Best Flushing toilets in 2019

Toilets are no longer objects of function; they also reflect your life and your sense of style and comfort Getting a new toilet is not just buying a bathroom fixture. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So why not make this room, tasteful and comfortable as the rest of your home? Today we will offer up our best flushing toilet reviews of 5 you can have delivered to your home that do just that. In addition, we have included a buying guide filled with information that will educate you, amuse, and aid you in selecting a new or replacement toilet. So, with no further fanfare lets look at our first entry.

American Standard 2887.216.021 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Elongated Two -Piece Toilet


If you are a person, who wants to save on your home’s utility bills and cut water usage as well. Here is the best flushing toilet on the market and is just the toilet for you. It has a chromed two flush system that lets you select how much water is used during the flush. This translates into hundreds of dollars a year in savings for you. This toilet has an elongated bowl so you can be sure that there wouldn’t be and mess to clean up. It also bears the WaterSense Certification.

This lets you know you are getting a toilet that would waste water and your money as well. So, your home becomes Green. That could save you on your tax bill and help you fit in areas where water conservation measures are in effect. It’s a great replacement toilet. You have a best flushing toilet, which is perfect for home bathroom remodeling.


  • Two piece design
  • Chrome top mounted dual flush push plungers
  • Bone colored made of quality porcelain
  • 12″ rough in

Experts Review:

Made in China and it is big here nowadays as well. The American Standard is reasonably priced. It has a dual plunger that either dumps a 1.6 GPF to get everything spic and span or the other plunger that drops a miserly 1.1 GPF that is good for a light load. One Flush is this toilet’s motto, and it is mostly true. Testing it shows good pressure that clears the bowl. It is also reasonably quiet in operation. So, you could do worse in a replacement toilet or a new install. It is priced right, and many corporate buyers are putting them into their employee bathrooms because of this toilets pricing model. This also endears it to those who are remodeling and don’t have a lot of cash to spend.

TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2 -Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and SanaGloss


A toilet designed by a computer but with people in mind. It pushes through with 1.6 GPF and with its wide 3-inch flush valve. Your bathroom stays clean, and the air remains fresh after every flush. In addition, the SanaGloss coating ensures that the surfaces of this toilet are resistant to staining, mold, and other disease carrying organisms. The elongated bowl and ergonomic design lend itself to comfort. You have a distinctive look that gives your bathroom that modern look. So, you have a function, comfort, and a look that makes your home a vibrant and healthy environment.

This toilet is favored by pros and DlYs. It replaces toilets for bathroom remodeling and home renovations.


  • SanaGloss coating
  • Fast Flush 3″ flush valve
  • 12″ rough in
  • G-Max flush system
  • Comes in two pieces
  • Contemporary design
  • Ion barrier glazing

Experts Review:

One of the quietest toilets I you’ll ever own. It has a “Single flush design,” which does exactly that. With its G –Max Flush system, it has one of the best flush records for any toilet. It was tested with no venting and still beat its closest competitor.

The Drake is one of the first choices for bathroom remodeling jobs and by the contractors who renovate apartment complexes. The Drake is a bit pricy, but this reviewer thinks it is worth every penny. It is also simple to install, especially if you go wax -less and use a Femco seal instead. You may want to have a hammer and chisel on hand to remove the old seal before installing your new toilet. This toilet goes in fast and fits almost anywhere. The SanaGloss coating is not a big In this reviewer’s book, but customers love it. It does seem to make things easier to clean, but the jury is still out for this reviewer.

TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake 112 – Comfortable height for those who want their throne, just right

Double Cyclone of water swirls water to clean bowl in one flush


Experts Review:

This is one of those products that you’d be happy having more than one of. Since most people have more than one bathroom today, this can be a reality. Since this toilet is so highly regarded it is one of the first choices or renovators and DlYer as well. It is also a great choice for those who want to go Green and qualify for tax credits and rebates from their local state or municipality. In fact, this is one of the best toilets on the market for those who want to conserve water and save cash. This toilet conforms to this reviewers formula:

Water efficiency + ease of installation + no clogs + easy cleaning + performance = Winner every time.

