Best Push Mower

Summertime brings the sunshine, cookouts, outdoor fun, and inevitably, yard work. Nothing says, “Welcome Summer!” like a beautifully manicured lawn. Depending on the equipment you choose to get the job done, this can be a cumbersome task or a quick and easy process. Having the right push mower can make all the difference and can leave your yard looking like you hired a pricey, professional lawn maintenance service. Making sure you pick the right push mower for the job is essential to getting the results you want, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your beautiful yard.


Let’s take a look at some of the best push mowers on the market:



This sturdy, classic -design model is manufactured by the Great States / American Lawn Mower Company, a company founded in 1895 with the sole purpose of designing and producing the most efficient push mower possible. This model is especially useful for cutting the “cooler season” grasses like fescue, bluegrass, and rye. It delivers a clean, razorlike-precision cut for most types of turf grasses. In fact, to ensure that their product delivers a perfect cut, each push mower produced by the American Lawn Mower Company is tested by cutting a piece of paper that measures 1/3000 of an inch in thickness, a great deal thinner than even the most delicate blade of grass.

Even when dealing with unusually tall grass, this push mower can speed through the job where a motorized mower might be bogged down and require re -starling and possible the added work of trimming the grass before mowing, depending on the capabilities of the power mower.

The American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Push Mower features an adjustable cutting height of .5″ to 1.5″ and a 14 –inch cutting width. Other premium features include:

• High -impact, 8.5″ polymer wheels which feature integral, molded tread for endurance and smooth performance.
• A triple -sectioned, adjustable roller; a three -spider, single -blade reel, a bed knife blade, and an alloy steel reel.
• Plastic grips cover the sturdy, zinc -plated mower handles for comfort and no -slip safety grip.
• Lightweight, 19 -pound design.

Consumers who have purchased the American Lawn Mower 1204-14 have overwhelmingly given it positive reviews and five-star ratings. They report being pleased with the push mowers ease of use and precision performance. They like the fact that it maneuvers corners easily, and that it is easy for almost anyone to use. Customers are happy with the affordable price and the easy assembly of the American Lawn Mower 1204-14 model.



This push mower, also manufactured by Great States / American Lawn Mower Company, is built to last and delivers a performance that makes doing the yard work a pleasure rather than a chore well, almost! By utilizing manpower rather than gasoline or electricity, the American Lawn Mower 1415-16 eliminates both air pollution and noise, a rare feat in a world where modern machinery, no matter how harmful to the atmosphere, overrides such considerations in the name of convenience. This mower solid design and durability guarantee years of reliable performance.

The American Lawn Mower 1415-16 features several details that make I the perfect tool for lawn care, including:

• Settings to accommodate lawns up to 4″ in height (cutting adjustments from .5″ to 2.5″)
• 3 -position adjustable wheel height and an adjustable roller with four sections.
• Radial -grade tread tires on durable, 10″ cast iron, composite wheels.
• Generous 16″ cutting width
• Sturdy yet lightweight 25 -pound design for easy handling and precision mowing.
• Quadruple spider five blades and ball bearing reel.
• Tempered alloy steel blades and reel were secured in position by an unbreakable steel plate.

Consumers give the American Lawn Mower 1415-16 high marks for its low -maintenance design. Many of them are impressed that this model requires bearing lubrication and sharpening of the cutting blade only once per year. Users also like the fact that it is as easy to assemble as a child’s bicycle. One of the most popular points is that this push mower easily cuts Bermuda and other thicker grasses and weeds. The cutting blade chops the blades of grass to the perfect length for it to serve as a sort of mulch, making it beneficial to the health of the lawn. Positive reviews have even been left by the owners of golf courses who use this mower to keep their greens precision cut to regulation length.



Many people prefer the simplicity of a classic design combined with the performance of a much more elaborate and costly piece of equipment. That is exactly what the Great States 201-14 Hand Reel Push Lawn Mower delivers. Clean lines, no -frills, sturdy construction, and top -performing features at a great price make this model one of the top Great States favorites. This model is among the most preferred for work on sloping areas and uneven ground as its lightweight construction and handling make lawn care a breeze even in more challenging areas.

