Best Golf Range Finders reviews in 2019

Golfers are normally preoccupied sports persons. The game involves walking for considerable long distances on the golf course. This sometimes may be tiresome and can cause fatigue. Locating for golf balls, identifying fixed point coordinates and measuring yardage is another big challenge to this sports lovers. A golf rangefinder is a device designed with precision to assist golf players in determining accurate distance to certain desired fixed points on a given golf course.

This uses the global positioning system (GPS). Such coordinated fixed points may be hazards or the green. Golf rangefinder may be a standalone device for a particular purpose, or it may be installed as inbuilt software in another device that also incorporates GPS software. Different products models and brands are manufactured with customized features and specifications to suit different purposes and clients.

Five best golf rangefinder

a) Tec Tec VPRO500 Golf Range Finder


Retailing at $ 149.99, Tec golf range finder has the unique ability to measure a distance of 540 yards with a continuous scan mode. It boasts of a Pin sensor technology which gives it a swift measurement with an accuracy of 1 yard. This enables it to perfectly measure golf flags, wooded areas and dangers if any. This gadget can last for a very long time thanks to its water and dust proof body. Tech golf range finder is not difficult to carry around since it has a light weight of only 185g and measures 104 by 72 by 41. This makes it a walk in the park to have it while golfing or even hunting.

This superb gadget consists of a premium, ultra clear display which makes it easy to read the yards through the lens by providing crystal clear images. It can also be switched into a continuous measurement mode which is very superb. Another unique feature about this gadget is that it is easy to use such that anyone can comfortably use it to measure yards without complications. To ensure easy and quick set up this golf rangefinder comes with a complete rangefinder package together with its own bag to carry around.

This great gadget boasts of a CR2 battery which has a long life hence saving you the hustle of charging it frequently. With a full year Warranty, one is assured of its high quality and replacement in case it gets faulty within this period, isn’t it just amazing! Apart from this, it comes with a tec customer guarantee. Cleaning and maintaining of this golf rangefinder have been made easier thanks to the microfiber cleaning cloth the gadget comes with. With a quick start guide, everything about this gadget is made very easy and enjoyable. This is one of the best golf rangefinders and is also affordable, so don’t hesitate to acquire one for yourself.

B) Bushnell Tour Rangefinder


With its Pin, Seeker Technology Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder also has a jolt technology which produces a vibration whenever the gadget is locked onto the flag. This alerts the golfer that the Pin Seeker has been activated. Bushnell Range Finder boasts of single vertical operation with a 5x magnification thus providing clearer and bigger images.

This device has a compact ergonomic design which gives the golfer a stable grip hence enabling it to work perfectly. With a ranging performance of 10-1000 yards and 300 yards to flag. Bushnell range finder can provide a plus or minus one-yard accuracy. Isn’t this just incredible! With a two year warranty, one is assured of high durability and the trust that the manufacturer has on this product thereby top-notch quality. Bushnell Tour rangefinder is also a great investment since it has been certified for tournament play. This gives the golfer an upper hand to participate in such playoffs using it without any obstacles.

As one moves across landscapes, this amazing gadget can be switched to scan – a mode which will update LCD simultaneously. Since it comes with a 3 -volt battery, one can fully charge it and use the gadget in places where there is no electricity supply.

Bushnell Tour rangefinder comes with its own carrying case thereby making it easier for the golfer to carry around without worrying that it may drop and get damaged. It is also made of a durable waterproof body that ensures it lasts long even if it is used in rainy seasons. This gadget has a price tag of $ 199.00 on; therefore it’s very affordable to most golfers.

As a golfer who would love to participate in tournament plays with a great golf rangefinder, then Bushnell Tour golf rangefinder is the best deal for you.

C) Nikon 8397 Laser Rangefinder


With a compact design measuring 3.6″ by 2.9″ by 1.5″, this Nikon ACULON rangefinder is easier to carry around. It also boasts of an uncluttered crystal clear screen displays ranging in 1 meter per yard interval. This device is easy to use due to its single operation button which can take measurements instantly on a single press of the button.

Nikon ACULON rangefinder is highly durable because it is water resistant. This enables a golfer to use it outdoor even during the rainy season.