When you order it consider using something other UPS as reports by customers, say UPS is delivering damaged units.

So you might want to have yours sent via another carrier. Since the toilet doesn’t arrive with any hardware or seal, you might want to pick these items up before delivery. Another tip is to use a wax-free seal as this will make the work go faster.

Best Flushing Toilet Buying Guide

You will find in the following numbered sections valuable information on what you need to know about selecting and buying a toilet. The information was gleaned from actual customer experiences as well as studying hundreds of online ads. This guide applies to both stores bought and ordering a best flushing toilet online from Amazon or another online retailer.

Remember when ordering online to read the catalog information closely. You may have to order additional items to make your toilets installation a success. We also include warnings about things that can catch you unaware or you wouldn’t think about ordinarily.

What is the best size of tank

Today there are two sizes of toilet tank sizes you should consider. The current standard is a 1.6 gallon per flush (GPF) and a more water saving 1.28 GPF. Choosing one over the other will depend on the area in which you live and how much money you want to save. Many municipalities are strapped for water. California as a whole and cities that move water long distances like Las Vegas are two examples that come to mind.

Depending on the model a 1.6 can be a good buy as with design changes they can be clog -free and you save by the fact you only have to flush once. However, many people like to save the cash and get rebates and tax credits which are possible by going to the smaller tank. You can get virtually the save flush power while cutting on water usage.

Single or dual plunger

With the dual plunger option, you have two different water amounts that are used for flushing. One uses less water (Around 1.1 gallons) and flushes liquids and is considered a light duty. The other dumps the whole amount (1.6 Gallons) for solids and paper. This can save you cash, but only if you remember which is which.

Advantages of a larger flush valve

Simple hydraulic principles say the more water flow, the more power you get with each flush. This gives the toilet a better chance of clearing the bowl with a single flush. So, a 3″ Flush valve with a smaller amount of water can do the job of a larger tank with a smaller diameter Flush Valve. When shunted into a circular motion you get a powerful tornado effect that compresses everything, so it fits down the trap without clogging.

It also makes the best flushing toilet quieter, as the circular motion is more forceful and is virtually silent. Since the flush is also quicker this too cuts down on sound. This also has the added benefit of a bowl that requires less work cleaning.

SanaGloss or glaze

Many swear the SanaGloss is better than standard porcelain glaze. This is due to an ionic transfer process that is supposed to clean the bowl with each flush. Others consider it a marketing ploy and don’t see any advantage. You need to do your homework and decide what is best for you. It does provide a slippery surface that mold and other microscopic organisms cannot adhere to. So in this respect, it is useful to keep your toilet clean. Glaze has been doing the same job for a thousand years and will continue to do so until something cheaper comes along.

Glazed traps

More and more of the newer toilets are glazing the trap. This does some things it makes cleaning easier, and it prevents the buildup of grunge in the trap that can be an eyesore and a breeding ground for unpleasant odors, stains, and disease-bearing critters. Older toilets do not have glazed traps and you can see dark discoloration and often odor can result if the trap is not cleaned thoroughly. So, ease of cleaning makes this a must. Also from an aesthetic point of view, your toilet looks and smells better.

What is computer designed trap

Today, toilet makers are using computer modeling the best possible configuration of curves allowing for maximum Flow Per Flush and minimization of clogging. Remember the International Space Station has a million dollar toilet that is micro-engineered to collect fecal matter inside a very small diameter trap to allow for Zero G operation.

Astronauts must use a simulator on earth with video cameras to ensure the accuracy of their aligning with the trap to successfully be space toilet certified. Submarine Toilets are almost as complicated, and numerous valves must be aligned for its trap to function properly.

One or two piece design

Some of the newer toilets are now created in one piece. This prevents misalignment between the Flush Valve in the tank where it joins with the bowl. Two piece toilets are easier to make, though, and often cheaper as well. But everything needs to line up right, or leaks will occur. Rule of thumb states that the fewer parts involved, the less chance of failure. The one piece toilets are easier to clean, as they have fewer crevices and niches where dirt and leaks can occur that attracts mold.

