Best jogging strollers reviews

1. Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller, Liberty


This jogging stroller from Baby Trend is just as comfortable racing on mud and gravel as it is steering through packed crowds. This jogging stroller is the one solution that all new parents are looking for. The front swivel wheel will allow maximum flexibility when you are walking and need maneuverability. You can secure the front wheel into a decent position when you need the jogger to be steady while you jog. You can easily toggle between walking and be running with a push of a button. It can’t get simpler than this. The handlebar of this jogger is ergonomically designed to give the parent a good grip on the jogging stroller. It is made of rubber and has good width.

This comes handy when you decide to take long runs at good speeds. You can fold the stroller into a compact fold within a matter of seconds. This feature is handy for parents who don’t want to waste time folding the jogging folder. You will need to press a trigger to fold the jogging stroller.

The jogging stroller is designed in a way that the baby’s comfort and safety is not compromised in any way. The seat of the jogging stroller is padded enough to give the child comfort and protection from shocks. The five-point harness system provides additional protection. The straps that surround the baby are padded to keep the baby safe. You can strap the baby simply. This will allow you to run at good speeds without disturbing the baby in its seat. The seat can be reclined into different positions within a few seconds. This will allow you to try different positions to make sure that the baby is happy. There is ample of space for storage of baby gear.

2. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Tropic


A stand out feature of this height adjustable jogging stroller is the size of its wheels. The stroller has big wheels that resemble the wheels of a bicycle. The main advantage of the large size is that very little effort would be required from your side while moving around with the stroller. The wheels will glide over small objects that could come in your way while moving on dusty roads or grasses.

The headwheel is a swivel wheel that can be locked. If you wish to shop around, then the swivel wheel makes it easier for you to take sudden sharp turns. And, if you wish to go for a jog then lock the swivel wheel for additional stability. It is very simple to fold the jogging stroller. You just need to pull out the two hooks on the sides of the frames and the press them towards the ground. This is all you need to do to fold the stroller. The storage basket is large enough to store your baby’s stuff and also some of your stuff. There is an additional parent tray that comes with to cup holders. This is a nice specification for you if you want to sip on your coffee while moving around with the jogger.

The adjustable canopy gives you the freedom to choose the canopy length on the basis of the weather. The five-point harness along with tethered straps will ensure that the infant is safe and sound. The seat of the jogging stroller can be reclined. This will give you the extra advantage to change the position of your infant if he is not comfortable. Additionally, the handle of the jogger is wide and padded with foam to give the parent an extra comfort. Also, the car seat can be detached from the stroller.

3. Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium


This travel system from Baby Trend includes a jogging stroller and the infant car seat. The front wheel is a lockable swivel wheel. You can choose to keep the swivel lock unlocked if you need to glide through tight spaces and packed crowds. And, in case you are ready for a good run then lock the swivel wheel for additional stability. The wheels of the jogger are sturdy and can be detached for a compact fold. The jogger can be installed easily. The footrest has reflectors that will you the freedom to take out the stroller even in the dark.

The infant car seat is huge, allowing a space of about thirty pounds and thirty inches. This space is enough to give your toddler enough room for comfort. The seat can be easily reclined to different positions. The push handle is padded for the comfort of the person who pushes the stroller. If you are sharing the stroller with someone else, then you have the freedom to adjust the height of the jogger according to your height. The stroller has an option to adjust it to four different heights. The five-point harness system and the tethered straps will keep the baby steady in his position and will protect him from any shocks.

In addition to the above features, the jogging stroller comes with a child and parent tray. The storage basket is huge, allowing you to carry all the stuff in the jogging stroller itself. The canopy can be adjusted. You can choose to keep the canopy as low as possible. There is an extra parent tray that has two cup holders. The infant car seat has a protective headgear and also detachable padded seat covers. The seat also has sunroof ratchets that will cover the infant from the sun and the winds.

4. Graco fast action Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Gotham


The jogging stroller is extremely lightweight and portable. It is the best jogging stroller for anyone looking to jog with comfort and ease. It weighs around 30 pounds, making it easier for parents to maneuver the jogging stroller. The seat fits into the jogging stroller with a simple click. The audio click will let the parent know that the seat is safely fitted into the stroller. The wheels of this jogging stroller are made of air-filled rubber. This gives the wheels the extra power to move over all kinds of terrains.

The stroller has a front swivel wheel, making it more versatile. This will allow you to manage through even the tightest lanes. You can take your toddler with you for a walk in the park or a shopping spree in the mall. The swivel wheel can be locked. If you wish to take a jog in the park, then just lock the front swivel wheel to make it steadier. What if you wish to go out with your baby, but the Sun outside doesn’t allow you. Then, this jogging stroller has a solution. The seat had an extra -large canopy which will give your child maximum protection. The multi-position recline will give you the option to try out different positions to keep your child happy and comfortable.

