Dome Lid Citrus Juicer

The Dome Lid Juicer is one of the kitchen tools produced by the Progressive International Company. It is uniquely designed to meet your kitchen needs and improve quality and service. It is a one capacity citrus juicer with a shape that aims to accommodate fruits such as oranges, limes, and lemons. The dome-shaped lid services both as a non-skid base to avoid easy displacement and as a measuring cup.


On it are imprinted measurements regarding tablespoons, millimeters, and cups. The Dome Lid Juicer is made of plastic that is heavy duty. It’s also dishwasher safe. It’s sold on Amazon at a price of about $ 3.99, and you will save up to $2.21. It is delivered in a one -package quantity and measures about 8 oz. The product is returnable once sold.

Dome shaped lid

The Progressive CJ3 Citrus Juicer comes with a dome-shaped lid. This lid doubles as a measuring cup. Its measurements are calibrated regarding tablespoons, cups, and milliliters. You can therefore accurately prepare your juice according to your specified or desired proportions of the ingredients. There is no need for buying extra equipment for measuring the quantity of your juice. You are saved from the stress of using extra cups when you are preparing your juice. The lid provides a tight closure of your juicer thus minimizing spillage of the juice that can lead to messing up your kitchen. The juicer also comes in different sizes to suit your specific desire depending on the amount of juice you may be preparing.

Sized to accommodate a variety of fruits The Progressive CJ3 Citrus Juicer is uniquely designed to accommodate and process a wider variety of fruit juices. You can comfortable and easily fit citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and lemons. There is, therefore, no need to buy different juicers to prepare the different types of juices. This will greatly lower your expenditure. Our company is always coming up with a variety of kitchen tools by improving the quality, size, shape and color. The Progressive Citrus Juicer comes in different colors from where you can choose your favorite. The choices of color and size are limited . Thus we ensure that your needs are fully catered for.

Non-skid base

The progressive CJ3 Citrus Juicer has a flat base that is non-skid. This offers it with stability thus preventing the juicer from falling over during the preparation of your juice. Slight movements of the juicer are unlikely to topple over you juice. The base also has a pour spout. The pour spout makes it easy to pour your juice into the serving glasses without the risk of spilling your juice on the table or yourself. The non-skid base provides good grip during washing, therefore, reducing the risk of the juicer slipping and breaking during washing, that is, it is dishwasher safe.

Heavy-duty plastic

The progressive CJ3 Citrus juicer is made of heavy-duty plastic material. This ensures that your juicer lasts longer. The heavy plastic material is resistant to wear and is resistant to breaking in cases it falling on a hard surface such as the floor. The durability of your juicer definitely will reduce the need for frequently buy juicers and you will reaper the value for your money. The plastic material is lightweight thus easy to carry around to wherever you want to use it. The heavy-duty plastic is clear and transparent giving you the opportunity to see through your juice. The consistence of the juice and any foreign suspensions in the juice can easily be spotted and removed.


The progressive CJ3 citrus juicer comes in the shape of a dome with a flat roof and base. It only weighs 5.44 ounces and comes in a package of only a single piece. The unique dome shape gives a particularly beautiful outlook wherever it is placed, whether in the kitchen or in the sitting room. This will significantly improve the room’s outlook and give it a stylish touch. Anybody would definitely desire to pour him/herself a drink from a stylish juicer! Its unique shape and size from other juicers in the market are easy to handle while pouring the juice and moving it from one point to another.


  • Stylish
  • Suitable for variety of citrus fruits
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Portable
  • durable
  • it is stable
  • it is cheap


  • Not suitable for hard fruits and vegetables
  • It is relative slower

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which country manufactures CJ3 juicer?
A. China.
Q. Is it an electric juicer?
Q. Can one use CJ3 for orange juice?
A. Yah, it is large enough to hold oranges and other fruits like lemons and limes.
Q. Can you use it for grapefruit?
A. Yes, the juicer is quite reliable.


Buying a Progressive CJ3 citrus juicer should be a cheap undertaking. It is incredibly cheap, comes with unbelievable discounts and thus giving you the value for your money. We offer a perfect warranty plan for you.