ESKY 170 -Degree, 8 IR LED REVIEW

Esky did it again! The ESKY 170 -degree backup camera is a force that cannot go unnoticed. It comes with eight infrared LED lights. Infrared is bound to illuminate your nights. The camera also has a metallic frame that is enforced by a chrome finish.

This material translates to a very durable gadget. It will serve you for an extended period.

The camera is also all-weather proofed. It can withstand the most atrocious weather conditions. So, if you want a rearview camera that will outlast the inclement weather, you are in luck. The ESKY 170 -degree is built to do just that. READ On for the complete ESKY 170 -degree review.

Product Features


1. Built To Last:

The ESKY 170 -degree has very high -quality materials. The materials translate to durability. Durability is an essential aspect of rearview cameras. If a camera is not made to endure, you will have to put up with a lot of hitches. The ESKY’s metallic frame is durable. An added chrome finish enforcement makes it almost indestructible. This monitoring equipment is, also, weatherproofed. It meets the IP67 requirements. Weatherproofing enables it to endure rough weather conditions easily.

If endurance is a feature you value, this is the rearview camera for you. Most backup cameras last only for a season. I am yet to find an ESKY 170 -degree camera that was beaten by the weather. The metallic frame is also excellent to withstand hits by flying debris. Stones are very common on rough roads, and, your tires can send them flying. Such flying objects are responsible for the majority of backup camera damages.

2. Excellent Images:

The ESKY 170 -degree boasts of 510 by 496 effective pixels. The resolution is at 420 TV lines. What this means is that you get very sharp, clear and concise images. An infrared system allows it to be so, even at night. An acutely sensitive image sensor further complements the camera’s imaging. It brings the colors to life. The image sensor also helps when making out dimly lit images. The camera’s sharp images allow you to adjust your driving accordingly. When the image is blurred, you may not get the actual picture of your surroundings. Blurred photos could, therefore, see you bump into objects. This rearview camera spares you from such incidents. Imaging is sharp enough to give you an exact reflection of your environment.

3. Distance Scale Lines:

Distance scale lines have proven to be very excellent additions to back up cameras. The technology, however, rarely works as well as it does in the ESKY 170 -degree. The distance scale lines system ensures you are more than aware of your proximity to objects.  What do I mean? Sometimes, being made aware of objects is not enough to help us avoid them. We sometimes need active help evading the objects. Distance scale lines help you in such scenarios. On this gadget, an electronic ruler complements the distance scale line system. The two systems ensure that the camera is very accurate when guiding you around objects. The feature even works at night! You drive more confidently when this rearview camera has your back. Pun intended.

4. Excellent Field Of View:

The ESKY 170 -degree offers a 170 -degree field of view. 170 -degrees is an almost perfect field of view. A170 -degree view substantially minimizes blind spots. This type of vision is more than sufficient to ensure your safe passage through high -risk areas. Such a broad field of view is all a vehicle needs. Isn’t it? This backup camera has other ideas. It does not count it enough to offer a near perfect field of view. The camera is out for nothing short of an untainted field view. It achieves this by allowing the camera to tilt up and down. That simple gesture eliminates all blind spots. You get to see everything that is happening behind your back. If what you want in a rearview camera is trustworthy eyes behind your back, you have got it. This rearview camera does that. It sees everything you cannot see and shows you.

4. Invisibility:

Let us face it. We all like to take credit for things we have not done. Personally, I prefer to hoard the praises for good driving than to divulge that I have a backup camera. Esky had people like me in mind when they designed the ESKY 170 -degree. The camera is a perfect fit for U.S License plates. It is almost impossible to make out once mounted. The other advantage of this is increased safety for the camera. Some people steal rearview cameras. As much as the camera keeps you safe, you too should keep it safe. The ESKY 170 -degree helps protect itself. It mimics your license plate so well thieves will not be able to see it!


  • The camera has excellent night vision.
  • The metallic make is very robust and durable.
  • The camera perfectly fits license plates.
  • The camera tilts up and down. This tilting widens an already wide field of view.
  • The ESKY 170 -degree is very easy to set up.
  • The camera has very high resolution and, therefore, very clears images.
  • The camera offers too many features for the price tag.


  • The camera can only work with monitors that support the NTSC video system.
  • The camera fogs up during rainy weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this camera link to all vehicles?

ANSWER: Yes, the ESKY 170 -degree has very standard wiring. It will synchronize with all vehicles currently on the market.

2. How many video output connections does the camera offer?

ANSWER: The camera only supports RCA connections. To link up with a monitor that does not support RAC, you will need to employ an adapter as a go-between.

3. Is it true it only supports the NTSC video system?

ANSWER: Yes that is true. Only purchase a monitor that supports the NTSC video system.


The ESKY 170 -degree backup camera is a worthy buy. It is durable and offers imaging way above its price tag. If you can overlook slight fogging under the intense weather, you have yourself a bargain. The fogging is usually temporary and can be fixed by a quick wipe if it persists. Considering the excellent night vision capabilities and tilting camera, I dare say the pros outweigh the cons. For top-notch imaging and durability, this is the camera for you. Its price is also low enough to call it the best bargain on the market.