Do You Use Your Baby Monitor Properly?

As a parent, did you know that you may have been using your video baby monitor the wrong way? Surprised?

Well, don’t be. Baby monitors, just like any devices out there, can easily be misused or used ineffectively without you even knowing. So, how can I overcome this fear? Below are some tips on how to use your baby monitor properly.


Camera Positioning and Angle

Most parents will agree that watching their babies over the video monitor is always reassuring. It gives you a sense of security knowing that you can watch over them without necessarily being there physically.

While most parents would like to focus the camera on the baby’s face to help them monitor their breathing, it may become difficult to do so when the baby moves out of sight. When he or she is out of sight, you may not tell instantly when a problem occurs.

To fix this, always position the camera to watch over the whole crib. Baby monitors which move when they detect movement can also be a good alternative.

Keep Cords far Away from the Baby’s Crib

Babies will play with just about anything that they find. It can be a spoon, crayon or even cables lying around. Although it may look cute watching them play with some of these things, other like cables from your baby monitor can be quite frightening.

This is because they can easily strangle themselves. If you have a wired baby monitor, it is advisable to ensure that it is at least 3 feet away from the baby’s crib. For loose cable, ensure that they are hammered to the wall. This should also apply to other loose cables in your house.

Using a Weak Password

There a lot of positives to owning a baby monitor with access to the internet. You can watch over your baby without having to be there physically and alert the nanny when a problem occurs. It can also help keep a close eye of members of your household.

On the downside, hackers may use them to gain access to your personal information and even steal your identity. To safe guard, yourself from instances such as these, ensure that you use a strong password on your home networks. Also, ensure that the baby monitor that you buy comes with added security features such as FHSS and DECT.


Relying on the Baby Monitor Too Much

Although baby monitors can be regarded as life savers, as a parent it is important to know that they are man made thus can’t rely on whole heartedly. When the connection is poor, some baby monitors may send out a delayed signal, meaning you might think that you are watching a live feed only to realize it happened some few minutes earlier.

In some cases, the feed might hang and what you get is only a still image. As a parent, it pays to check on your baby just to make sure that every is working well and that your baby is fine.

Placing it on a Wet Kitchen Counter

It is common to find parents placing the baby monitors at the kitchen counter top as they clean or prepare the family meal. Although it is advisable to place it somewhere close to you as a parent, wet surfaces can easily damage them.


If you are unable to clip it on to your belt, find another location where you can hang it. Other areas to avoid include near a pool side, close to a water pipe or leaving it outside on a foggy day.

Keep the Monitor Away from the Baby

Although science shows that long exposure to high amounts electromagnetic frequencies can have detrimental side effects such as increasing one susceptibility to cancer, little is known about exposure to low amounts of these radiations.

To be on the safe side, always ensure that the monitor is kept at a safe distance to prevent any form of radiation from reaching your baby. Another reason is that some camera is so small that can easily choke your baby when they play with them

Leaving it on the Charge for Too Long

It always advisable not to fully charge any devices with a battery inside. A fully charged device can easily explode and cause significant harm to you and your baby. Leaving it to charge continuously can also reduce the batteries life span. Other things that may harm the battery include using the wrong charger.


There is no doubt that video baby monitors are a great investment. They offer a good way of monitoring your baby without having to worry about being there physically. Even though you may at one point feel that you are not using it properly, the tips above will help you alleviate these fears and help you get the best out of your baby monitor.