Best French Press for 2019

If you love coffee, then you will most certainly love what the French Press offers. With a French Press, you can brew a hot cup of coffee or tea while out camping, in the office or at home. You do not require an electric machine. All you need is ground coffee, some hot water, and inspiration from the French, the French press.

The French press has existed for over a hundred years. It produces a superior, strong and tasty coffee within a few minutes or days depending on your brewing preferences. The press pot design allows users to take control of the steeping time and extraction of the coffee. If you want to know the best French press for camping and a buyer’s guide to making your purchasing decisions easier, then read along.

Secura Stainless Steel best French Press Coffee Maker 18/10 Bonus Stainless Steel Screen (1000ML)

This is a top quality French press machine suitable for brewing coffee. This press has a high -quality stainless steel material that withstands the test of time. With this type of press machine, you do not require any regular coffee filters since it has an inbuilt filter construction. The press machine makes coffee directly from ground coffee. It is, therefore, not suitable for grinding coffee beans.


Key features

This coffee press is double walled with both the inside and exterior parts made of 18/10 stainless steel. The material is an excellent quality which increases the durability of the device. The double wall also increases insulation which keeps your coffee warm for a long time. The stainless steel press has a three -layered filter structure. This filter construction enables the machine to trap even the smallest coffee grounds giving you an outstanding fully refined coffee taste. An extra stainless steel filter is available for this device. This means that you stack more filter screens to get a refined flavor. This press device holds up to 100 ml/ 34 ounces of coffee at a particular time.

Using this device is quite simple because once you are ready to take the coffee, a screen pushes down the coffee grounds. This helps you to pour out only the liquid and not the coffee grounds. All the parts including the screens are easy to disengage and clean. Cleaning the parts of this press is possible in a dishwasher. The parts are easy to assemble as they do not require any specialized equipment. The handle and the plunger knob are tightened enough and touch friendly to make the pouring safer. The steel is sturdy, so you do not need to worry about frequent breaking. It is a durable product that can withstand drops and physical impact.

Bodum Brazil 8 -Cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34 -Ounce, Black


This is one the best traditional appearing Best French press. It is a good replacement of the ancient brewing methods around campfires. This makes it one of the best if not the best French press for camping. This press produces an aromatic coffee yet with a fascinating smooth taste. It is simple to use, so in just about five minutes your coffee is ready. It is useful in offices where you just make it weak but not too strong to offend anyone.

Key features of Bodum Brazil 8 -Cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34 -Ounce, Black

• It has a borosilicate glass material. This material is sturdy, durable and resistant to overheating making it fully functional for a long time.

• The base and the handle rely on plastic that is free of BPA. This makes it easy for you to handle and pour into cups.

• The filter assembly relies on a three -layered system. This extracts all the fragrant oils from coffee to give it the best taste you desire.

• All the parts of this device are easy to disassemble and clean. The parts are all safe to for you to clean in a dishwasher. This is inclusive of the handle and the base.

Some customers are concerned about the unavailability of an automatic programmer. Well, I can say that some things are just worth waiting for. Even without a bell or a whistle, the Bodum Brazil 8 -Cup French Press Coffee Maker is suitable for your home and office coffee making. This is a device that extracts all the necessary elements of oils and acids that give you a perfect flavor. I highly recommend this press especially if you get clumsy at certain times.

FreshTek French Press Coffee Maker 34oz Pot with Bonus Scoop and Cloth


This is a new and incredible press device that comes in a more elegant look. It is not only attractive but also fully functional. It is a perfect solution for making the right coffee at home. This press is a perfect solution to your worries of breaking the press frequently. The coffee grounds in this press are sufficiently filtered so that none sneaks up into your morning brew. This is a good way of ensuring that the flavor maintains a perfect state.

Key features

• The product has a unique design with a strong stainless material. This material withstands frequent

breaking even if it accidentally falls.

• The interior construction has double -walled material that insulates the coffee. This ensures that the coffee stays warm for up to 60 minutes or more.

• The filtration system is a micro -fine structure that prevents any grounds from sneaking into the brew. This complete separation is useful in the maintenance of perfect flavor.

• The bonus cloth is useful when completely refining the coffee to make it more presentable.

• The pot comes with an additional benefit of a scoop

• The lid and the base have a fully finished metal material that makes it sturdy.