The Great States Hand Reel Push Mower boasts an impressive list of user -preferred features such as:

• Adjustable 3 -sectioned roller for cutting heights from .5″ to 1.5″
• Alloy steel bed knife blade and reel
• Durable, high -impact 8.5″ polymer wheels featuring molded integral tread
• Formed tension tube with steel side plates
• Lightweight but sturdy 20-pound design
• Convenient folding handles for easy storage
• Generous 14″ cutting width for quicker work
• Precision cuts on wet or dry grass

Consumers give the Great States 204-14 Push Mower great reviews and high ratings for ifs ease of handling and precision cutting, quick and uncomplicated assembly, folding handle for minimal storage space requirements, and excellent performance on any terrain. One very satisfied customer reported her pleasure with the fact that she could even safely mow her lawn while carrying her infant daughter in a baby carrier since there is no noise and no safety issues with this model! Talk about convenience! Many others have expressed their satisfaction with its easy maneuverability and with the fact that it is safe and easy for their kids to use mowing lawns around the neighborhood to earn some money. All reviews point to this being one of the easiest to use push mowers on the market.



The Great States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower holds a place among the elite of push mowers. One look at it’s state-of-the-art design tells you that this is no ordinary reel mower. Taking into account that most lawns are not the size of a postage stamp and therefore require a bit more blade space to get the job done promptly, this little gem provides just that. The 18″ blade on the 815-18 features a cutting area that is nearly 50% bigger than most other push mowers, with five razor-sharp blades instead of one. The streamlined design and extra -durable construction guarantee that this mower will deliver A-1 results for many years to come.

The Great States 815-18 assures premium results with this list of features:

• Adjustable cutting height from .5″ to 2.75.”
• Sturdy 10″ ball -hearing wheels
• Powder -coated loop -style handle grip finish for comfort, safety, and protection against rust
• Impressive 1.5 -foot cutting blade width
• Five premium quality, heat -treated alloy steel blades for longer -lasting sharpness and extended performance
• Easy to handle yet sturdy 28 -pound weight
• Radial tread tires for durability
• Ultra -easy, 4 -bolt assembly

Consumers report that they are especially impressed with the performance and life span of the Great States 815-18 Push Reel Mower, indicating that no special maintenance was needed even after extended periods of non-use.
They are pleased with the fact that the sturdiness, excellent -quality radial tread, and ball -bearing design of the mower% wheels eliminates vibration during use.

Several satisfied customers have also expressed their surprise and pleasure with the fact that this mower does not leave significant markings on the lawn after use, such as lines or unevenly –cut areas like most heavy gas or electric -powered mowers do. And due to the extended size of the blade area, mowing bigger lawns is a breeze.



The Great States 304-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower features a classic, simple -to -operate design for fast yard work with beautiful results. In keeping with the traditional idea of manicuring a lawn with little fuss and minimal effort, this model is lightweight and precise.

It delivers a razor-sharp cut so that lawns are left uniform and healthy as well as pleasing to the eye, with no backtracking or do-overs necessary. Uneven or sloping terrains are no problem for this push mower. It is lightweight enough for easy maneuverability and sturdy enough to remain in place so as to get the job done.

The Model 304-14 push mower boasts some impressive features, including:

• Zinc -plated, corrosion -resistant handles with plastic grips for safety
• 10 -inch composite wheels
• 14″ cutting width
• Adjustable cutting height from 1″ to 1.75.”
• Five blades, three spider ball bearing reel constructed from alloy steel for scissor-like precision cutting
• Radial rubber tires provide increased traction on all terrains
• Hard enamel finish looks attractive and protects against corrosion and rust
• Simple, fast assembly that requires no tools


Once you’ve decided to purchase a push mower, there are several factors you will want to take into consideration to make sure you choose the one that is just right for you:


The primary consideration when preparing to buy a push lawn mower is the type and size of the yard(s) it will be used to mow. You will want to keep in mind that any reel -type push lawn mower operates solely on manpower. As long as you are willing to do the physical labor, and if you like the idea of using equipment that doesn’t utilize gasoline or oil and therefore doesn’t create exhaust (read: pollution), then a push mower is perfect for you.
Reel push lawn mowers are available in a wide variety of cutting widths. This will determine the swath of each path you can mow. The greater the cutting width, the wider the swath and the less time the task will take.

This is usually a primary buying point, however, of you will be using the push mower on a smaller size yard, or one that contains obstacles such as trees, flower beds, and other stationary objects, you may want to consider buying a push mower with a smaller cutting width for easier maneuverability and precision when cutting around these objects. Of course, there is always the option of combining the use of the push mower with a weed eater or other trimming instrument, but this creates additional work.

