Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Rangefinder adopts a new ergonomic design that makes it a complete standard laser rangefinder package. The product manufacturer, JOLT Technology guarantees their customers a high -quality laser that have a short vibrating burst for reinforcement. This product is one of the best golf rangefinders with outstanding performance, feel, and design. It comes with Patriot Pack that contains a battery, a protective blue neoprene Skinz, a premium carry case and Tour V3 Rangefinder.

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Pinseeker Technology Feature

This feature allows the users of Tour V3 to zero in on the flag and the ball without incorporating background targets or anything else present in the background that may have more reflections. The Pinseeker Technology embedded in the golf rangefinder offers an invisible infrared pulse or light which is entirely safe for the eyes. It helps the golfers locate the distance in a short duration. It is made possible because the laser beam moves at an incredibly high speed. This technology enables golfers to magnify their course up to seven times so that they can view more detail. Pinseeker Technology integrates the use of GBS technology. Hence it uses the revolving satellites in the sky, and ten to fifteen yards is the maximum distance the government allows to be used. As such the Pinseeker Technology guarantee the high level of accuracy when measuring the distance covered by the golf ball.

ASIC chip feature

Tours V3 has an ASIC chip, a feature that is also referred to as Application Specific Integrated Circuit, developed to provide as accurate measurements as possible. It is an inbuilt digital technology that easily calculates long distances. The technology measures the distance traveled by every pulse of light from the rangefinder to the target and back to the unit. Every time ASIC chip gives very accurate and instantaneous readings.

The golfers find it easy to use this device, and they have no problem finding the distance traveled by the golf ball. Sometimes the readings given may vary due to the prevailing weather conditions along with the intensity of reflection derived from the object. The conditions that affect the nature of reflection emitted from the object include the shape and the size of the object.

Accurate Readings

Tour V3 Golf finder gives accurate readings and has an accuracy index of plus or minus one yard at most. Objects that are as far as seven yards or six hundred and forty meters away can be seen, but objects that are more reflective requires being at a distance of approximately nine hundred meters or one thousand yards to be visible. Therefore, the range of accuracy index depends on the reflective nature of objects viewed by the golfer.

For instance, when the sky is overcast the more the range of readings displayed on the device, this is so because the limited light makes the objects on the green to be less shiny. If golfers want to increase the accuracy index, then they ought to play on an overly sunny day.

Ergonomic design

Tour V3 adopts a standard design that offers a stable grip while using the device. This ergonomic design is made possible by the light weight of the device. It weighs just 6.6 ounces, and golfers can easily hold it in the palm of their hands without slipping. It is designed to guarantee easy use with the golfers because of its optimal system structure, comfortable shape, and functional features.

For instance, a protective rubber skin ensures the device is protected from scratches, weather, and rain. The device’s lenses are recessed inside, and this ensures its optics cannot be easily tampered causing unnecessary aggravation. Besides, Tour V3 has a standard size that measures 3.5 by 2.5 inches.

Legal for tournament play

This Bushnell Tour V3 adopts both the standard and slope version editions that make it compliant with the USGA rule. The perfect choice for casual golfers is slope edition V3 rangefinder. Slope edition can measure both the elevation and distance, but it is not a legal gadget for playing major tournaments. Slope edition of Tour V3 is USGA handicap when compared to Standard edition that measures only distance and compliant with USGA rule. The availability of these editions allows golfers improve their golf game.

When playing casual rounds and planning out distances during practice slope edition serves that purpose. Slope edition is widely used by coaches and caddies to plot out yardage during training. Therefore, the availability of standard editions permits golfers to play in major tournaments.


  • The gadget can zero -in on the flag because it incorporates PinSeeker Technology
  • Tour V3 allows a magnification of up to five times.
  • The gadget is rainproof
  • Has an ergonomic design that gives a stable grip
  • It is a legal and certified device that can use in official competitions


  • The reading accuracy is dependent on the reflective nature of objects

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It is apparent this Tour V3 is a standard laser rangefinder package from its feel, design, and performance. It is a very accurate and simple device that every golfer would have in their golf bag. The device works on any distance, and it does not matter whether there are sand traps, water or any other hazards. As compared to the other rangefinders, Tour V3 does not have battery problems even when water is accidentally deposited inside the device. Therefore, this is an incredible device that golfers should purchase as it guarantees quality and improved performance.