Folding the jogging stroller is easy. You just need to pull a strap to fold the stroller. Along with the child’s comfort, this jogging stroller takes care of the parent’s comfort also. There is a deluxe tray that has a smartphone compartment. It is visible to you while you leisurely jog in the park. You can also listen to songs while moving about. The storage basket is huge. There is an additional parent tray which has two cup holders. This jogging stroller will help you keep all your essentials as close to you as possible.

5. Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth


Parents looking for a jogging stroller that is comfortable and is also easy to fold will find this jogging stroller from Baby Trend as the best jogging stroller available. The infant car seat can comfortably accommodate a weight of five pounds to about fifty pounds. The seat has a height of about thirty inches so that the kid can have a comfortable ride in the car seat. This jogging stroller is ideal for new parents, who are frantically looking for ways and options to keep their new-born happy and safe.

The handlebar of the jogger is adjustable, giving you the freedom to adjust the height of the jogging stroller according to your height. Also, if you will share this jogger with your partner or someone else, each one will have the freedom to adjust the height according to their needs. The seat can be reclined to different positions. The parents can be sure that the baby will be comfortable and safe in the infant car seat.

The infant car seat has protective head support. The head support is also cushioned to allow maximum comfort. The car seat is fixed and can’t be detached from the jogging stroller. The seat can be leaned to different positions as per the infant’s comfort. The seat is heavily padded. This will give the child maximum comfort. The padding is designed to absorb energy to provide the maximum child protection. You don’t have to worry about carrying your infant’s stuff in a separate bag because the jogger has a huge storage basket. The canopy has a peek-a-boo window to give you a bird’s eye view of your infant. An additional parent tray with two cup holders is also there.

Another advantage of this jogging stroller is that it allows one hand fold. You can fold the jogger easily with one hand while keeping your baby in the other hand. This is a good feature for moms who have to take care of the baby on their own, without much help.


Whether you wish to shed your pregnancy weight or wish to add some exercise to your routine, a jogging stroller will help you to involve your infant in the experience. As a parent, you can be ensured that the jogging stroller will keep your baby safe and comfortable, while you jog on bumpy terrains. There can be nothing better than involving your baby in your fitness regime. But, before you buy one for yourself, it is essential that you understand different kinds of jogging strollers. You need to get sure that you purchase the best jogging stroller that suits your requirements and lifestyle.

What is a Jogging Stroller?

A Jogging Stroller or Jogger is a three-wheeled baby stroller with a fixed or swivel front wheel. A jogging stroller is designed to allow the parents to jog and run when they take their child out. A traditional baby stroller poses limitations that don’t allow it to be used for anything else other than walking. A jogging stroller will have air-filled large tires and brakes that will allow you to enjoy a good run.

You also have the option to buy double jogging strollers. Such strollers allow two kids to be placed side by side on two infant car seats. This can be an ideal buy for parents who have twins.

Why should you consider buying a Jogging Stroller?

A professional runner would already know the answer to this particular question. If you enjoy jogging, then the best jogging stroller is a must for you as a new parent. But, if you are still in two minds if the jogging stroller is for you or not, then you need to understand what it has to offer to you.

As a parent, you will agree as to how cumbersome it can get to take the baby for a stroll. Traditional strollers are made up of heavy plastic. This makes the conventional strollers difficult to lug around and to fold. On the other hand, Jogging strollers are versatile, rugged and durable. These kinds of strollers are usually built with high -quality materials, which make them durable, steady and easy to use.

If you jog regularly, then these strollers will allow you to continue with your jogging while moving the baby around. You could jog in a park while enjoying some great time with your kid and also lose the pregnancy weight. Even if you don’t jog, you can enjoy the other benefits that a jogging stroller has to offer you. These strollers are lightweight, easy to carry around and take up very little space when folded. Additionally, they are easy to maneuver and are very versatile.

Features to consider while choosing the best jogging stroller:

A jogging stroller has many features to offer. While looking for the best jogging stroller that suits your needs, you need to consider the following features:

Front wheel

While choosing your best jogging stroller, you need to pay particular attention to whether your front wheel is fixed or swivel. The choice of the front wheel plays a vital role in determining how much control you have over the baby stroller.

Fixed front wheel

The front wheel will be locked or fixed in a single position. A fixed front wheel is quite similar to the rear wheel of your bicycle. An advantage of a fixed front wheel is that it is quite large as compared to the swivel front wheel. This allows the wheel to quickly roll over on off-road areas.

The fixed wheel makes it a little difficult for the parent to move around the jogger in tight places. But, if your primary concern is your fitness, then you can consider buying a fixed front wheel. This wheel allows you to move easily over uneven terrain. Most parents who run marathons are serious about every day running prefer this kind of wheel structure.

