How to Choose the Best HandHeld Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Cleanliness is next to godliness; the old adage states. This is especially true in our current society when it comes to personal homes, where guests never want to leave just based on the rooms comfort. With so much to do and so little time, being clean and the process of cleaning have become two different things. Walking around the house carrying a heavy stick vacuum, from room to room, looking for sockets, can be a really frustrating experience. Hence the need for better advancements in this great information age. This is where handheld vacuums come about.

Handheld vacuums are the ultimate technological improvement on the upright vacuum cleaner. They are light, portable and just as efficient as their domestic counterparts. Traveling with friends, family and loved ones can be hectic if precautions are not taken. They will accidentally spill drinks and snacks on upholstery and leave you to clean up the impending mess.


Eureka s premier handheld vacuum sets a precedence when it comes to portable cleaners because of its high-power suction. This suction is driven by two motors, with one serving as a brush and the other as a suction. It has a 20 -foot easy to wrap cord for extended cleaning that can stretch up to 3 times its length, with a power output of 5.5 amps. It also has an additional 23 feet stretch hose for cleaning upholstery and car interiors blissfully.

Eureka’s Easy -clean design and mechanism comes with a carefully designed crevice tool located at the end of the hose. This hose comes with the ability to conveniently twist bend in tight corners and edges. Thanks to its ability to perform relatively quick cleaning, it has been aptly nicknamed “Quick -Up”. One of its most unique features is its bag -less mechanism which guarantees an almost dust -less system. Eureka Easy clean has an on -board device tool and Riser Visor that works wonders on carpeted stairs. The built-in mechanism of the Eureka has been sturdily built but can be easily disassembled so as to perform regular cleaning. For users who are new to the cleaner, an instruction manual has been provided that does well to help in fixing and dismantling the attachments to the interior, which can be cleaned effortlessly.

This handheld and fully portable vacuum has a washable dust cup that goes 6 inches deep and is easy to wash, dry and maintain. The Eureka was built using long-lasting and durable materials, that are also environmentally friendly. It has a carefully crafted filtration system that ensures no dust leaks when the handheld nozzle faces downward. It is also fully portable, as it weighs only a mere 7 pounds with dimensions of 7 x 15 x 7 inches.



The Black & Decker Automotive Pivoting Vacuum is a revolution on its own that makes the art of cleanliness simple and efficient. This 12-volt powered vacuum packs enough power to pick up hardcore gravel, dirt and crumbs without hassle. It has a slim pivoting nozzle that lets you hand vacuum from all angles and conquer tight spaces. Its handy extended 16 -foot -long power cord ensures all around access when performing in-house cleaning.

This powerful handheld vacuum uses top notch cyclonic action, which makes its filters sparkling clean, in addition to the suction lasting longer. It has a one-step easy empty bag -less canister that handles messy clean-ups. This in turn guarantees you a dirt-free hands-on experience. Its convenient filter refresh knob ensures that stubborn debris are cleared off the filters to boost its suction power.

The handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a 3-stage filtration system, guaranteed to leave its users with a fresh air experience by preventing air from leaking out. It also folds halfway using its primary cord wrap tool. To top it off, it comes with a high-quality upholstery brush and crevice tool, combined with a compact and convenient storage bag. Black and Decker, which is known worldwide for its high value products also compliments this handheld set with a flexible hose and a solid dish washer safe filter. The vacuum cleaner comes as a definitely lightweight household requirement, only weighing 7 pounds. It comes in a visually appealing, yet simplistic design, with flexible dimensions of 14.3 x 7.3 x 6.6 inches. It has a low power consumption value of only 1200 watts. It is built using environmentally friendly material and was designed primarily with the constantly traveling consumer in mind. It can be used for cleaning cars, in-house closets and all-around stores and houses.



A world-renowned household name, Eureka presents The Eureka Bag -less upright vacuum. It comes with new premier advanced Airspeed Exact Reach technology. This is a uniquely crafted system that is specially designed without any turns, improper bends or loopholes. This in turn allows the vacuum to have proper ventilation. It has a relatively short dirt transfer path thanks to its well -designed direct air path. The Eureka A53008A comes with a floor nozzle that has a 5 -setting height adjustment switch, enhanced with Eureka’s revolutionary “Smooth Glide Pivoting Base”, that is tailored to essentially maneuver around all types of carpets.

