Best Golf Push Cart 2019 Reviews

Using the best golf rangefinder can tremendously improve the gaming experience for both the amateur and the professional golfers. Every golfer requires a set of equipment for their golfing purposes. This equipment whether bought or rented will need to be carried around as you move from one place to another. This therefore means you require a push-pull cart or a motorized cart to move around with your equipment. Renting a motorized cart will come with a cost and hence make golfing a too expensive sport to play. Going for a push-pull cart is one way of managing the golfing costs.

Buying a push cart will save you the renting costs that may be cumulatively higher especially if you are a regular golfer. It is for this reason that we are reviewing the best Golf push cart for 2017 to enhance your golfing experience.


Why YOU need a golf push cart

The best Golf push cart will come with the following benefits:

a) Convenience – the ability to move around with all your golfing equipment will significantly improve your gaming. As a golf player, you need to concentrate on playing your game knowing that you can easily locate your balls, club and gloves. A push cart gives you this much needed convenience by keeping all your playing tools closer to you. You can retrieve any of your tools at any time.

b) Speeds up play – one way of keeping the game attractive is to avoid unnecessary delays during play. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to keep waiting for your opponent to locate their gear every time they need to play. So as to remove the boredom in the game, you need a push cart to assist you eliminate such delays. The push cart will ensure you have all the tools you need next to you.

c) Reduces fatigue – carrying your own gear is one way of managing the golfing costs. Hiring a motorized cart or paying a caddie can be costly and hence may not be the best option for many golfers. The golfing equipment can be very heavy carrying them around and will get you fatigued. Using a push cart can therefore eliminate or reduce this fatigue and save you energy to play the game.

d) Stylish – a push cart is a stylish equipment that adds some form of professionalism in your golfing adventures. It portrays a picture of a serious golfer while on the golfing course. You can also get a design that makes you stand out among the rest of the golfers on the course.

Pros and Cons of a Golf Push Cart

A push trolley is generally propelled by pushing it around. It is a three wheeled cart and hence more stable than the two wheeled pull cart. Modern push carts are even more stable as they come with four wheels.


  • Its cheap when compared to the electric cart despite having same features. The only feature differentiating the push and the electric cart is the motor.
  • It’s easier to control when compared to the pull cart. The push cart moves ahead of you and hence you can clearly plan your path and control its movements.
  • You can easily notice when something falls out of the cart since it is ahead of you
  • It has more storage space when compared to the other carts
  • It is lighter than the electric cart since it doesn’t come with heavy motors


  • The cart requires energy to push around and this can be tiresome if you have a lot of equipment to carry b) They occupy more storage during transportation when compared to the pull carts.

Best Golf Push Cart 2017 Reviews

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart is our choice for the bast Golf push cart for 2017. It builds on its 3.0 predecessor which was very successful. Its mobility on the course is much easier than other similar push carts. It comes from a reputable manufacturer and hence you are guaranteed value for your money. Though it has similar design to its predecessor, it is much more comfortable to use. It also comes with new features and improvements that makes it easier to use.

Its features include:

1) Course Ergonomics – this cart moves well on different terrains and has a long handle that can be easily adjusted. This enables you to choose a height that is comfortable for pushing around your cart.

2) Stability – this is one of the most stable carts you can get from the market. This has been made possible through a combination of different features. The wide wheelbase and the tube geometry are some of the features that gives it this balance.

3) Solid construction – clicgear company has a reputation of making long lasting carts. The 3.5+ cart is a durable cart that comes with a solid design that will serve you many years.

4) Versatility – the clicgear bag is of very high quality and is able to accommodate all your golfing equipment.

You will therefore not need to get another bag from the market since this bag will adapt to the different functions required.

5) Tires – the exceptionally tubeless light weight tires enables smoother pushing of this cart. You can also maintain it easily by cleaning the treads on the tires.

6) Braking system – this cart has a better braking system than most carts on the market. The brakes are activated by lifting the lever and have been designed in a way that makes it easier to park.

7) Adjustable cup holder – the cart’s cup holder is large enough to carry a giant bottle of water. It can also be adjusted to carry different bottle sizes.

8) Accessories – this cart comes with more than 20 different accessories that will make you enjoy the experience of using this cart.

9) Storage – some of its innovative storage features include the pencil holder, tee holders, ball holder and two scorecard holders. It also comes with a Velcro patch that can be used to carry your gloves.



The Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart is the best choice for your golf push cart as it brings qualities that any golfer would love. It combines the best qualities from the previous Clicgear push carts and adds modern improvements such as brake system and storage. This cart will generally enhance your mobility on the green and reduce the efforts used in transporting your gear so that you focus on the game. This is the best choice for any golfer.