Hardwood floors are what exude class, elegance, and timelessness. However, you should always pay close attention to wood floor maintenance needs so as to protect your beautiful hardwood floor. The best way to make certain the durability of hardwood floor is to take a studious care in preventing spills as well as stains from scratching, damaging or discoloring your floor in any way. The best and fastest way of vacuuming is removing the surface dirt and dust before it gets walked into the finish.


Best Vacuum for Wood Floors

While cleaning the hardwood floor, you may be confused in choosing best vacuum for the wood floor which will suit your needs. Many brands of these vacuum cleaners are available in outlets and shopping malls.

Choosing the best vacuum could be a complex job. This article intends to give you the information on the top 4 vacuum brands. Perhaps, you are going to find the best brand for you.


This is one of the finest vacuum brands that are found on the market. The company has ever strived to provide quality products as well as quality services to customers. The obvious quality components of this Miele vacuum are its German design. They possess a track record for superior durable and quality product and are a perfect remedy for people who suffer from allergy. The two tough design, HEPA filtration, overall silence, and lightweight are some attributes that separate Miele form the rest of competition. If you are looking for the best vacuum in the market, then go for Miele; the best option.


This is another vacuum brand coming from Britain. It looks different, feels different and performs in quite a different way as compared to anything else from that British consumer has ever experienced. Dyson is going to change the way you are cleaning your home.

They have a trademarked innovation which delivers clean air without any loss of suction. By using such technology. Dyson is in a position of subjecting particles that it catches to 100000 Gs of force; it as well deposits small bits of a fragment of the non -suction robbing canister.

If you have ever heard of people discussing the Dyson Vacuum, then you must have heard them discussing the amount of dirt that the vacuum picked in the 1st few times that they vacuumed their floors. When you buy this Dyson, you are going to realize that its value and performance are incomparable.


This is another best brand of vacuum cleaner. They will amaze you with its awesome and high -quality HEPA vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is good for those who suffer from allergy as they have secured bodies which do not emit dirt fragments. This vacuum has a solid credibility for quality engineering. The high levels of quality design are what guarantee that Electrolux cleaner has a longer life span. This vacuum has been selling for almost 100 years. The main reason for the continued marketing is because of its quality designing.


This is another renowned vacuum brand in the market. The Hoover vacuum cleaners possess more than a century of skills for each model; the Hoover is developed to standard. Since 1908 when Hoover bought the 1st upright vacuum patent from Inventor James Murray. The Hoover business has continued to make quality vacuum cleaners, even though there are many companies which make vacuum cleaners today, this gadget has been synonymous with the brand. Selling of the Hoover consists of wind tunnel family vacuum, steam Vac deep cleaners and Hoover Bagels upright vacuum

If you are planning to get your hardwood floor vacuum for the house, ensure you choose from the above brands. Consider the following factors;

  • Maneuverability and the suction ability
  • Fewer damages to hardwood floors in the course of transition carpet to the wood floor
  • The added features of vacuum cleaner
  • Direction of exhaust
  • Pet hair suction


The days that you were required to invest in separate vacuums for tiles, carpets and hardwood floor are gone. With so many homes featuring different kinds of flooring, several companies have woken up to design multi -functional vacuum which operates on the surfaces with the same efficiency. Though there are so many myriad vacuum models that are available in several retail stores. You must always exercise caution when you are selecting the best ones for your needs. Consider the above factors and the vacuums so as to get you the best one.