The Eureka handheld system has a deluxe 10 -foot stretch hose, sturdily built to ensure long distance cleaning of household sofas and upholstered furniture. Circumventing around deep stairs and upholstery is less than a hassle thanks to the handhelds special On -board Stair and Upholstery Turbo Nozzle. One of its stands -out features is its unique crevice tool, washable dust cup filter and dusting brush that guarantees total dirt expulsion through powerful suction.

The Upright vacuum cleaner has an efficient allergen filter tailored primarily for allergen and dust elimination. It has a multi -cyclonic dust cap system that is immune to the process of losing suction. This further ensures that the vacuum thoroughly maintains power throughout your vacuuming schedule. It has a lengthy 27 -inch cord with dimensions of 13.5 x 12.5 inches’ x 43.5 inches and weighs a mere 14 pounds. It has a wide 38 -foot total reach system including a 10 -foot stretch hose. It has a minimal power consumption level which inadvertently saves on energy costs in the long run. Eureka’s handheld vacuum is sturdy, rigid and lightweight ensuring a great hands-on user experience. It successfully combines an aesthetically appealing design, portability and easy storage capabilities with an overall minimal impact on the environment.



The Hine ken Dc handheld is a high-quality vacuum utility that doubles up dry, wet and damp application support. This in addition to its special two function combination sequence makes it among the prime in its field. The portable car cleaner has an extended 14 -foot power cord for easy access with a deluxe accompanying carry bag. It is specially made for car and automobile cleaning, which includes floor mats, front and back passenger seats, boot compartments and tiny sundry. It has a unique Hypalon filter that can be easily dismantled by hand when it requires dirt disposal. This is essential for the cleaner to perform and retain cleaning levels at maximum results.

It’s nozzle and filtration system have been enhanced with high suction power for extensive cleaning especially around interior car corners, trucks and Small Utility Vehicles. It’s one of a kind wet and dry applications are purposely built to suck and absorb major types of accidental spills. This, in addition to its ability to clean dry stains using a simple switch further enhances its superior ability to perform.

The Hine ken is transport friendly, due to its sturdy, portable design that is also wall -mountable. It was designed with the travel enthusiasts and mobile worker in mind thanks to its light weight carrying capacity of only 2.3 pounds. It is a visually appealing high value handheld with dimensions of 14.6 x 5.3 x 4.7. It is also a low power, direct current consumption device that only uses 106 watts or 12 volts of your car battery output. It is also guaranteed to run for a long time thanks to its power saving functionalities. The Hine ken Dc Vacuum is among the top best vacuum brands that ensure smooth a cleaning experience and has been given a strong rating of 4.5 out of 5 on



Black & Decker’s revolutionary hand-held product comes sturdily built to ensure an overall solid feel and performance. It has tried, tested and reliable lithium ion technology, which has been proven to deliver long lasting battery life. Its power charging system has been professionally enhanced to charge, hold and retain power for a solid 18 months. The Black & Decker handheld enables its users to have a comfortable cleaning routine thanks to its on -board extension. This extension is reliable in that it prevents users from straining their back muscles when they are caught up in their cleaning regiments.

The portable handheld has a slim 360 -degree nozzle that rotates depending on the application being attended to. It has a fully detachable and washable bowl with built in filters that ensure thorough cleaning. It comes with powerful cyclonic action and a high-quality filtration system that lifts stubborn dirt and filth effectively, while ensuring that its filters are clean. It packs a powerful suction system in addition to a variety of nozzle attachments for different types of cleaning actions. It has an economical energy conservation advantage thanks to its prime smart charge technology. This technology was implemented to use up to 50% less energy when compared to others and will work wonders for average power consumers. The systems battery can be fully charged in 4 hours and has a low power voltage mechanism, using only 14.4 to 16 volts. The Black & Decker CHV1410L can be defined as one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners thanks to its efficient cleaning components and simple functionality. It is a top tier portable vacuum that was designed for average to power users in mind and has excellent performance for a low power consuming device. It has added value in its portability and lightweight measurements of 17.2 x 5.5 x 7.8 inches, with a minimal weight of 3.4 pounds.


Handheld vacuums are essentially a lifesaver in the modern world, where work and travel have become interdependent. They are required elements of cleanliness that should always find their way into the bags of travelers that demand constant cleanliness. However, owning a handheld and using it to the best of its abilities are two different things. Buying one requires prior knowledge of your needs and its capabilities. Here is a simple guide to what the best handheld vacuum should entail before purchasing one to fulfill your needs.