Some customers are concerned about the bitter taste of the coffee from this press. Well, according to me it seems that this depends on how you want to make the coffee. Bitter tastes awesome while smooth is just as perfect as you may desire. This is a best French press that keeps all the ground out of the coffee. The appearance is awesome with three different colors to choose from. The classy and stylish appearance makes it perfect for home and most outdoor activities including camping.

KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker, Black 34oz Teapot


This is a versatile press machine with full functionality. With this machine, you make the perfect coffee brew from whole coffee bean ground or just tea from loose tea leaves. This also includes brewing coffee from cold iced coffee or tea from cold iced tea. The press fully purifies the coffee or tea with exceptional taste. The flavor is deliciously unique with a bold taste right in your cup. It ensures that your coffee is free from any ground particles.

Key features

• The exterior design consists of a perfect insulation material that makes it protective. The outer part withstands accidental falling and resists frequent cracking.

• The filter construction with a three -layered structure makes this press the purest way to make coffee/tea.

The filter systems keep off any unwanted ground materials that might alter the taste of your drink

• All the parts of this press are fully adjustable and easy to clean, the filter screen is easily disengaged and cleaned. A dishwasher machine cleans all the parts of this press safely.

• The handle has a design with a BPS free material that makes it strong and durable. This also increases the comfort as you handle and pour your drink.

• The exterior design contains a borosilicate glass material reinforced with a plastic grip that is resistant to overheating. This is a good way of controlling thermal shock for a longer -lasting press.

Certain customers are concerned about whether the press can be used for cold brewing overnight. Other are concerned about whether it is easy to clean the press. The press is useful for brewing iced coffee that gives a smooth taste. Dissembling and cleaning the parts of this press is a lot easier. The capacity is 34oz with an elegant appearance suitable for camping. I would recommend this press if you want a more versatile device.

SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz.), Chrome


This is a robust and graceful coffee press that suits all your brewing needs. This press comes with a more reliable screen filter system. This structure can remove all grounds from your drink and gives you a smooth, delicious brew taste. With SterlingPro French Coffee Press, you put together the best tasting coffee brews of up to one liter.

Key features

• The filter system made of double screen construction is a perfect way of making great tasty coffee. This unique stainless screen construction ensures no grounds, not even a little, is found in your coffee.

• The design of carafe consists of a borosilicate glass material plus a plastic material. This construction is resistant to heat and durable. This also prevents the lid from overheating. Consequently, you do not worry about getting accidentally burnt when brewing.

• The handle is tough and durable for safer pouring and handling of the press.

• The capacity is 34oz which means you make about eight cups of coffee.

Some clients are concerned about the durability of the double screen system. Well, the whole unit comes with an extra set of replacement screens. You can easily replace the worn out screen. This is a guarantee that you make great tasty coffee for a long time. For all those customers concerned about making cold brewing, hot water gives a perfect taste. This press is flexible. You do not have to worry about making a whole one liter when you don’t have to. You just make a cup of coffee with little coffee and water when you need one.

If you want a completely reliable and strong press, I recommend you try this one out. It is the best French press for camping due to its durability.

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Buyer’s Guide

When you visit Amazon, the large number of best French Presses can make it complicated when selecting the right product. To assist you to get a foothold in the chaos, we have come up with a buyer’s guide that you can use to choose the best French press. In this context, best means a product that suits your needs. There is a wide choice of variables to consider.


The first aspect to consider is whether you want a polycarbonate, stainless steel or glass French press. Picking the right material that makes up your French press is essential. This is where aesthetics merge with practicality.

The glass is a good choice for many buyers since it preserve’s the flavor of coffee. Glass has the advantage of being transparent. You can easily see the contents of the press. It also makes it easier to determine the correct amount of water. However, glass is prone to breaking, and can easily lose heat in comparison to stainless steel.

On the other hand, the stainless steel best French press is difficult to clean, and this adds impurities that will negatively affect the aroma and flavor of the resulting coffee. You can avoid it by cleaning the press constantly to prevent a buildup of impurities. The issue of flavor is controversial since some individuals believe that there is a difference between stainless steel and glass while others conclude that there is no difference. The best way to end the argument is through a blind taste test. In this case, you can choose another party to prepare and serve you coffee from either glass and stainless steel press, and then you can choose the best flavor. It will be easier for you to determine the best choice.

Polycarbonate is also a preferable option as it is lightweight and durable. Major French press manufacturers rely on BPA-free plastic. This is the best choice for camping or in cases where you consider durability to be important. It is also easy to clean, and it does not affect the flavor of the pressed coffee.