This golf rangefinder uses a single CR2 battery, with the battery compartment easy to open thereby easy to change the batteries while playing on the field. Also unique to this golf rangefinder is the ability to show the farthest target when pointed towards some targets. Nikon ACULON golf rangefinder has a multilayer coating which gives a transmittance which is very high across the whole light spectrum. This reduces the loss of light through reflection thereby producing a crystal clear view.

This exemplary Nikon Rangefinder boasts of a high eye -point designed eye -piece, which enables one to still get a good view even with their glasses on.

The golf rangefinder also boasts of a 6x magnification and an objective of 20mm. Another great feature of this rangefinder is the fact that it automatically powers itself down if not put to use within 8 seconds thereby saving the battery life.

This rangefinder can measure both in yards and meters depending on which measurements the golfer wants. Since it is palm -sized, one can comfortably put on their necks or even put it in their trouser pocket. This Nikon ACULON rangefinder costs $ 154.99 on hence can easily be affordable for most golfers.

This exclusive Nikon rangefinder also boasts of buttons which can easily be accessed, and activation of the rangefinder only takes pressing of the closest button.

D) Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Rangefinder


Retailing at $235.00, Bushnell Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder is very light in weight. It only weighs 6.6 ounces. Therefore, it is easy to carry around without bulkiness. It can also perfectly fit on one’s palm without slipping. With an adjustable 5x magnification eyepiece, one can easily view between 10 to 1000 yards with 300 yards to flag and a plus or minus one-yard accuracy.

The gadget also has a Pin Seeker technology that gives off a pulse which is safe enough for the eyes. This golf rangefinder can give an ergonomic single vertical operation which makes it unique among other varieties. While in scan mode, this device can continuously give an updated LCD as one move across the landscape.

Depending on the golfer’s preference, this golf rangefinder comes in two colors; black or white. The gadget also can give instant measurements both in yards and meters thereby becoming quite effective to use in the golf course. Bushnell Tour Patriot Pack range finder has also been certified for tournament play thus it is the best deal for those participating in tournaments.

Coming with a premium carrying case, the range finder is always safe since it cannot get damaged if accidentally dropped.

A two-year warranty that the device comes with assures the buyer that it has a high quality and can be replaced in case it gets faulty within the warranty period. Its rubber grip enables one to carry without slipping hence secure enough to carry around. Since it comes with a battery, it is easy to charge and use it effectively in areas without electricity.

The Pin Seeker technology also enables the golf rangefinder to confirm that the rangefinder has gone to zero on the flag. For maximum protection of the gadget, it comes with a Tour V3 protective skin.

E) Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Rangefinder


With a price tag of $ 323.92 on, this classic looking rangefinder boasts of Pin Seeker which gives you an accurate target by shutting down any background hazards. Its Jolt Technology produces short vibrations to inform the golfer when a flag has been hit. It also comes with a second generation (Extreme Speed Precision) ESP technology that gives faster yardage, more accuracy and also offers 0.5-yard accuracy from 5 for up to 125 yards. It also has a great ability to acquire flags that are up 450 yards away. How amazing! Bushnell Tour Z6 also has an inbuilt Vivid Display Technology which ensures increased transmission of light and better resolution hence providing a sharper and crystal clear view.

With a 6x magnification, this gadget can read very far distances hence a great advantage to the player. This rangefinder is also good news to professional players who participate in tournaments since it has been legalized for golf tournaments. The gadget is also waterproof therefore one can comfortably use it even when it is raining while playing golf. The Bushnell Z6 has a ranging capability from 5 to 1300 yards. This is just incredible!

This magnificent golf rangefinder also comes with a rubber armored metal housing which ensures that the gadget is well protected even when it drops down. Since it comes with a premium casing for storage, the gadget is ensured of protection especially when not in use.

The 3V CR2 battery that this fantastic Bushnell Z6 golf rangefinder comes with ensures that it can be comfortably used in areas without electricity provided it has been fully charged. With a two year period warranty, one is assured that this gadget is of high quality and that its manufacturer, al: Bushnell’ have full trust on their product.

