Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series Lt 42 In. Riding Mower Review

The Cub Cadet’s 42 Inch lawn tractor came to impress the public and to really stand out from its competitors as the best riding lawn mower, featuring a wide range of aspects that seem like they are made out of dreams. Its 42-inch deck with its twin blades was made so it can be no match for any type of grass while the 18HP Kohler OHV engine is sure to provide you with an unmatched performance that will make you wonder whether you are driving a truck or just a simple grass cutter.

Adding to these, the no –shifting hydrostatic transmission will ensure that you stayed as comfortable and focused to your goal as possible without having to worry about manually shifting the gear and make you feel that operating this machine is harder than driving a car.



  • > Cutting Height Positions
    One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about this lawn mower is its ability to adjust the cutting height position to your preferable height, having a range of not one, not two, but twelve preset positions. A feature like that is greatly important as it ensures that the machine will not struggle against short or tall grass or uneven terrain. Instead, with these height presets all you just have to do is make a couple of adjustments on the go and then you are ready to roll.
  • > 16 Inch Turning Radius
    Another great deal with this machine is its sweet 16-inch turning radius. What does that mean and why it is a big deal, you may ask, and the answer is pretty simple. A 16-inch radius like the one on the Xt1 is fairly important because it ensures not only a pleasant cutting but also easy and smooth maneuvers. Furthermore, this turning radius along with the relatively big size of the machine are sure to provide utmost safety for the drivers because they will minimize the risk of the mower flipping, something which sadly is pretty common with shorter and cheaper machines.
  • > Reduced Wear And Tear
    The Xt1 comes equipped with top-notch materials. The outside part is made of super stress –resistant elements to keep your cutter safe not only from excessive use but also from any climate changes which have the potential to affect your machine negatively. Moreover, it includes an e -coat corrosion defense system which adds to the whole protection against wear and tear. All these aspects are sure to increase its stamina and its overall resistance greatly.
  • > 42 inch Deck And Deck Wash System
    The 42-inch deck will largely increase your chances of successfully cutting the grass without leaving any spots behind, due to its wide size and its twin blades made out of nothing but quality materials. This means that your work will be significantly decreased and the amount of effort you put in will be diminished as well because you won’t have to do multiple passes. Additionally, a deck wash system aids in successfully cleaning out any grass and debris leftovers by implementing high-pressure water.
  • > Cruise Control
    One more feature that has to be mentioned is the brand-new cruise control ability. If you have finished the most difficult parts of your lot and you only have a few straight lines to mown, then you can enable the cruise control simply by pushing a button, and the mower will start going in a straight direction maintaining the desired speed until it is manually stopped. This is very comfortable for the operator as they can literally “enjoy the ride” while not doing anything at all.


  • 18HP Kohler OHV engine, providing a significant amount of power.
  • 42-inch twin -blade deck leaves no grass uncut.
  • 16-inch turning radius makes for a great combination of smooth cuts and maneuvers too.
  • E -coat helps prevent wear and tear.
  • Cruise control provides great help when able to be used.
  • 12 cutting height positions add a great variety of options when against different types of grass.


  • It does not have an electric clutch.
  • While it can mow in reverse, it is somewhat complicated.

FAQ About The Cub Cadet’s XT1 LT42″:

  • > Can it mow in reverse?
    Answer: Yes it can. You have to lower the deck, engage the PTO and turn the key back until it is into the yellow area. After that, press the yellow button which is shaped like a triangular, and you are done.
  • > Can you adjust the chute?
    Answer: No there is no way to adjust the chute.
  • > Is there a way to remove the mowing deck to change the blades?
    Answer: Yes there is a way to do that, and in fact, it is quite simple. You just have to remove the deck from the three attachment points which are indicated in the user’s manual which comes with the full product.
  • > Does it require an oil filter or is it a splash system?
    Answer: It requires an oil filter as it uses an oil pump system.
  • > Will it be able to go over pine cones?
    Answer: Yes, this machine can absolutely handle pine cones without any problems. However, it would be best for you to pick them up first and then start mowing just to be sure.

Final Verdict

All things considered, the evolution of technology has helped the mower companies release the kind of machines that we would never think we’d have. The kind of machines that can drastically change the way gardening chores are done, but in the end, it is up to the company to take advantage of this evolution and “invest” it in grass cutters.

It seems that Cub Cadet did just that with the new XT1 Lt 42″, making the magnificent product which can easily be considered as the best riding lawn mower at this time. Its powerful 18HP engine and its 42-inch cutting deck, along with some brand-new features like the cruise control system and the e -coat, make it the best option to go after if you are considering of a cutter that will save you a lot of time and bring a smile to your face too.