Cub Cadet Enduro X1 series

Prim well cared for lawns are an instant attraction on any residence. With an assortment of handy, convenient and on the go features it is quite easy to get the best riding lawn mower for the task at hand. Here is a review of the most worthwhile brands that are hot in the market right now:


A front facing engine is exactly the thing on this high-performance mower that gets straight to work.
Maneuverability and power make this option top choice for different kinds of grounds. An impressive Kohler engine comes complete with front headlights and an array of well thought out features that let the operator have a smooth experience with a precise machine capable of making fine cuts. This is a mid -level pick from a renowned manufacturer that is specialized in riding mowers.

Engine specification and handling

The mower is powered by an 18 hp hydrostatic Kohler engine which is powerful to counter any kind of undergrowth. The reliable prototype is among the most respected in the industry and will definitely give good service for a considerable time. A separate engine servicing kit is available so there need not be any worry when it comes to troubleshooting the machine.

A keyed start is conventional. The single cylinder engine is capable of producing 18 hp that powers the entire machine. Handling is assisted by a single lever height adjustment feature to get things going as they should. Once the basics have been mastered the drive is a smooth one whereby the operator can control the mower
with relative ease.

Transmission and clutch

Hydrostatic transmission makes it worthwhile to operate the mower without the hassle associated with many different levels and other features used to steer or power. The issue with many mowers out there is that they come with an array of control levers with complex owner manuals that are hard to understand clearly.

The benefit if this model is that every aspect has been modernized and made simple. Operations have been streamlined to ensure that even on the first attempts one can be able to get the hang of it. Hit the ignition, pedal and set the lever to control the cutting height and everything else is set. Cruise control feature lets one enjoy the endeavor without much hassle about navigation.

Fuel tank capacity

A 3 Gal. fuel tank is sufficient to take on a vast area on just a single refill. This is especially important as work can go on undisrupted without the need to stop over and get some more gasoline to power the machine.

Depending on the size of the targeted area, one may plan ahead on fuel consumption. An extensive area may quickly deplete fuel and cause one to source for more to complete the assignment. More work is handled with the assurance that a full tank will power the mower from start of the project right to the end. Fuel usage will also depend on cruising speed and extent of undergrowth, terrain and other consideration.

A 42-inch cutting deck

Lawns differ from season to season. For this reason, the amount of work that the mower will be able to handle ultimately depends on this important specification. Uneven ground that is filled with all kinds of obstacles will require more time to get a consistent look. A capable rover with this kind of clearance can reduce the effort by making a turn at different angles in order to render the job done efficiently without any incidences.

At any given time, the operator covers a vast strip of land and can estimate how many rounds are required on the lawn. Wide clearance is an essential advantage that reduces the overall time accorded to complete the task at hand.

16-inch turning radius

Smooth handling is essential while performing lawn duty. Seamless operation translates to a movement that is well coordinated which allows more to be done in no time. This aspect comes from the specification of the front and rear tires. Turning radius is essential for smooth handling. Cutting corners to get to the desired place is no easy affair.

Having a fully equipped machine that has such movements pre -conditioned in its ability is a useful tool that the operator will enjoy working with. Obstacles on the ground can prove to be a bit of a challenge as one has to go over them and return of the course as soon as possible. This feature plays a great role in accomplishing such an approach effortlessly.


  • It has an incredible mow -in -reverse feature that lets the operator move back and forth until the right cutting height has been achieved more consistently.
  • One can go over missed spots and other unattended areas without the need to make a complete u- turn.
  • The heavy duty engine is suitable for vast lawns.
  • The operation can continue for hours up to the point where the scenery has been covered extensively.
  • Additional accessories provide more resourcefulness during the job to give a decent outcome that exceeds expectation.
  • These include mulch kit, rear spreader, twin bagger and snow blade.


  • Typical models are quite pricey (Just under$ 2000) as compared to other mowing brands.
  • Vibrations during operation can be unsettling especially if working for prolonged hours.
  • The worker requires mowing gear such as an overall and some mufflers to counter most of these effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Cadet Cub LT 2 lawn mower come fully assembled?
A: No. The product will be shipped in a crate alongside a user manual with detailed instructions on how to assemble the different machine parts. Assembly diagrams are included in the manual.
Q: What are the warranty terms and after sales services for this purchase?
A: Warranty information is provided by the manufacturer that typically covers up to 3 years from the date of purchase.

Final Verdict

Extra features such as the Quick connect deck wash system, and other special perks are something to look forward to. The brand has put into consideration many of the lawn management requirements and encompassed them into a feature packed machine. Invest in a practical and capable workhorse that delivers as promised. Back support on the elevated seat is a good thing that reduces the feeling of tiredness that comes about after keeping up operations for a while.