The warranty is also an advantage to the buyer since one can have the device repaired or even replaced in case it gets faulty within the stipulated warranty period.

How to choose the best golf rangefinder

The market is flooded with different brands and models. Also, the golf rangefinders are priced differently such that it is becoming a little bit difficult to get the best-trusted product. One should, therefore, be cautious of counterfeit products that lie in the market.

So, to ensure that you get value for your money and also achieve the desired goals of your golf rangefinder, you need to put the following factors into consideration:

1. Specific features of the golf rangefinder

Consider a golf rangefinder that has some unique features for maximum efficiency. Apart from the basic features that can be found in almost golf rangefinders, it is very vital to consider a unit that has customized, unique and more advanced features. These features include the technology used such as Jolt technology and also the display; which should be very clear for easier viewing. Features also predict the purpose of a given golf rangefinder.

The best golf rangefinder is one that is flexible to modifications to suit preferred situations. Also, golf rangefinder software that can be incorporated in other gadgets like Smart -phones, wrist watches, among others can act as exclusive all-purpose devices. This reduces the tendency of carrying many devices at a time.

2. Size and weight

A golf rangefinder is a gadget that one mostly needs to carry around while in the golf course to measure yards. If the golf rangefinder is heavy or bulky, then it will be such a great task and quite inconveniencing. It is for this reason that one should ensure that he/she select the best golf rangefinder which is light in weight and with a compact design.

This will make the game enjoyable without worrying about the weight of the gadget. The best golf rangefinder size is one that can perfectly fit in both of your hands.

Also, golf rangefinder with inbuilt devices or parts is less prone to damages. This is because the gadget has limited detachable components that also make it easier to clean. A palm size golf range finder is the best for resetting, easier calibration and result interpretation.

3. Easy to use

Consider buying a gadget that is easy to set up and use as this will allow you ample time to start early and enjoy the game. A very complicated machine might be very stressful to the golfer and may also make one lose the psyche for the game.

This consideration is most important to amateur golfers since most of the professional golfers can be able to operate such devices with ease. A simple digital but user-friendly golf rangefinder makes data interpretation easier and saves time.

A gadget that will require technical know-how to handle may be a little bit discouraging to clients regarding usage. Quicker assembling of the device after general cleaning is advisable. However, in the case of failed functionalities, one is advisable to contact the manufacturer to avoid tampering with the gadget especially if the device is still within the warranty period.

4. Individual Budget

Before deciding to settle for a given golf rangefinder, it is very vital to determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on the gadget. This will ensure that you select a device that perfectly fits your budget margins.

With a planned budget, you can be able to get different brands that are within your budget limits; and you can choose the best deal from the brands. Remember, as much as one has to consider cost effectiveness while shopping for these products; price sometimes dictates the quality and how durable the product may be. Therefore, a slightly expensive golf rangefinder may consist of desirable product features contrary to vice versa.

5. Product Model and design

It is very important to have the model that you prefer for your rangefinder in mind. This will save you the time of moving around the shop trying to decide what model you prefer. Depending on your choice and preference, you can get a model that perfectly suits your needs and can give you value for your money.

In case you don’t have knowledge about the best models available, it is very vital to get advice from line experts. Online or supermarket window shopping may be critical in assisting the buyer to gauge for the best golf rangefinder. It improves one’s ability in making the right decision or move. Models and designs vary with application and price tags.

6. Distance range

Select the best golf rangefinder that can measure the highest distance range. This will enable you to get the most out of your gadget. A range finder that can measure up to more than 400 yards on the maximum is a good deal, but if you wish to get a golf range finder that can measure up to 900 meters, then the best gadget for you will be Bushnell Tour V3.

Also, the distance can be determined with the kind of obstruction the golf course has. Rough grass lawns, unpolished tree stumps, tree canopies can limit range targeting hence leading to erred measurements. Therefore, a gadget with an extended distance range is good for all purposes groundwork.

7. Prior Research

Before deciding to buy the best golf rangefinder for you, it is very important to carry out prior research on the price, features, the best qualities, and models of the rangefinders found in the market.