Swivel front wheel

A swivel wheel will make your jogging stroller more versatile. It is similar to the front wheel of a bike. If your jogging stroller has a swivel wheel, you will find it very easy to maneuver the stroller through tight spaces. This gives you a choice to take the jogging stroller to just about anywhere in the city.

While buying a jogging stroller with a swivel wheel, it is important to check the wobble in the wheel. In the past, most strollers with a swivel wheel suffered a wobble when running at greater speeds. This can make the wheel lose balance and could even pose serious dangers to the baby. Professional runners often found this troublesome, but now many jogging strollers come with a swivel wheel that has a lock. A swivel wheel with a lock mechanism is an ideal combination for the runner.

You can use the swivel wheel without the lock while moving in tight spaces. But, if you wish to run or jog, you can turn on the lock. This will fix the wheel in one position, similar to a fixed wheel. This way you can enjoy the benefits of a fixed wheel even while using a swivel wheel. A simple lock can help you switch between the two combinations.

Wheel size

The wheel size is also an important criterion when considering the best jogging stroller. The rougher a terrain, the bigger should be the wheel size. But, if you are looking to use your stroller only on flat surfaces in the city, then a smaller wheel size will be better because the larger the wheel size, the less portable the stroller becomes.

You should choose the wheel size depending on the terrains you are expected to encounter.
– 12 inches wheel (a wheel with a diameter of 12 inches): This size is perfect for sidewalks, pavements, and various shopping centers.
– 16 inches wheel: This size is suitable for individual light off -roads and also concrete roads.
-20 inches and more: This size is apt to use the stroller on any kind of terrain. If you wish to take your jogging stroller on sand, bumpy road, cracks and uneven surfaces then this size is the most suitable for you.


You should also understand various kinds of handlebars to get the best jogging stroller. There are two types of handlebars available for jogging strollers.

– Adjustable handlebar
– Non-adjustable or fixed handlebar

As the name suggests, the height of the adjustable handlebar can be adjusted. If you have a height that is too short or too tall as compared to the average height, then you might want to get the adjustable handlebar. Also, if you share the jogging stroller with someone else who has a different height than yours, then also the adjustable handlebar is better. Otherwise, the fixed handlebar is considered better, especially for those in the serious running.

Adjustable handlebars can suffer from slight unsteadiness. If you use the jogger for a walk or casual jog, this unsteadiness won’t bother you. But, if you are into serious jogging and running, then this could bother you. A fixed handlebar would offer you more stability and better grip.

Jogger’s seat

It is one of the primary concerns of the parents that the seat of the jogging stroller should be comfortable for the baby. If the baby is healthy, even you can walk or jog leisurely, thus solving the purpose of the jogging stroller. You should examine the seat before you decide on the best jogging stroller.

You should look at the following features while deciding whether the seat is right for your baby or not:

– Reclining: A reclining seat helps the baby to be more comfortable. A reclining seat has more surface area, which helps it to protect the child from shocks. There are a few jogging strollers that allow the seat to be reclined to different positions for the baby’s comfort.
– Padding: You should check the padding on the seat. Seat padding is required to give the child comfort and protection. The best jogging stroller will have a seat that is heavily padded or has a padded cover.
– Harness: A safety harness is a prerequisite for a jogging stroller. When you are busy jogging or running, your baby should be safe. A five-point safety harness structure keeps the baby strapped to the jogger’s seat. You need to make sure that the straps can be easily adjusted as per the baby’s comfort. Many jogging strollers have padded straps to keep the baby more comfortable during the walk or run.
Make sure that the harness system is on point before you decide the best jogging stroller to buy.


Jogging strollers are bigger as compared to the traditional strollers. When you fold the jogging stroller, it will take up more space. This could be a concern for many people, especially who don’t have too much space for storing the jogging stroller.

Most brands of joggers use one of the following two folding methods:

– Folding Mechanism: In this mechanism, the jogger can be folded with just a pull of the lever or a push of the button. More advanced jogging strollers use the quick-fold technology. With the guidance of this technology, you can easily use one hand to hold the baby and use the other hand to collapse the stroller.

– Compact Folding: If space occupied by the jogging stroller when not in use is your main concern, then this is for you. A jogger that uses compact folder requires little more efforts, but the fold is much more compact.

This mechanism allows you to remove the wheels and store them separately. But, such joggers would require you to use both hands. You won’t be able to hold the baby in one hand and use the other hand to fold the stroller. You will be required to invest more time and efforts to fold your stroller.


Storage is also an important factor while deciding on the best jogging stroller. When you take your baby out, you mostly bring along various baby items with you, such as water bottle, diapers, towel, wipes, and food. A good storage compartment on the jogging stroller will help you to store all the stuff conveniently in one place. You can avoid carrying an extra bag for the baby’s stuff.