1. Cord Length

Some portable or handheld vacuum cleaners will come with a cord or be ultimately cordless. The length will be determined depending on the interior of the vehicle, household or office space that you want to clean. The cord will have to be long enough to reach its intended destination while still remaining connected to the socket. Different types of handheld vacuums have rigid, stronger and more flexible cords and this will be an important determinant in the selection process. Some vacuums have easy switch modes that allow you to rewind the cord effortlessly with just the touch of a button. Limited handheld brands also come with a cord release clip that permit you to free the complete cord in one instance as compared to the tiring one wrap at a time models.

2. Multi -purpose Cleaning

In case of multiple dirt -related issues, a multi -purpose cleaner might come in handy when compared to majority of vacuum cleaners. Multi -purpose cleaners are purposely created to effectively clean both dry and wet applications. This include liquid spills, stains and stubborn dirt patterns. This type of cleaners are the best handheld vacuum options for reducing overall cleaning regimens effortlessly.

3. Filtration and Ventilation System

Cleaning tight spaces and car corners can be a hassle especially when moving around locations prone to strong winds and dust. Handheld vacuums work by drawing in dirt and air in while continuously exhausting air out. A poor filtration mechanism can spread unwanted irritants in the air that cause a bad reaction in the human nervous system. In addition to this, some consumers are prone to ailments and allergic reactions to dust and poor air quality. Asthmatic and Influenza affected domestic users should not get vacuums with common filters. Rather, a micron filter or HEPA FILTER would be better for such persons. The HEPA filter is especially made to trap almost 100 percent of pollen, dander, mold spores and dust thereby dumping them in the vacuum and creating a fresh air experience for the user. The various types of filter mechanisms are predominantly listed on the packaging of the handheld vacuums.

4. Voltage and Power Consumption Level

Every consumer has a relatively budgeted for power consumption scheme and this is an important factor when choosing a handheld. Specific vacuums come with low and medium, input and output power demands. Whether corded or cordless, with a charging system, it is detrimental to understand the power sources of your car, hotel room, household or office. The lower the voltage, the lower the charge on your electricity bill. However, in most cases, the lower the voltage also means a lower performance in some situations. Be careful to avoid Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) and lead acid battery power on handheld vacuums because of their proven lower performance. Lithium óIon technology designed batteries come highly recommended for the highest performance with the lowest energy consumption and effect on your power bill after charging.

5. Suction Power and Battery Recharge Time

Knowledge and understanding of battery power is essential as it will inadvertently determine vacuuming performance. Performance, in this case meaning total suction power and intensity. Some batteries will take up to 6 hours charging only to last less than an hour and this is a headache to regular cleaning enthusiasts. Suction power determines the agitation, air flow and the amount of intermediate filtration that will take place in the vacuum cleaner. Some manufacturers proclaim that the vacuum’s amps’ indication will determine the suction power. A correct assessment would be the corresponding level of air watts will determine the suction Dower that the said vacuum will have. In some cases. this will be indicated and determined by its battery

power. The highest quality battery will be made using modern and advanced lithium ion technology. Lithium ion batteries are known to demand and require the least time to charge to full power. They can take a mere 3 hours to fully charge and last up to ten times longer than average batteries. Nickel metal Hydride (Niamh) battery types also stand the test of vacuuming time by lasting almost an hour longer than others even when the cleaner is at maximum power.

6. Bagged or Bag -less Vacuum System

There are handheld vacuums that cater to users depending on their personal demands. Some cleaners come with a washable dust cup that ensue that the vacuum is always clean and dust free after washing. Some also come with a bag that can be detached for cleaning. Bag -less vacuums inherently relieve the consumer’s wallet due to the deduction of purchasing bags. They however demand more filters that need scheduled cleaning or replacing especially in the case of HEPA filters. Asthmatic consumers should buy the bag system because of the dust that the system will release while emptying the cleaner. Dirt bags are known to retain sticky dirt, grit and lint. They also leak dust periodically and are not very efficient when cleaning spills on wet applications. The bottom line is that bag -less systems are preferable to bagged ones, due to a certain amount of loss of suction power as the bagged one fills up. Depending on your cleaning needs, this is a personal choice that does not affect overall suction performance as that is best left to the vacuums power.