The materials used for the frame, plunger and carafe will also affect the experience and functionality of using the French press. It can also affect the taste of the coffee.

Thermal properties

The thermal properties are an essential aspect of a French press. The construction (double or single wall), thickness, and type of material determine the insulation attributes of the best French press. It is imperative that the French press can maintain the temperature of the contents. Information about the thermal properties of the French press is on the manufacturer website or the packaging. In this case, it will ensure that your coffee remains warmer for longer.

It is vital that coffee does not remain in the French press for a long time after brewing. Coffee extraction continues even when the plunger is down. If you want your coffee to stay warm for longer, especially when you are outdoors, then pour it into a thermos. However, this means that you will require additional accessories when camping out.


Durability is importance, especially when you have spent your resources on a high -quality product. The outdoors has any dangers that can ruin your new French press, especially when you are going camping or traveling for long distances. Durability is also linked to the materials that we discussed earlier.

The glass is fragile, and you should avoid it if you are engaged in outdoor activities that can easily break the coffee press. However, some French presses are made of thick-walled glass, making them more durable even though they are heavier. Despite this, all glass is bound to break, and you should avoid glass if you intend to use your purchase for longer. Stainless steel is a good option if you are clumsy, or you prefer something that can withstand all sorts of pressure or impact.

The best way to determine the durability of the product is by looking at online consumer reviews. Many people have different tastes and preferences in regards to buying a best French press. The durability also relies on how you intend to use the product. If a product has a major issue, then it is bound to show up in the review. Most of the French presses are durable as the manufacturers want to meet the needs of different buyers.

Essentially, your choice of a French Press relies on how you intend to use it.

An important aspect to consider as whether the manufacturer offers replacement parts. This is essential to ensure that the French press is durable. You can go to the manufacturer website to confirm if they have replacement parts. It includes various parts of the French press such as the carafes, handles, plungers, filters, and gaskets. These parts tend to wear out as you use the product. It is easier to replace that parts rather than buying a new product. It will also minimize the costs, and you can enjoy the product.


When you go to online stores like Amazon, you will find a wide array of French press coffee makers with different price points to suit different pockets. The smaller presses such as Bodum are cheaper. You can find a small French press that starts at just under $21. If you prefer a larger capacity product, then be ready to pay for products with prices over $200. You can also find a large number of products between the two extreme price points, and you will find something that suits your needs.


When buying a French press, the capacity is important. It determines the amount of coffee you can make at a time. Most manufacturers determine the capacity based on the CUD size. The reference CUD used can hold four ounces of coffee. In this content, the average size of a best French press is about eight cups or 32 ounces.

You can also find other capacities such as three, four and six cup options.

You should pick a size that represents the amount of coffee to can drink at a time. It will prevent wastage, and you can make a sufficient amount of coffee. Moreover, you should get a larger one than you think you will need. This is a good choice since you will waste about 11-21% of the space on the water that is not poured off and the ground coffee. Circumstances can change, and you might need more than one option. In this case, buy something that suits your day to day needs before choosing something with a larger capacity.


The preference between steel and glass carafe relies on aesthetic appeal. While some French Presses like the KONA have a streamlined, modern look, with a simple plastic grip plunger and glass carafe, the SterlingPro is sharper.


You can also pick a French press based on portability. The plastic presses are often a preferable option as you can conveniently carry it around with you. The glass presses can break, while some of the stainless steel versions can feel a bit heavy for some users. The glass French presses are a good choice since they are light, but they require more care when handling them.

Choosing a brand

Bodum is the most popular manufacturer of the best French press. It is an established brand with different products that produce excellent results. Bodum manufactures a large number of the products. Bodum is the pioneer of the press pot. During the 1970s, they manufactured press pots made of odd colors. However, they bought other brands such as Chambord allowing them to introduce a more classical look for the press pots. SterlingPro is also an established brand. It has several models that are unbreakable.

Importance of a French Press

A French press is something that should be part of your kitchen, office, or camping gear. You can use it to make coffee at home or when camping outdoors or even anywhere you can access hot water. The French press enhances the taste of coffee. The drip coffee makers use paper filters that soak the delicious and unique natural oils present in coffee. The French press leaves these oils intact, and you can enjoy a delightful cup of coffee. It also improves the flavor of coffee.

