Breaking 80 SmartSlope Golf Slope

Breaking 80 Golf Slope device is one of the most efficient and affordable rangefinders in the market. It provides an incredible laser accuracy that is consistent and can detect the distance of golf flag from as far as three hundred yards. The device works independently without the use of any aids such as reflectors or prisms.


An outstanding feature that makes the Breaking 80 gadget a unique device is the long lasting battery that preserves charge for the considerable amount of time. As such the users have not to worry about running short of charge.

Tournament Legal Improved Design

The Breaking 80 rangefinder contains an on/off toggle slope property that complies with USGA Rule 14-3. As opposed to other devices with slope features that are used only during practice, Breaking 80 enables golfers to use it both during training and when playing official tournaments. As such rangefinders when they acquire the Breaking 80 device should not be bothered to carry two devices .

On/off toggle scope is the most important feature that place this product at an advantage position in the market. As compared to other devices this rangefinder also gives more value to golfers owing to its low cost usually half the regular prices of other standard rangefinders. Therefore. Breaking 80 is an unbeatable device that can be used on any occasion since its design is legalized.

Guarantee accuracy

The Breaking 80 device ensures distance evaluation is accurate with no room left to guess yardages. It completely solves the constant frustration encountered by golfers concerning finding non –existing course markers and sprinkler heads that often result in flying the green and pulling the wrong club.

This gadget is known for its exact calculation of the distance to any target while holding it in your hand and as such let you aware every time you have the right club. The inbuilt dual mode gives the device two options with which to focus on the target. Golfers have the option to choose how they can focus on the target. The users can either use the scan mode to have a general view or Flag Seeking option to focus on the object.

Smart Slope technology

This technology offers golfers with slope adjusted distance for any given downhill or uphill golf course. When SmartSlope is used, as a user you are guaranteed an accurate angle -compensated distance. This technology ends the inaccurate guessing to find out the right club. When engaging in any unofficial tournaments or during practice, the SmartSlope technology is easily toggled on.

But when participating in the main tournaments, the technology is just toggled off, and the Breaking 80 device becomes a legal rangefinder. Of utmost importance is the ability of this technology to detect slope degree. It differs from other standard versions of rangefinders that lack this technology. Besides, this device is the best when compared with other rangefinders possessing SmartSlope technology because it gives more accurate readings.

Lifetime Replacement Plan

The manufacturer of Breaking 80 rangefinder offers a lifetime replacement plan but only for a small fee of $99. This offer makes the industry unique and one of the few industries that guarantee their customers replacement at a lowered cost. The company gives a complete one year warranty and Sixty Day Money Back Policy for any purchase with which all customers are guaranteed.

Within one year after the purchase of the Breaking 80 gadget, any damage or malfunction of the device is replaced for free. However, if the rangefinder would break or get damaged after one year for any reason, the company will replace it at a cost not exceeding $99.

There are no questions asked when making replacements, but the customer would only pay the cost of shipping and taxes incurred when purchases are made online. As such the lifetime replacement plan makes this product secured from any form of risks.

Friendly design

The Breaking 80 device has an elegant design that makes the appearance of the device look pretty good. This design is made possible because the device ergonomics were taken into consideration during the creation process of the device. The device was perfectly designed to be held in one hand. It is among the smallest rangefinders in the market.

Its small size makes Breaking 80 device a preferred choice for the majority of both old and new golfers today. The interface of the device is user-friendly designed in such a way that it is understandable and concise as much as possible. As such users spend minimal time familiarizing themselves with the device. Besides, this device is water resistant and can remain functional in all kinds of weather conditions.


  • It is a lightweight device that makes it comfortable to hold on the course
  • Due to its water resistance capability, the Breaking 80 device can be used under raining conditions
  • It is a legal and certified device that can be used in golfing tournaments
  • Retails at an affordable price


  • lt possesses few features, particularly when compared with more expensive devices.
  • Not reliable when measuring long distances

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to turn off smart slope technology when playing the tournament?

• Yes, it is possible to switch off smart slope technology when participating in major tournaments. There are instructions given in the manual that details how to go about turning off/on the smart slope technology. During practice, you should turn on smart slope technology, but it should always be switched off during official tournaments.

Can the device measure the distance in meters?

• Yes, the device can be set to measure the distance covered both in yards and meters.


The Breaking 80 device is one of the top rated rangefinders in the market. It is highly rated because the device manufacturer has been creating rangefinders for a considerable period. As such they have inbuilt this device utilizing their extensive experience and innovative skills to develop the Breaking 80 rangefinder.

Several users have hailed this device as one of the best creations the company has made so far. This rangefinder is specifically custom designed to enable golfers to get quality scores. Therefore, this device is highly recommended for golfers because it will revolutionize golfing experience. It achieves this purpose owing to its accuracy and state of the art technology used to build it.