Wax or Wax free seal

Traditional toilets have been using wax seals for centuries to connect the best flushing toilet to the drain. However when it comes time to replace the toilet this can be a nightmare to deal with. Femco has come up with what may be the greatest invention since Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet. This a rubber seal that fits the drain and the toilet plugs into. It installs anywhere carpet, tile, and raised floors. It pops in and with no muss or fusses your toilet has a watertight seal to the drain.

PVC vs. traditional piping

Unions want you to use a plumber and metal pipes to hook up your toilet. PVC is in use all over the world and is now making inroads in American drains. Though it I easy to use and a DlYer can install a complete drain system. PVC has some disadvantages. It becomes brittle with age. Sunlight accelerates this process.

Cold can have a detrimental effect as well. So, check your local building codes and be prepared to replace your PVC drain before it gets too old and you have a mess to clean up you don’t even want to think about. So, in some respects, iron or copper pipes might be a better option.

Do you need all the bells and whistles?

If you have been through Japan’s Narita airport, you will have seen toilets that boggle your mind. They have as many controls as a high-performance jet, and you can spend hours playing with all the features. You have an automatic sanitation cover the covers the seat before you sit down. You have a heater that warms the seat for you. You also have different pressures of water and temperatures from a built-in bidet that clean your nether regions after you’ve taken care of business.

These water jets are directional as well. Finally, a jet or climate controlled air dries your bum. In Japan, they save entire forests of toilet paper. Oh yeah, it is said some variants of the Japanese toilets that you can buy have built-in audiovisual centers, gaming consoles, and perform other more personal functions as well. In Dubai, the bathrooms have gold fixtures and in Paris, other advanced best flushing toilets await the traveler. So, you can have just about anything you want for your bathroom throne. It is just a matter of your imagination and how much cash you have to spend.

Cyclone or traditional flush

Most us are used to the multi -holed flush orifices that have been the stock in trade for American toilets since your grandfather’s times. But this design wastes energy and water. By directing the flush waters into a circular path in the bowl and using centrifugal force acts on the water to increase pressure. This gives a more powerful flush and uses fewer resources.

This action prevents clogs by directing everything to the center of the trap into the eye of the storm as it were. Everything is compressed to a small diameter to pass easily through the trap to the drain.

Circular vs. Elongated bowls

Both for aesthetics and space saving the elongated bowl is becoming more popular. The oval bowl with its seat in place is also more comfortable for many to sit on. However, it is shallow near the front, and this lack of depth here means that men need to direct their efforts further toward the back when standing to urinate. Otherwise, there could be splashing from a too energetic stream.

Toilets height

The height of the toilet may be a problem for some as too low (15″) may make it difficult for some to sit down on and get up from. Conversely, a 19″ height may be uncomfortable and make you fee like you are sitting on a bar stool. A simple way to see which you like is to go to your local home supply center and sit on a few and see which height feels right. Families with small children may opt for a lower height initially and later when they are older replace the toilet with a higher one. This is now a simple operation as toilets are becoming as interchangeable as a CD in your home’s entertainment system.

Tools Needed for Installation

Two adjustable wrenches, a hammer, and a chisel are the only tools that are needed for installation. The hammer and chisel make removal of the old wax seal easier. If you are going to be adjusting the pull chain or the flush valve and flapper, a pair of needle nose pliers is useful along with a Philips and flat bladed screwdriver.

Things that don’t come with your best flushing toilet

Many are caught off guard when their toilet arrives. Seats are optional and must be ordered separately. Also, the wax seal and the mounting kit for the tank are usually ordered as add-ons as well. Make sure you read the ad carefully before ordering. Going over the reviews also provides valuable information for what items are not shipped to tips on installing the toilet as well.

