Choosing Coffee Beans

Your French press will not produce the best coffee unless you choose the best coffee beans. You are limited to two choices, the expensive Arabica or the cheaper Robusta. Arabica is preferable as it has a strong flavor and aroma. You should also look at whether the coffee beans are course. The grounded beans should be fine enough. If they are not, then they can stick to the filter of the plunger, making it harder to function.


Furthermore, if the coffee beans are finely grounded, they can float and destroy the taste of coffee. You also pick the coffee you intend to use based on the roast level. The light roast is light brown in color and has been roasted for a short time. It has a high acidity and more caffeine. The medium roast is medium dark brown in color.

They have a good balance between flavor and taste. Finally, you can choose the dark roast which is the most popular. They are dark brown as they have been roasted for a longer time. It has a stronger flavor.

Cautions You should consider several precautions when making your coffee using the French press. This ensures that you make the best coffee. You should ensure that the pot is cleaned with warm water before you prepare your coffee. This will prevent any contaminations that could affect the flavor. Use mild detergents when cleaning the French press.

Moreover, the water you use should be calcium free, especially when you use tap water. The pot is rinsed with sufficient water to remove traces of detergent which can cause a pungent smell of coffee. If you have some leftover coffee in the French press, you should remove it from the carafe as it can be over extracted, making it have a burnt taste. You should avoid using metal spoons when stirring. It can damage the glass French press.

Furthermore, the metal spoons can ruin your coffee if they have rust. Once you have prepared your coffee, clean the filter and plunger. They should also be dry before being reassembled. Since there is a lack of automation, the French press requires your full manual attention. You have to be skilled to achieve the best results. However, this is possible with practice. You can quickly produce high-quality coffee once you use the device several times.

Conclusion Once you have gone through the best French press coffee maker reviews, then it would be a wise choice for you to put your knowledge into practice. It is easier to brew a caramel like, and rich coffee using the French press coffee makers suggested above. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to make good coffee. All you need is a Fresh press, and you can enjoy the delights of amazing and tasty coffee.

We prefer the SterlingPro as it ensures that your coffee is warmer for longer. The tight lid and double walls ensure that heat is trapped inside. Since all the components are composed of stainless steel, the product can withstand years of cleaning and usage. This SterlingPro French press is also durable, and it is a wise purchasing decision.

We also recommend the Bodum Brazil. The product represents traditional French press that uses glass. The three-layered filter construction ensures that your coffee is free of any ground coffee particles. We also recommend the other coffee makers for varying needs like cold brew and travel. However, the SterlingPro has the best experience and performance overall.