Bodum Brazil 8 -Cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34 -Ounce

With a minimalist and easy to use design, this Brazilian coffee press looks like it could fit right away into any coffee lover’s kitchen. While it may have a rather bland look, Bodum’s first ever coffee press, the Brazil, embodies a functional, easy to wash and clean kind of French press for everyday use by coffee enthusiasts.



On capacity, the 34 -ounce coffee brewer delivers 8 cups per sitting, therefore serving a maximum of 3 people with just enough coffee to nip their coffee crave. However, it could also be enough coffee just for one keeping in mind that some of us like our coffee in gallons and not sips.


The Bodum Brazil French Press is also fairly easy to handle regarding weight coming at only 1.2 pounds per unit. Experienced French press buyers have been cited saying that coffee presses, just like thermos flasks, are better heavier than lighter. Now while this should give us question marks on the validity of the Bodum, customer reviews laud this French press for its functionality and durability is thereby erasing such doubts.

Heat Resistance and Wash Ability

Again, the coffee maker has a handle and base which are both BPA-free and heat resistant. The carafe comes in a borosilicate glass, which is both heat resistant and dishwasher friendly. All parts of this coffee press are dishwasher friendly.


But the most amazing part of this French press has to be the 3 -part Stainless steel filter. This helps to extract just the right amount of fragrant oils and flavors from the French press so you can enjoy your smooth cup of coffee. Additionally, it has no paper filter, which saves us from all the waste. The make also has a patented lid that stops all your yummy coffee from spilling about as you prepare for that hot or cold brewed drink. As for color, this press comes in four varieties; black, white, green and red. At a starting price of $ 17 on Amazon, this French press is seemingly not only dishwasher friendly but is also pocket-friendly.

In a nutshell, the pros and cons of this French press are:


  • It makes delicious aromatic coffee; you will want to have that coffee over and over again
  • A 32 -ounce capacity makes for enough coffee to go round the table
  • It is also an advantage that the carafe is made of glass so you can see just how much coffee is remaining in there.
  • It’s really easy to use, with no extra dials, lights or fancy knobs
  • An easy -to -hold well -gripped handle makes pouring that coffee out a joy
  • It is superbly easy to clean and maintain
  • The fuse of borosilicate glass and plastic makes for an easy to handle the press, with limited fear of delicateness and breakage.
  • The stainless steel filter means you may never have to replace this on the grounds of rusting.
  • The 3 -layer stainless steel filter also means that you are assured of a smooth cup of coffee, with no coarse parts in your mouth.
  • It’s quite affordable


  • This coffee press has no clock, which is always a nice addition to have for your French press.
  • It also lacks a whistle, which is a classic for many coffee enthusiasts
  • It takes longer to prepare the coffee than later makes of French presses
  • There have also been complaints about the durability of this French press, with some past customers saying that it fell apart soon enough. Particularly the carafe part being made of glass makes the durability levels of the Bodum Brazilian that much lower because of the chances of breakage.
  • Again, that this French press is not double insulated may mean that you have to find a way to heat that coffee over and over again as it does not keep it hot.
  • Lastly, you may have to watch the lid when inserting the strainer as it tends to tilt and may dislodge if not carefully handled.
  • Again, though the weight is negligible, it may be indicative of this French press’ quality. Not trashy, but not premium either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have used other French presses, and the number of cups produced is datable from the packaging. How many cups does the Bodum give?

A: Bodum had a 4 -ounce cup in mind when they created this coffee maker, which therefore translates into roughly eight or 80 CUPS considering its capacity.

Q: Does the Bodum come with a good filtration system?

A: A perfect one actually. It comes with a triple filtration system that ensures the result is a smooth, full-bodied coffee. Also, The filters are easy to take out and return during cleaning.

All in all, the Bodum Brazil 8 -cup French press coffee maker is a good French press. It has managed to fuse functionality, simplicity, and excellent coffee with pocket friendliness. I would recommend this brand to any coffee enthusiast who would like that classic cup of smooth coffee at an affordable price, without all the fuss that comes with dials, lights and auto programmers.