Brazil 8 Cup 34 Ounce Black French Press Coffee Maker By Bodum

The morning ritual often sets the mood for the whole day, doesn’t it? And nothing is better than the first cup of coffee. So shouldn’t it be the finest possible? For the richest, most aromatic and flavor -filled cup, the French press was created. Happily, it is also one of the easiest ways to conjure up most perfection. All you do is add a few grounds, boiling water, push down lightly, and presto! You have accomplished per excellence in minutes. This is one of the best French press coffee makers available.


Cleanup Is A Snap

The design of the carafe is dishwasher -safe for deep cleanings. All the components are sturdy and durable. Even when washed by hand, the French press takes only moments. The whole assembly comes apart with ease, and each piece may be separately handled. If you pay attention to how the components fit together while taking it apart, it is a snap to put it all back together.

But, since there are only a few pieces, it doesn’t take much practice. For general cleaning, often just a thorough rinse will do the job nicely. This means for a weekend jaunt, you may take your press with you and have a great cup, even when visiting friends or at a hotel.

Small Environmental Footprint

This uses no electricity. It has no battery. Unlike a designer cup made by a fast food chain, the French press by Bodum does not add to excessive waste for a one-time satisfaction of a great pick-me-up. There are no styrofoam cups left over to pollute the landfills. The same filter is used with every cup. And because it requires no power, you can take this beauty anywhere!

So the next time you decide to get away to the mountains for camping, or sail over the bay or down the river, you can still find morning satisfaction with your favorite flavor of caffeine! When at a hotel, simply boil water in the microwave. On a boat or camping, a little portable stove or campfire will do.

For True Coffee Lovers

When a cup is made in a drip coffee maker, the water spends little time with any portion of the grounds. It lacks the depth that well -steeped coffee attains. With a drip maker, designing your own brand makes little sense, as the water really doesn’t absorb much of the flavor. However, with one of the best French press makers, the water steeps for several minutes, giving all the riches of the grounds.

In this instance, you may add a few different flavors, to make it all your own, every time. Some folks choose a classic roast and add a touch of hazelnut, or the decadence of a pinch of chocolate! After all, why should you limit yourself so early in the morning?

8 Cup or 34 Ounce Capacity

Do you ever enjoy just one cup – especially if it is truly delicious? Plus, how often do you have your partner or a friends join you for a cup of Joe? Probably pretty often! This handy little portable coffee maker produces up to 34 ounces at a time and allows you to make the coffee once for total enjoyment of several cups, unlike the little single serving gadgets.

With a drip maker, the pot sits on a hot plate, which actually burns the coffee and makes it bitter. Not so with a French press! The carafe retains the heat of the liquid it holds. The rich, full -flavor remains just the way you like it, without being a slave to the coffee maker.

Stainless Filter

So, how does the Brazil French press make such a perfect cup? The secret lies in the filter. Using stainless steel, the coffee retains its full flovor. In a drip maker, the paper filter absorbs the taste and releases its own unpleasant additives. The stainless filter is used as many times as you prepare a carafe of coffee.

There is no need to buy stacks of filters, or find storage for them in your cabinet, and this saves you money to boot. You can also feel good about reducing waste in the landfill, as opposed to the individual -use coffee makers, which are already causing serious issues. The components are easy to remove, rinse or deep clean and replace back into the carafe.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Durable, can be used for years.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean, disassemble and reassemble.
  • Provides a rich, flavorful cup every time.
  • Portable, and easy to take traveling.
  • Can be used to brew loose-leaf tea.
  • Less waste for the landfill.


  • Needs to be clean, for best results.
  • If knocked off the counter, it will break.
  • This cannot be set up the night before with a timer for the morning.
  • If you push the plunger too quickly, grounds will end up in your cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I reuse the coffee grounds for a second batch?

A. Not recommended, as the coffee would be weak.

Q. Does this work well for just a single cup?

A. Absolutely. Just add one -quarter the normal amount of grounds and water.

Q. What setting should be used to grind the coffee beans?

A. Course.

Q. Are spare parts available?

A. Yes, it is easy to order the beaker and the cross, special and filter plates.

Q. Should I grind a large batch of coffee at once and store it in the freezer?

A. Grind the beans as they are used. Do not store the beans or grounds in the freezer.


For an easy -to -make, delicious cup of coffee, the Brazil French Press is an excellent choice! It is one of the best French press coffee makers available. It can be taken anywhere, is easy to hand wash and is dishwasher safe. For those who are accustomed to beauty as well as function, the attractive piece adds to the decor of the kitchen. It is easy to order, easily shipped, and affordable to buy. If you drink coffee, you want this for your very own. And once you have it, you will wonder what took you so long, as you sip your first cup of pure perfection. Buy one today – you will be glad you did!