Health concerns have grown over the past few years. All individuals are encouraged to eat and drink healthy foods and drinks. But how can one live a healthy life? Well, by eating natural foods and drinking directly from fruits without adding any chemical, you can say you are making real progress in living a healthy life. With that respect, we are going to look at Black and Decker Citrus Juicer a product that allows you to prepare your family juice in a matter of seconds.

The 32 -ounce capacity of this machine enables it to make family size juice with little operator effort. The standard size of this device allows fitting on its reamer to accommodate different types of fruits and vegetables. The design of a reamer allows reverse itself if the fruit juice if the process is incomplete. There are many things talk about this product, and that is why I want us to look at its
features one by one for more information. If you are planning to buy a juicer that will give you value of your money, then ready this review carefully.


Make easily squeezed, fresh juice

Are you enjoying fresh drinks especially juice? If you are the one like me, then this product is for you and me. Now with Black and Decker citrus juicer, you can make fresh juice at home for your family and friends. The design of the juicer is unique with a reamer that allows it to squeeze every drop of juice from the fruit. Reviews from people who have tried this machine indicate that there is no waste if you use this juicer because it rotates both clockwise and anti -clockwise to ensure maximum extraction of juice. In addition to this, the juicer has adjustable controls that can be used to customize the amount of pulps and inbuilt code storage that maintains the neatness. The motor of this machines stops rotating when you remove fruits from the cone thus helping you to conserve energy.

Clear view juicing container

The human mind is made up of many things. Sometimes you can be in your kitchen preparing your juice, but your mind is somewhere else. In this scenario, your mind can cause unnecessary mistakes. To avoid this, Black and Decker’s citrus juicer contains a transparent container or a clear view container that allows you to keep track of your progress. With this container, you can watch how your juicer squeezes.

Measurement marking

Are you alone in the house and you want to make one glass of juice for yourself? Or is your family small thus you need to make juice that equates to your family? Well, with this juicer you don’t have to worry because the juicing container of this machine has measurement marks that are easy so that you can keep track on the amount of juice you want and how much to squeeze. The measurement marking of this juicer can be read with an individual with little education. As a matter of facts, this juicer is best if you are using the juice for baking or drinks. Monitor the level of juice you make by following this measurement marking keenly.

Easy pouring spout

When it comes to selecting a type of juice to use at home, effectiveness and convenience are the two things that come first. With that in mind, Black Decker Citrus Juicer has an easy pouring spout feature that allows it to deliver effectiveness and convenience. Transferring your juice to a container so that you can serve it or store it is now made easier. If you embrace this machine, you can quickly move your juice from a juicer container to the other with easy. This and other reasons are the ones that make this product superior to its competitors in the market.

Pulp control

The market is full of juicers that claim to deliver amazingly, but when it comes to real usage, they disappoint you. The adjustable pulp control of this machine will not disappoint you since it allows one to regulate how much pulp you want your juice. The pulp is held in the pulp control area so that you can use the extra pulp in your preferred recipes. The juicer holds that a customer is a king and that is why you have total control in all operations using this machine.


  • The juicer is very economical and great option for citrus juicing
  • The juicer works well by squeezing more lemon juice than manual juicers
  • The juicer works perfectly for bulk grapefruits
  • The juicer usually holds a decent amount of liquid
  • Pouring is not an issue with this machine due to its easy pouring spout
  • Removing the pulp basket is very easy as compared to other juicers
  • Clean up is very simple
  • Speed is enhanced by this juice extractor


  • The slightest extra pressure will cause the machine to reverse itself thus causing longer squeezing times and fruits not fully squeezed.
  • Not likely to last longer
  • It warms the juice forcing you to stop it
  • Makes noise when iuicina
  • Easy to break

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does the juicer have an adaptor for smaller citrus fruits?
A. Yes. It comes with two adapters one for large oranges and smaller for grapefruits
Q. Are all parts of the juicer easy to disassemble and able to be washed by dishwasher?
A. Yes. All parts can be disassembled without a problem and washed in a dishwasher.
Q. How can I get a base to come off so I can pour the juice?
A. You need to hold the base with the sign of Black and Decker facing you and rotate the pitcher

Final verdict –

The product is a cheap option for citrus juices that works perfectly. With adjustable pulp control,
you can regulate how much juice you want. The juicer has integrated all crucial features to ensure you receive better and anticipated experience. Despite one or two drawbacks of this machine, it is still the best in the market. If you have been looking for a juicer that suits your needs, look no further because Black and Decker Citrus Juicer is here to help you get the kind of fresh juice you have ever wanted. Purchase this machine, and you will never be disappointed.