Reading the reviews also gives you a heads up on problems

Reading the negatives about a toilet serve as a warning and a heads up to potential issues with a toilet you are looking to buy. However, in some cases, they are written by disgruntled buyers or those who got a lemon. Take a look at the number of 5-star reviews and compare it to the number of negative ones. The number of negatives shouldn’t be above 4-5%. This means you should be looking at toilets that rate 4 or better on Amazon’s 5-star rating system.

Anything below a 3.5 should be avoided, as there are issues that make a certain toilet unappealing to about 50% of the buyers.

Shipping and delivery

This can be a problem with a company as large as Amazon. Luckily it occurs rarely. They ship worldwide but don’t control how the item is handled during shipment. A toilet is made of a brittle material that is susceptible to breakage.

However, Amazon has a good track record of replacing items broken during shipment. The only major bugaboo is returned labels and having to have the damaged item picked up to return. Toilets are heavy and cumbersome don’t try to carry one to be shipped by yourself. Have someone help you out. The better approach is to have it picked up. Saving a few bucks on shipping vs. a sore back is not worth the cost.


Most toilets you see advertised are white, off-white, and bone. This is due to tradition and simplicity on the part of the toilet makers. You can get a best flushing toilet in any color you wish. It may take a little more in the way of hunting on the net or showrooms, but with perseverance, you can find what you want. In Dubai, the toilets have gold trim and handles. Se, if you want it can be found on the Net.

Rough in

Many are confused by this term. It refers to the distance from the back of the toilet to the wall that the toilet butts up against. Most toilets today have a 12″ Rough in. You should take this into account when setting aside space in your bathroom when considering the installation of your new toilet. Circular toilets take up less total area. Elongated toilets are narrower and fit into places where side to side space is at a premium.

DIY Repairs

Your local home supply center has a plethora of repair parts for your toilet. Replacement flush systems, flappers, and Wax and Wax free seals. You can also get the coupling and mounting kits to attach the tank to the bowl. The bolts that join the two are often made of plastic and while it helps seal everything tight. They can shear if you sit back against the tank. The same is true for toilet seats. The plastic bolts are the weak points here as well.

The items that seem to need replacing the most are the pull chain and the flapper valve. The chain can snap after years of flushing, and the flapper can warp and start leaking water. Making the tank go into a constant fill cycle and is annoying as you can hear the sound at night while trying to sleep. Replacement is simple and can save you cash on your water bill.

Choosing a toilet based on the availability of parts.

Before buying a toilet, drop by the local hardware and home supply centers. See what models of toilets they carry parts for. Drake is a popular brand name. Most of these stores carry the items that wear out most. However, there is foreign competition in everything, and many formally unheard of brands are becoming available from overseas. When the Trans -Pacific Partnership goes into effect, this will become more prevalent, and your selection of toilets will increase. Also the follow-on treaty with Europe will open our markets to toilets from Europe as well. You need to be aware of what you can obtain should you have problems. Getting spare parts for your best flushing toilet from Outer Slabobia could take weeks or months. For this reason, many buy their toilets based on what brands are currently trending and have parts available locally or from Amazon. We are a global economy now, and Amazon has embraced this concept.

Having the work done

You can have your toilet installed once it arrives. You can also opt to have it repaired as well later should the need arise. However, this alternative of calling in a contractor or plumber is that you have to pay to have the work done.

However, they may have problems getting parts if your toilet is of foreign make from a country where English isn’t the native tongue.

Final Thoughts

The best flushing toilets today come in designer colors and have more features that a sports car. However today we have stuck with the most mundane toilets that are some of the best available on the online market. You should have no trouble finding the right toilet that suits your needs. Our buying guide is informative and full of useful tidbits of information that makes buying a toilet easier, and you’ve learned about some of the pitfalls to watch out for as well.

You’ve seen the comments of many owners and can link to see each toilet we’ve reviewed. Now your only problem is selecting the best flushing toilet that makes the most sense and you feel in your home that is functional and also matches your lifestyle. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time on it. So, why not make it a toilet you feel is comfortable and is pleasurable to sit on.