This prior research will give you an upper hand in getting the best quality of the device. Also visiting different shops or websites to compare prices of different models will help you to get the best deal; this is because one shop might be selling the same model at a cheaper price compared to a different shop. Ground comparisons of golf rangefinders with other fellow golf players in the course may predict the most popular product in use, its attributes and cons.

8. Brand Accreditation

If you want to get the best golf rangefinder which is original, it is required for you to consider buying one from a reputable brand. This will assure you of the authenticity of the gadget and also good quality. One can determine this from the internationally recognized ratings like “Energy Star” ratings. These ratings are designed to provide assurance to the user regarding durability and warranty.

9. Customer Reviews

Before settling for a given model of a golf rangefinder, it is very essential first to read different customer reviews about the model and brand. Reading these reviews will give you an edge on getting the best gadget since you will be able to know which golf rangefinder works best for you and also their prices.

One can also determine functional defaults highlighted by a majority of clients online who have used the products. Client reviews also depict the popularity of the product and whether the product is universally accepted.

10. Accuracy and Zero error ratings

Ensure that the golf rangefinder you are settling for has accuracy within a couple of yards such as plus or minus one. In this case, it is very important to read different customer reviews about the accuracy of the model so as to get the most accurate one.

One can also involve a professional technician to aid in validating the best golf rangefinder. In case you have bought a golf rangefinder that is not accurate, you should return to the manufacturer for replacement as this may cause harm. Golf is considered an expensive game; therefore, any error resulting from a golf range finder can cost you huge amounts of money.

11. Magnification

For maximum efficiency, consider selecting the best golf rangefinder that has a higher magnification. This may go to even 7 x magnifications as this will make it easy for one to hit the target within a short time and with more accuracy. Higher magnification reduces chances of making errors on targets and increases visible image details hence enhancing a winning formula.

12. Readability

Before settling for any model of golf rangefinder it is very important to consider whether the units being displayed are easy to read. This will make it easy to effectively read the units without much straining. Large font size on the digital LCD display is normally quite visible as compared to small font sized golf range finders. This large font can be easily read even in bright sunlight.

13. Weather Proof

Select the best golf rangefinder that can withstand adverse weather conditions. The best golf rangefinder is one that can withstand water from rain and also can remain clear in foggy climate is the best. This is because one can be able to use it even when it’s raining or even when there is a lot of fog.

An all-weather device also resists rusting, corrosion and damage to the internal components. A golf rangefinder made of galvanized and carcinogenic material with tough plastic housing makes a durable water or damp-proof product that resists the impact of different atmospheric conditions.

14. Battery life

The best golf rangefinder is one whose battery life is long such that you don’t have to recharge it every now and then. This will enable you enjoy the game without the worry that the battery will run out after a short time. Also a long battery life makes the device more effective.

The best battery is one that takes longer to a recharge. It should also be in the manufacturer’s instruction context. Any other may destroy a golf rangefinder by short circuiting or under -voltage.

15. Tournament Legal

If you are a professional golf player who mainly participates in golf tournaments, it is vital to ensure that you select a golf rangefinder that has been certified to be used in tournaments. In this case, the best deal for you will be Bushnell Tour golf rangefinder which has been certified for tournaments. However, one should be careful to adhere to the rules of the game since some tournaments may restrict some sub -standard golf rangefinders.

The above-highlighted ones are universally accepted since they have been time -tested and validated to be among the very best.

16. Speed

For maximum efficiency, the best golf rangefinder is one that takes the shortest time to give the desired distance. This will enable you to hit your target faster and definitely win the game. Some golf rangefinders may be slow in tabulating the data hence slowing down the game and therefore may work to the disadvantage of some golfers. A quick timely range finder is cost effective and quite efficient.

17. Durability

To ensure that you do not need to replace or repair your golf rangefinder frequently, it is very important to get the best golf rangefinder that is considered more durable. This can be achieved by going through different customer reviews so as to know which of the models they consider as most self-sustaining.

Durability is an essential aspect because the gadget can easily drop while you are playing the golf course. Since the device is meant for field work, the material used to make it should be tough and resistant to all forms of damage. The manufacturer’s warranty sometimes determines durability. A long duration warranty may mean the device is durable and vice versa.

