Best Masticating juicer

The VonShef Juicer.

The VonShef Juicer is one of the best masticating juicer available in the market produced by the DOMU Brands LLC. Apart from being of high performance, it’s stylish and prepares for you the best recipe for your breakfast. It makes quality juice, and it is easy to use. You can make it different juices such as lettuce, ginger and grape juices. It’s available on Amazon at a price of $57.96, and the shipping cost is free. The VonShef Juicer has been specially designed to possess the following critical features.


Powerful motor

The first important feature is the power rating of its power motor. The VonShef Juicer has an impressive power rating of 700W. This power motor is efficient on performance while producing low noise. It is much quieter that most of the other models of juicers available in the market.

Robust stainless steel blades usually function at very high speeds to cut and veg your fruits into very small pieces. The centrifugal force generated then extracts the juice content by pressing the pulp through the mesh filter. This feature is especially desirable when you want to work in an environment that has the minimal noise while desiring quality juice for your breakfast or any other meal. The fast speed also saves much of your time.

Ease to assemble

It comes in the form of numerous removable parts whereby you are required to assemble them before using the machine. These removable parts include the juice collector, blade, transparent blade, an extra -large transparent 700z detachable pulp container, plunger, and the cleaning brush. Each of these parts is designed to produce the highest quality juice whenever it is used. All these parts are dishwasher safe to ensure that you are not accidentally injured during the washing process. T

he machine can only work if the user has correctly assembled it. This ensures that accidents related to using the machines do not occur. Please ensure that all these parts are available and assemble these parts correctly by following the directions in the instruction manual.

Excellent Design

The product is of unique and robust design with a strainer of stainless steel that gives it a beautiful jet-black body. The high-quality stainless steel finish and unique design that is sleek gives your kitchen a modern and stylish outlook that cannot be provided by other juicers in the market. The stainless steel coating is rust- resistant thus ensuring that your machine remains beautiful and lasts longer that any other juicer available in the market. This feature also ensures that your machine is lighter and its parts can work at very high speed due to their lightweight. Wherever this VonShef juicer is placed, it will definitely attract attention and the desire to use it to produce the best quality juice.

Ease to assemble

The VonShef juicer is easy to clean. Its parts can easily be detached from each other thus making it easier to wash each individual part easily. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe. It produces minimal fuss, therefore, convenient for juicing. Its approximate size is 16 by 15 by 12 inches. The machine produces minimal fuss. This is very convenient for those who desire to minimize waste production and the hardship associated with cleaning off large waste that is produced after using a masticating juicer. You do not need to worry about producing large quantities of waste material when preparing juice.

High speed

The VonShef Juicer has a two-speed impressive rotary dial. It lets your juice at about 14000rpm to 18000rpm. These are definitely very high rotation speeds compared to other electric juicers in the market. This is particularly perfect for both the hard and soft fruits. The large chute can process whole vegetables and fruits. It prepares juice from a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables measuring up to 3 inches in diameter. You, therefore, are spared the stress of slicing or pre-cutting your fruits or vegetables before feeding them into the machine. Technically, the VonShef Juicer does everything for you. You can, therefore, prepare your juice within the shortest time possible and with the lowest effort.


The VonShef Juicer has been voted as one of the best masticating juicers available in the market. The Great British Food Magazine voted the VonShef Juicer as one of the Top Juicers on the market today. To enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle, use the VonShef Juicer for positive results. It produces the best juice that can help you to shed weight, improve your general health and boost your fitness levels. Many customers are also giving positive feedback on the functionality of this product thus boosting the confidence about using it.


  • Stylish
  • can masticate both soft and hard fruits and vegetables
  • Rust resistant
  • impressive performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Produces minimal noise
  • Produces minimal fuss
  • Easy and safe to use
  • shipping cost is free


  • The produced noise may not be desirable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to peel my fruits such s oranges for juicing?
A. I think you should peel your oranges unless you like your orange juice bitter.
Q. How much does the VonShef Juicer weigh?
A. It weighs approximately 10Ibs
Q. Can VonShef Juicer be used to extract juice from berries without first grinding and pureeing them?
A. No
Q. What is the size?
A. About the same size as a big coffee maker.
Q. Can you juice wheatgrass?
A. sure, you can.
Q. Do I have to cut my carrots into smaller pieces so that my juicer can cut properly?
A. Cut your carrots into one to two-inch sections so as to easily handle and load them into the juicer.
Q. Can this work in India?
A. Yes, as long as you have the right electric setup or adapter.

In conclusion

The VonShef Juicer provides the most fantastic and fast juicing solution. You can be able to juice a variety of fruits and vegetables to obtain the best juice to desire in order to enjoy a happier and healthier life. It adds a stylish touch and modern look to your kitchen. Buy yourself the VonShef Professional Fruit Juicer to (or “intending to”) improving your general health and boost your fitness levels.

It will serve all your needs due to its unique feature not found in any other juicer in the market. If you find yourself undecided about which multipurpose juicer to buy, the VonShef Electric juicer is the best choice for you. Buy yours today at affordable prices and enjoy smooth and healthy juices.