Different jogging strollers will provide you with different storage options. You should access your requirements carefully while deciding on this factor to get the best jogging stroller.

– Most jogging strollers come with a storage basket that is placed below the baby’s seat. The basket could be covered with a mesh or could be open at the top.
– Some jogging strollers have a pocket behind the seat. This pocket can be utilized to store your stuff, such as mobile phone. You will be able to reach the pocket conveniently while walking.
-A few jogging strollers provide another storage option. In addition to the basket and pocket, they have a small pocket on the canopy. This can be used to store small objects, such as the car keys.

Rims and spokes

The inside of the wheel has the rims and spokes. They allow the wheel to maintain the round shape while rendering support to the weight of the jogging stroller. These spokes and rims are either made of metal or plastic.

Metal rims and spokes: The metal spokes are very basic in their design, but they help the wheel to provide the baby with an extremely smooth ride. You might get spokes made of a mixture of various metals. But, these spokes can rust quickly if not taken care of. The best quality metal spokes are made of stainless steel. These spokes don’t rust, even when they are exposed to water or humid environment.

Plastic rims and spokes: Plastic can be molded into various shapes. Therefore, rims and spokes made of plastic look more beautiful because of their unique designs. If you wish to buy a jogging stroller that is very lightweight, then you should consider spokes made of plastic because plastic has very less weight as compared to metal. On the other hand, plastic talks are less durable and are prone to scratches.

You can consider plastic spokes if you wish to use the stroller for purposes such as walking and shopping. You can look for the metal spokes if you are more into fitness and need more durability.

Tire width

If you are taking the jogging stroller off -roads, then the tire width should be one of your concerns. You should look for wide tires if you used off -roads on dirty areas on a regular basis. If you would mostly stay on hard surfaces, then thin tires are better for you.

Tire Tread

As a serious runner, you might also want to check your tire tread. There are two types of tire treads:

– Bumpy tire tread: This will give a better grip on rough surfaces. This is ideal for you if you are very serious about your fitness.
– Smooth tire tread: This kind of tire tread allow better maneuvering in tight lanes.

Wheel reflectors

If you wish to jog after the dark, then you should look for wheels with reflectors. These reflectors will reflect light that falls on them. This will be useful for you if a car is approaching you. The lights of the car will be reflected by the reflector, letting the car driver know your exact location.


There are two types of brakes in a jogging stroller:

Parking brakes

The last thing that you want is your baby rolling away with the jogging stroller while you stop to catch a breath. Parking brakes on jogging strollers will help you to park the jogging stroller when you want to stop it.
Most joggers will have a parking brake that is operated by the foot. This is very practical as you can stop the jogging stroller with just a press of the foot.

Hand Brakes

Hand brakes are available only on joggers with a fixed front wheel. They are not a necessary function while choosing a jogger, but runners who run on uneven terrain might need hand brakes on their joggers. The hand brakes will provide you complete control over your stroller when running on steep slopes or hills. As the name suggests, these brakes are located on the handlebar.

You might skip the need for a jogging stroller with hand brakes if you intend to use the stroller only in the city park and surrounding areas. But, if you wish to purchase a double stroller, then the hand brakes can come handy to have full control over your jogger. Also, if you wish to do rollerblading while using the jogging stroller, then the handbrake is a must for full control.

Most runners prefer to have their handbrakes at the side of the handle so that the brakes don’t come in the way of your natural holding position.

Safety straps

Safety straps are loops around the handlebar that you can attach to your wrist. These safety straps will keep your wrists strapped to the stroller. This will eliminate the danger of the jogger slipping away. If your stroller has a handbrake, then you probably don’t need safety straps. You can also buy these straps later and attach them to your jogging stroller.


Your jogging stroller will have a canopy that will keep the baby safe from the harmful effects of the sun. You can choose a canopy that is fixed to the seat or the one that can be moved forward. You should choose the style depending on how sunny it is in your area. Make sure that you choose the best jogging stroller that has a canopy style that gives your baby the maximum protection.
Peek-a-boo window

This is located on top of the canopy. If your jogger has this facility, then you can view your kid while moving by just flipping over the flap from the window. In other joggers, you will have to go to the front of the jogging stroller to view what your baby is up to.

Final Verdict

As a new parent, it is essential that you spend your time and money in the best jogging stroller. You should understand your requirements before you decide to buy a jogging stroller. The best jogging stroller reviews discussed in this guide will help you to choose the best one for yourself. These jogging strollers have been carefully studied to make sure you get the up-to-date reviews.

We hope that this guide was able to educate you about various jogging strollers and their features. A thorough study of these features will help you to understand your needs and requirements. The best jogging stroller reviews will further help you to get the most suitable one for yourself.