Choosing the Best Video Baby Monitor

Choosing the best video monitor has never been this difficult. Reason? Technology is rapidly evolving and with each single dawn comes a new and better product. Different brands too have flooded the market making things like buying a video baby monitor seem like an impossible task. However, after scouring through hundreds of baby monitors, we have compiled a list of things to look out for when picking the best video baby monitor.


Video Quality

As a caring mom (or dad), nothing beats the feeling one gets from seeing your baby sleep peacefully and undisturbed. Although you can still get the same sensation every time you look at him or her over a video baby monitor, some video baby monitors offer an even greater experience. Imagine having to monitor your baby in full 1080p high definition video resolution! 1080p resolution allows you to see everything in detail down to the dirt left over from your child’s last meal. Other resolutions that are worth considering are 720p which is also High Definition. Word of caution, though: not all resolutions are the same. Base your selection on video samples which are often posted on the internet.

Personal Security

Did you know that a simple device such as a baby monitor can leave you vulnerable to hackers? Yes, it most definitely can. Just like any device with access to the internet, video baby monitors can also be hacked and be used by hackers to listen in on your private conversations. This can lead to cases such as identity theft or allow burglars to plan their next visit. Luckily, most companies are developing standard measures to curb vices such as these. Technology such as FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) has been lauded for keeping hackers at bay. FHSS is simply a system where signals are transmitted by rapidly changing the carriers in a way the receiver and transmitter can only understand.

Analogue Vs Digital Video Monitoring

The analog Vs digital, which is the better debate is a never ending one. Both have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. So, what are they? Analogue baby video monitors transmit signals in the form of electric pulses while digital one transmits scrambled codes. The advantages of analog baby monitors are that they are cheap and safer since they emit signals of less strength. On the downside, since they operate at a lower frequency, they tend to fall prey to interference with other household devices. Digital baby monitors, on the other hand, are more secure and less susceptible to interference. On the downside, they are much more expensive and believed to transmit harmful signals.


Display Size and Type

Display sizes of video baby monitors typically range from 2.5″ to about 7″. Although it can be assumed that the bigger the display, the better the view, it is not always the case. Other factors also have to be looked in. For example, although bigger display would be appropriate, things like is it an LED. LCD or TFT screen should also matter. LED screens are more energy efficient and bright as well. However, colors can sometimes appear saturated. LCD screens, on the other hand, offer a more realistic experience but can have issues when looking at it from different angles.


The range is one of those features that parents tend to overlook whenever they go for a video baby monitor. Range simply means the radius at which the baby monitor can work efficiently. When shopping for a baby monitor, always look at the range when there is no obstacle present and when there is one present. Some can work up to 900 feet without interference. When interference is put into the equation, the range tumbles down to about 300 feet or so depending on the type of obstacle.

Night Vision Camera

Your video baby monitor might be the king when it comes to daylight video recording, but can it carry its glory through the night? If you a looking for a good baby monitor, night vision should be one of the key things to look out for. Night vision is good in the sense that you can keep watch of your baby without having to turn on the lights. Turning on the lights at night might wake the baby up.


Although you want the best for you and your baby, it is always important to work within your budget. Going by the trend can have a significant impact on your finances since newer models come with a premium. Again, it is important to note that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best. There are always other cheaper alternatives.


Although it may seem like a daunting task when it comes to choosing the best video baby monitor, following the tips above may simplify your work. Always ensure that you baby monitor offers good video quality regarding camera recording and display type transmits secure signals as well as priced to your budget. With these tips, you may well be on your way to discovering the best video monitor for you and your baby.