Have you have ever guessed that to find the best handheld vacuum for you could be a tedious adventure?

Hunting for one may need the effort of a friend. You may need such a small machine that is perfect for the old upright to reach. There are many considerations, tips as well as great factors that you are supposed to look at. This part gives you a guide to choosing handheld vacuum cleaners. This could be hard but right.


Finding an Ideal Handheld Machine

An ideal vacuum is the one which has suction power of the B52 engine, cordless and is easy to handle. You might have seen this as a short stop at a store as you browse over a couple of selection and trying to pick an ideal one before you go off to enjoy a dinner. As you go through the selection, you will realize each vacuum offers unique, special and different features. There are some handheld vacuums without and with bags, wet or dry options, cord or cordless, great for car interiors, with or without some attachments: the possibilities are endless.

Quick overview of some important features to consider

You should look at the following features:

  • Weight
  • Tank capacity
  • Cord
  • Battery life
  • Recharge time
  • Extra stuff


One of the main reasons as to why we purchase handle cleaners is because of its convenience. Fat pickups and hard to reach spots are what has made this cleaner favorite item among various households. You need to look for a vacuum which is comfortable and lightweight. You will achieve this by picking them and practicing to see the one that it feels more comfortable to use. If you choose a heavy one, you may consider picking a canister vacuum instead: it is going to be a lot more professional

Tank Capacity

There are various sizes of holding tanks which are available from model to model. This is a key selling point which is being used by most companies. The range is varying from brand to brand. Dyson is different from black and decker or the dirt devil hand vac. The variation between models of the same brand is going to be much different in the coming days.

You should be sure to purchase a machine which has a large capacity dirt cup and an easy access emptying.

Cordless or Corded

This factor might be too important, but it is crucial to consider. Remember, the main purpose of buying the handheld machine is for convenience. It will not be convenient for you to have a handheld vacuum whose handheld has a cord which you can wrap around your arm, chair or the table. Again, you should refer to the initial reasons as to why you chose a handheld so as to pick out the best type that suits all your needs.

Battery Life

As you choose the cordless vacuum, one of the conveniences is that there is no cord you will fight. Not all the batteries in the market are same: some can run for 45 minutes others more than that and others less than that

The wall mounting units are the most convenient that you should have when required.

Recharge Time

Usually, it will take a full day so as to find full recharge. This is the primary reason as to why you should buy one which has al longest run time per charge. If it is going to take 24 hours so as to charge entirely, yet you will only get 10-15 minutes to use them, time quality is not that high.

The Extra Stuff

Some of the units are offering some additional cleaning tools for upholstery, pet hair and wet and dry purposes. If you clearly know that you are going for a vacuum for the pet hair, then you should find the one with HEPA filters and brush which will help you deal with tougher messes. If you have small pets and you are startled by the loud noises, then you may consider getting a quiet model. Before you start, ensure you know your needs, so as to avoid shopping randomly.

Know Your Needs

The best way you can get exactly what you are looking for is to know the features that you need and those that you do not need. You should be referring to initial reasons that you had while you were deciding what you wanted at the handheld cleaner. If you are going to lose track on your initial needs, then you may end up buvina a machine which has cool features that you do not need actually.