Reel -type push lawn mowers can also be used on larger lawns with no problem, as long as the user is prepared to put in the physical work necessary to get the job done. Many people prefer the use of a push mower because they are quiet, unlike gas- or electric -powered mowers. This is especially a concern where neighbors are close by and if you are an early bird who prefers to get yard work done very early in the day. A push mower is a perfect choice to avoid disturbing the neighborhood with early -morning noise.

For those who have kids who like to get out and earn some extra cash by offering lawn mowing services, a push mower is an ideal choice. Safer, cleaner, and easier to use than their mechanical counterparts, push mowers are easy to transport from place to place and, with just a bit of initial instruction, can be used by older children and teenagers with relative ease.


Push mowers can be found in nearly every price range, depending on their features and quality of workmanship. If you are using your push mower on a small area without challenging terrain or obstacles, then a basic model will likely suit your needs. If your yard is larger, thicker, with various types of grasses, slopes, hills, etc, then you will want to invest in a good, solid push mower that comes equipped with more than one cutting blade, durable tires, and a variety of cutting height settings to accommodate the different areas or types of grass being manicured.

If storage space is a concern, look for a model that has folding handles for compact, easy storage that will require a minimum amount of space. Take the time to make certain that the model you choose requires very little upkeep, such as oiling of the wheels/ball bearings and cleaning and sharpening of the cutting blade(s). A good quality push mower will be able to be stored away and then taken out the following season and used without a great deal of maintenance.

For regular lawns, a single -blade push mower should be sufficient. For larger lawns, or for those who are prone to the growth of various types of more aggressive grasses such as Bermuda, fescue, ryegrass, etc., a push mower with three to five blades is recommended. The rule of thumb is the more blades a push mower has, the more costly it is, but this type of mower is necessary in order to effectively maintain any lawn that is susceptible to these types of grasses, as they can be too thick and difficult for a single -blade model to handle, resulting in an uneven cut and dulling of the cutting blade.

Push mowers can be found in styles from the most basic metal frame and simple blade to tempered steel alloy models for longevity and preservation of cutting blade performance with only annual sharpening required. The price will depend on the type of push mower suited to your needs; it is advisable to do some research before making your purchase. Shop around for the best prices, look at reviews for various manufacturers and models, talk to a reputable sales outlet and ask for recommendations based on your specific needs.


Push mowers are among the easiest types of lawn mowers to use, providing that one is willing and able to invest the sweat and energy into using them. When shopping for your push mower, keep in mind who will be mowing the lawn, at least for the majority of the time. Most push mowers are lightweight and manageable enough for even young teens to be able to use them, so size and weight of the equipment is not usually a concern. Height can be, so you may want to check the overall height of handles and look for a model that allows for adjustment. A good push mower will be easy to navigate for most anyone.

One gentleman, a gentleman, disabled in military service, indicated in his review of the push mower he purchased that he was extremely pleased with the ease of use, even given his handicap, and how happy he was that this made it possible for him to maintain his own yard, allowing him his independence as well as providing a safe and effective means of exercise in the process. There have even been reviews left by busy moms who were ecstatic to discover the ease and convenience of being able to cut the grass while carrying their babies in carriers! It simply doesn’t get much easier than that! Looking for a particularly lightweight, compact model when shopping for a push mower will make the job easier under any circumstances, for anyone.

Another consumer wrote about purchasing a push reel mower for his father, an elderly gent who was fiercely independent and who insisted on caring for his own lawn as much as possible. His father had been accustomed to using a push reel mower as a boy, so the son purchased a good -quality push mower for him that was easy to use and kept the lawn up to his father’s standards. About once a month the father and son would spend a pleasant weekend afternoon doing yard work together when the son would give the yard a thorough mowing with a motorized lawn mower while his father did the edge work with a weed eater. Afterward, they would set up the grill and have a cookout.

It had become something they had both come to look forward to, and If the push mower is used by younger folk (aka the kids), this can also be taken into consideration depending on their age, size, physical abilities, etc. Push mowers are an excellent choice for introducing kids to activities like lawn care. They are generally easier to maneuver and much safer than larger motorized mowers. They are also perfect for use by industrious young entrepreneurs who want to spend some time earning money mowing lawns for neighbors. No noise, no gas cans to carry around, and easy to use even on hills and uneven terrain. The kids might just surprise you by doing the yard work all on their own, without being reminded a half dozen times! The right mower, one they don’t have to do battle with, can actually make it fun for them.