Electric drip coffee makers are very difficult to clean. With time, they build up residues and other unwanted materials which will destroy the machine in the long run. Your coffee will begin to taste stale and old after you use the machine for several years. Moreover, unless you use fresh coffee, the drip coffee pot rests on a warm surface. It will continue to burn and cook the coffee even after brewing. The resulting coffee will have a stale taste. Coffee tastes better when it is fresh. The French press is the best device that guarantees an enriching and tasty coffee.

The French press is also an environmentally friendly method for brewing coffee. It does not create any waste.

You do not require electricity to make coffee. It does not require plastic pods as is the case with Keurig. It also does not need paper filters.

The French press coffee makers are the best choice in comparison to other types of coffee makers. If you do it correctly, you can produce rich and tasty coffee. The user also has more control over the temperature and water quantity. You can choose to use any amount of water to achieve the flavor you want. You can also control the brewing time. If you want your coffee fast, then you can use the French press to prepare it within minutes. The coffee press does not rely on an electric current, making it a good choice to use when outdoors.

Working with a best French Press

Once you have bought your coffee press, it is imperative that you understand how it works. The French press is an easy device to use. It also makes delicious coffee. You do not have to worry about how to use it.

However, you just need a good plunge to achieve the desired results. Below as some steps that you should follow hen preparing your cup of coffee.

Place course and fine coffee beans into the jar. If you are making tea, then use loose tea leaves.

Boil water, then pour it over the beans or tea leaves in the jar when it is boiling.

Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture until it settles. Allow it to settle before you press the floating coffee beans or tea leaves to the bottom Your coffee or tea is ready once you press the beans or leaves with the plunger. You can then pour it into a mug or cup and serve it.

You should note that there is a myriad of ways for brewing coffee with a best French press. You can use a single spoon of coffee per cup of water. However, you can add more if you prefer a stronger flavor.

Choosing coffee beans

Your best French press will not produce the best coffee unless you choose the best coffee beans. You are limited to two choices, the expensive Arabica or the cheaper Robusta. Arabica is preferable as it has a strong flavor and aroma. You should also look at whether the coffee beans are course. The grounded beans should be fine enough. If they are not, then they can stick to the filter of the plunger, making it harder to function. Furthermore, if the coffee beans are finely grounded, they can float and destroy the taste of coffee. You also pick the coffee you intend to use based on the roast level.

The light roast is light brown in color and has been roasted for a short time. It has a high acidity and more caffeine. The medium roast is medium dark brown in color. They have a good balance between flavor and taste. Finally, you can choose the dark roast which is the most popular. They are dark brown as they have been roasted for a longer time. It has a stronger flavor.


You should consider several precautions when making your coffee using the French press. This ensures that you make the best coffee. You should ensure that the pot is cleaned with warm water before you prepare your coffee. This will prevent any contaminations that could affect the flavor. Use mild detergents when cleaning the French press. Moreover, the water you use should be calcium free, especially when you use tap water.

The pot is rinsed with sufficient water to remove traces of detergent which can cause a pungent smell of coffee. If you have some leftover coffee in the best French press, you should remove it from the carafe as it can be over extracted, making it have a burnt taste. You should avoid using metal spoons when stirring. It can damage the glass French press. Furthermore, the metal spoons can ruin your coffee if they have rust. Once you have prepared your coffee, clean the filter and plunger. They should also be dry before being reassembled. Since there is a lack of automation, the French press requires your full manual attention. You have to be skilled to achieve the best results. However, this is possible with practice. You can quickly produce high-quality coffee once you use the device several times.


Once you have gone through the best French press coffee maker reviews, then it would be a wise choice for you to put your knowledge into practice. It is easier to brew a caramel like, and rich coffee using the French press coffee makers suggested above. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to make good coffee. All you need is a Fresh press, and you can enjoy the delights of amazing and tasty coffee. We prefer the SterlingPro as it ensures that your coffee is warmer for longer. The tight lid and double walls ensure that heat is trapped inside. Since all the components are composed of stainless steel, the product can withstand years of cleaning and usage.

This SterlingPro best French press is also durable, and it is a wise purchasing decision. We also recommend the Bodum Brazil. The product represents traditional best French press that uses glass. The three-layered filter construction ensures that your coffee is free of any ground coffee particles. We also recommend the other coffee makers for varying needs like cold brew and travel. However, the SterlingPro has the best experience and performance overall.