18. Casing/Storage

Select a model that has a good casing for storing your golf rangefinder especially the time you are not using it. This will be able to protect it from easily getting damaged in case it falls while you are on the golf course. Also, ensure that the casing is also durable and also waterproof so as to protect your gadget. Proper casing assures a client of the product quality and will enhance customer satisfaction at the point of purchase. A well-cared golf rangefinder hardly gets damaged.

19. First target priority

The best golf rangefinder is one that can focus on the main target you intend to calculate the distance. It should not focus on other targets that are near the main target as this will significantly affect the readings. A good golf rangefinder is one that will focus and take the readings for the target that you are aiming to hit. Target point precision depends on the manufacturer’s product design. If the gadget was devised crudely, it might be prone to erroneous results. This may significantly affect a golfer.

20. Slope Measurement

Slope refers to the ability of your golf rangefinder to measure changes in elevation between yourself and the target. Ensure that the golf rangefinder you select has the right slope for this measurement to be as accurate as possible. However, if you are buying the rangefinder for competition purposes, it is advisable that you select a brand that has no slope option as this is banned in the rules of golfing. However, one may opt to do inquiries from the tournament organizers to determine whether slope will be determined.

21. Warranty

Consider buying a golf rangefinder that has a long warranty period. A long warranty period assures you the good quality of the gadget and also the trust that the manufacturer has on their product. Another advantage of a longer warranty period is the fact that the gadget can be repaired or even be replaced by the manufacturer in case it gets defective within the stipulated warranty period. Warranty will also tip you on the rogue or sub -standard manufacturers in the market. Those with little or no warranty automatically implies that their products are prone to damage hence one should avoid them if possible.

22. Ground Topography

Golf courses have different landscapes. Some are plateau -like while others have undulating landscapes with raised varying zones and low-lying areas. Such contour topography needs special customized golf rangefinders that have been designed to cater for these landscapes. One should, therefore, determine the nature of the golf course landscape before soliciting for the best-suited gadget. Topography if not well considered can distort the accuracy of a golf range finder. This may, as a result, hamper a golfer’s field performance.

23. Range Tendency

This refers to the ability of a rangefinder to extrapolate its magnification beyond delimited measurement. One can determine the minimum and the maximum magnification of a golf rangefinder. It involves taking the target measures beyond our reach but with desired precision. This enhances point target accuracy that could not have been attained without the golf rangefinder.

24. Scan Mode

A golf rangefinder with a scan button normally assists the gadget to scan targets within our reach. It is easy and user friendly to use a range finder with a turned on scan mode feature. This feature is good for delimiting the surface area of a target point that is aimed to be hit.

25. Accessories

This refers to whether a golf range finder will be packaged together with other items like lens cleaners, clips and bags or these items will be bought separately. The most desired range finder is one that comes with accessories and this enhances accessory compatibility and also uniformity since they will originate from the same manufacturer or brand.

26. Pin Seeking Technology

This kind of voodoo magic technology was developed by manufacturers to aid in locking the pin more easily since the pin use reflectors to pick up easily. The technology is designed to guide the golfer on where to locate the flagstick especially when it is obscured by other objects. The intended use of Pin seeker mode on a Bushnell Tour Z6 is limited to aiming certain situations or points.

27. Environmentally friendly

Some manufacturers do not follow the correct procedures in the production of the best golf rangefinders. These sub -standard devices end up emitting poisonous radiations in the environment that are harmful to both flora and fauna. The materials used to produce the hardware also are non -biodegradable hence releasing a lot of carbon in the air especially through burning. Therefore, a user should buy gadgets with clear disposal instruction from the manufacturer to avoid legal litigations with environmental bodies across the globe.

Final Verdict

We know that the option of choosing still depends on your preference. However, take note that in buying any product, its quality should come first. We made this list so that you can have an initial idea what to choose. In this way, you won’t waste your time confusing. More importantly, you won’t spend your money on buying sub -standard brands.

Before we end, always remember to follow the guides we gave you. They can help you well in choosing what Best golf range finder is best for you. And also, always keep in mind to handle each golf range finder with precaution. Store them in areas in where little hands can’t reach them!