This means the height at which you will want to maintain your lawn, and also what you want to be done with the clippings themselves. Cutting a lawn too short can cause damage to the grass, resulting in brown patches on your lawn when the hot sun and dry weather burn up your once -healthy grass. This occurs when it is cut too close to the ground and becomes unable to get the necessary moisture and nutrients. You will want to choose a push reel mower with an adjustable cutting feature so that you can choose a setting that will cut your grass to a uniform and healthy height.

Depending on factors such as soil type, climate, precipitation, etc., where you live, the best height to keep your lawn trimmed to can vary greatly, but experts recommend that no lawn be trimmed to a length of less than 1″ in height. The other consideration is the size of the clippings the push reel mower will produce. If you choose a model that provides a longer cut, the grass can be raked up from the lawn after mowing and discarded. If you choose a model that creates shorter clippings, these can be left on the ground to provide a healthy mulch for your lawn. Due to the design of these mowers, they do not usually come with an attachment available to collect the grass clippings, as some motorized mowers do. However, choosing one that creates short, choppy clipping is a great idea for eliminating extra work by having to clean up longer leavings and for doing something good for your lawn by using the shorter clippings to nourish it.


Do you want a nice quiet lawn mowing experience, with the minimum amount of noise? Look for a push reel mower with zero metal -on -metal contact. That clicking sound that can be heard when some push mowers are in use is caused by the blades coming into contact with the cutter bar to some extent or other (the more contact, the louder the sound). A well -designed and built push reel mower will have no contact between the two, even if the blades miss the cutting bar by only a few millimeters, This makes for a totally silent cut. It is ultimately better for the mower itself as over time the contact between the two components can result in damage, dulling of the blades, etc. This will affect performance and will eventually require the replacement of the mower.

Be aware, however that there are some mowers whose design has the blade making a small, harmless bit of contact with the cutter bar. This will result in a quiet ‘clicking’ sound as the mower reel rotates while cutting the lawn. This type of contact is not harmful to the mower, and the sound is not loud enough to be annoying in the least. Make certain the blades are aligned properly to avoid any issues which could damage the mower. Research models you may be considering purchasing to make sure this is not an issue. Ask a salesperson to recommend a model that will meet your specifications in this area. While there are those who prefer a push reel mower with the light sound so that they know it is working properly, most opt for a silent experience with lawn cutting.


Depending predominantly on what part of the country you live in, the ground can be rough and uneven or smooth and flat as glass. This can present a problem if you are dealing with the former type and you choose a substandard reel push mower model. Take note of the type of ground you are working with when you are looking for a good reel mower. For lawns that are on flat land with little or no rough, hilly areas, a small, lightweight mower will work great. However, if you are in an area where the land is less than even and is going to give any mower a run for the money, then you will want to invest in a more sturdy model that features wheels with good tires and a strong, reinforced steel side plates and tempered cutting blades.

Look for a model that will be able to handle the job without damage or undue wear and tear. If you attempt to use a reel mower that is unsuitable for that type of work you will end up with a shabby –looking cut and a damaged or broken mower. Depending on the actual amount of unevenness of the lawn you are working with, a push reel mower with multiple blades may be necessary to provide good results.


Some people choose to have a small arsenal of lawn care equipment, and a push reel mower is only one of the tools they use. Often there is a motorized lawn mower which is used for cutting when the lawn becomes full and requires a more thorough cutting, a weed eater for edge work and trimming, and a reel push mower to keep the lawn neat and manicured in between full mowings.

If this is how you will be caring for your lawn, then a primary reel mower will do the trick. A simple, single -blade reel push mower will be able to keep the central part of your yard looking great with just a quick touch-up occasionally. Choose an easy to use, easy to store model that will require only minimal maintenance such as blade sharpening and your lawn care regimen will be a natural process with perfect results every time.


Reel -type push lawn mowers are an asset to the atmosphere in that they don’t emit pollutants into the air like motorized models do. They are safer for use due to their overall design and performance. They are an excellent source of exercise for those who choose them over conventional lawn mowers. The Great States/ American Lawn Mower line of push reel mowers has more than 120 years worth of experience and excellent reviews to it’s credit. With this track record choosing a reliable mower is easy.

It’s refreshing to see that a product with a simple, uncomplicated design is still so effective and sought-after today. With just a bit of research choosing, the right one for your needs is easy, and your lawn will look fantastic all the time!