrow vision renders you blind to a good portion of your rear. You do not have to worry about this with the Esky Ec 135-05. It offers you a viewing angle of 135 -degrees.  Over 85% of your rear will be visible. 135 degrees cover all the red areas. Every angle that a car can hit you from is visible to you.

2. Infra-Red LED:

Infrared is excellent for night vision. The technology is the very same used in military night vision goggles!  Infrared translates to safer rides in the dark. This feature is well thought out. Most accidents occur on very dark nights. If you are to be safe, you need eyes that can see in the dark. The Esky Ec 135-05 rearview camera gives you just that. Its infrared capabilities bring the night to life. You get to enjoy sharp images of objects you could barely make out with your naked eye.

Have you ever punctured your tires by backing up to pointy materials like nails? Never again! The Esky Ec 135-05 allows you to make out such objects. Infrared spots them out even on the darkest nights. So, if you ever drive through dark or unfamiliar alleys; this backup camera would prove to be an excellent companion.


3. Water -Proof Lenses

Most backup cameras are waterproof. Their lenses are, however, still susceptible to image distortion by rain. The Esky Ec 135-05 backup camera answers this challenge with waterproof lenses. The lenses maintain image clarity even amidst a torrential downpour.

These lenses are also very resistant to fogging. Fogging of lenses distorts images. The consequence is a camera that cannot make out objects. When this happens, your system is blinded and no good. It is not so with this monitoring system. The lenses remain surprisingly fog free even in the middle of winter. So if you live in a very humid area, consider this camera. It will serve you where others have failed.

4. Very Clear Images

The Esky Ec 135-05 has a very high resolution. 420 TV lines to be exact. Such a high resolution allows you to enjoy very sharp images. What I like about this backup camera is its consistency. Because of the infrared system, the images remain sharp even at night. 28 by 586 pixels helps the situation further. The images are crystal clear. Such image clarity goes a long way in ensuring your safety. So for added safety on the road, I recommend you give this rig a try. Once you use it a few times, you will not be able to let it go. The imaging is that impressive.

5. Fully Packed Kit

When you buy the Esky Ec 135-05, you purchase a full package.  This is one kind of plug and play device, and you can use it immediately after purchase. The price tag covers everything you will need for the camera.  This development is a very welcome one. Most backup cameras require on -the -side purchases to function optimally. Not so with this rearview camera. It comes complete and ready for use. The 19 -feet cable it comes with is another plus. This AV cable is more than sufficient to make all necessary connections. Esky had their customers in mind when they made this camera. It is one of the very few that you can install without buying anything extra. Not even a wire!


  • Best low price backup camera for all the features it offers.
  • Night vision is excellent thanks to infrared LED.
  • Installation is easy. Roughly 10 minutes are sufficient to set it up.
  • The images are brilliant and sharp thanks to the 420 TV resolutions.
  • It is both water and fog proof.
  • It is resilient even in terrible weather. Very few cameras retain this kind of image quality in nasty weather.


  • The infrared sometimes whites out everything at night. Finding the right setting to counterbalance this is not easy.
  • The all -plastic housing is easily damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the Esky Ec 135-05 rearview camera work with all vehicle navigation systems?

ANSWER: This cameras system is 12 VDC. 12 VDC means that it will sync with all car navigation systems.

2. How waterproof is the camera?

ANSWER: It is sufficiently waterproof. You can drive through puddles and storms without fear.

3. How do you connect to a monitor that does not support RCA connections?

ANSWER: You will have to buy an adapter to interface between the camera and your display device.


The Esky Ec 135-05 is a very solid buy. It is easy to set up and offers amazing image clarity. If you are looking to buy a quality low budget rearview camera, look no further. You do not get many infrared capabilities in this price range. It is, however, at times difficult to get clear images. The issue is more about settings than equipment quality. Other than this, the camera is a real bargain. Once you learn the settings that work perfectly in your environment, you will severely enjoy this camera.