7. Weight and Portability

Traveling and moving homes requires a lot of planning and luggage. Constantly traveling with heavy household and car gadgets can be a bother and this is where the weight and portability advantage comes in. The best handheld vacuums should be able to handle constant movement, mishandling and storage. Choose lightweight, wall mountable and easily disassembled vacuums to lighten your overall workload and transport needs. The best handheld vacuum cleaner should be invariably less than 9 pounds for easy carriage. Choose their dimensions and sturdy material carefully for both optimum and maximum performance value.

8. Cord or Cordless System

Handheld vacuum cleaners come in two types, mainly cord and cordless power systems. The determining criteria to use when selecting a type depends on your location and ease of use. The cordless cleaner needs to be placed on its charger regularly between uses for recharge. If the intended location is in a car or other automobile, choose a cordless vacuum. As long as it has extensive battery power, it will be suitable for interior deep cleaning. It might however, become a problem when traveling by road when lacking special car charging attachments and cables. When you intend to clean household areas and are near a socket, a corded vacuum will be of good use. Make sure to regularly charge your cordless device as it runs on stored battery power which runs out after extensive usage.

9. Noise

Vacuum cleaners in general tend to have relative noise levels especially when switched on at maximum power. When living in a gated community, such noise can bring about complaints and disturbances from other neighbors. It is important however, to choose a handheld that outputs limited noise while still retaining high suction power. Handheld vacuums will also produce louder noise levels in rooms that are prone to echoes such as bathrooms with tiles. There are also various optional attachments and accessories that can be purchased to limit the noise of various handhelds. Be selective and choose wisely, of course depending on where you intend to use it.

10. Power Switch and Ease of use

Some handheld vacuums have a systematically placed trigger mechanism that need to be held down continuously as it ii is used. This can become tiring as it adds extra tension to the fingers. It is advisable to search for the best handheld vacuum that has an easy on and off switch, which is definitely preferable and user friendly to the hands.

11. Wall Mounted Charging Station

Some households are normally packed with furniture and other useful electronics that take up a lot of space. These electronics can be quite large. Since handheld cleaners are portable, they take up less storage space than their stick counterparts. This can make them hard to spot among other things in a compact household or car. They are also known to be more fragile because of their light weight offerings. This is where a wall mount capable charging or storage system comes to effect. Wall mounts work well to separate the portable vacuum cleaner from crowded furniture for safe -keeping, storage and flawless charging. They are either sold separately or in some cases come as a full package with the cleaner.

12. Price and Warranty

When it comes to price range, the best handheld vacuum cleaners do not differ much. However, the main distinctions will come from a variation of included attachments to selective brands. Established and well-known brands will cost more than others, but will also have better performance. Higher voltage and higher suction power vacuum’s will not be as cost effective. The best criteria for selecting a quality vacuum at affordable rates starts with the user considering the location, intensity and timing of its application. This will in turn guide the user to choose wisely according to his or her needs. Cordless vacuums will cost more than corded ones thanks to their portability and battery use. Multi -purpose vacuums that clean both dry and wet applications cost more than regular ones. Bag -less, longer cord and attachment rich vacuums will also have a higher price range. Some manufacturers also provide one- or two-year warranties to their handheld vacuums. It is advisable to select one that has a reputable warranty and servicing obligation to avoid future letdowns. Handheld vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration systems tend to cost a fairly high amount of money but are worth it in the long run. They are especially safer for users with asthmatic problems, however with proper research and determination, it is possible to find a cost-effective handheld vacuum.

13. Fall -Out Flap

This is the part of the bag flap that works wonders in preventing dirt from exiting the nozzle especially when faced downwards. This is to secure the nozzle when you are in between switching tasks or when storing the vacuum facing downwards.

14. Light or Deep cleaning

Handheld vacuum cleaners can perform light cleaning very well. However, in some situations like staircase cleaning, they need additions and attachments. Stairways normally have hidden corners and multiple railings, bends and turns which need special tools added to the nozzle. Choose a handheld that has a special crevice, dusting and stair carpet upholstery brush created for stairways and deep cleaning. There are also special attachments designed to remove pet hair, deep clean mattresses, dust ceiling and ventilation fans in addition to bookcase cleaning. Attachments that promote variable suction will surely help in deep cleaning delicate items such as drapes, sheers and nylon mats without damaging them. Since battery powered handheld vacuum cleaners are portable and maneuverable, they are best suited for deep cleaning purposes around our environment.