Are you the Juicer lover or are you tired of buying ready made juice? Well, whatever the reason, today I have got good news for you. Bellemain 1000watt, stainless steel juicer, is a product that is designed to make your juicy life more successful and enjoying by simplifying the process of making. To deliver this pledge to the consumers who are me and you, efficiency and convenient are integrated into all steps that are from feeding fruits to cleaning up the machine.


Large diameter feeds tube of 3.3 inches to accommodate a whole fruit -It is frustrating when you spend a lot of time pre -chopping fruits so that they can enter into the feed tube. But with Bellemain 1000watt stainless’ tube you don’t have to chop you fruits. The tube is large enough to accommodate fruits like beets, apples, mangos and many other fruits you can imagine. Efficiency is enhanced by this tube because now you can have your juice in seconds. In other words, the process of making juice is now simplified by the machine.

Therefore, if you are searching for a juicer that does not require you to reduce your fruits in size to fit, then Bellemain 1000watt is the product to buy because it will give you all that you need.

Powerful, a 2 -speed motor for maximum extraction of juice

The big size of Bellemain 1000watt is good in many ways and functionalities. The first feature that indicates how big size of this product is important is the 800 -watt motor that works with incredible and high -efficiency centrifugal action, which allows it to extract maximum juice, nutrients, and fiber from fruits. Who does love to see almost the whole fruit goes to waste? I think no one. With this machine added into your kitchen, you will be surprised to see little waste you will have compared to many brands in the market. Users can choose two -speed motor without considering the fruit is hard or soft.

Heavy -Duty construction to enhance safety and longevity

When we speak of heavy duty, definitely security and durability comes into our minds. These are services you enjoy if you go for this product. The stainless steel housing is handsome, and between it, there is the solid workhorse that contains mental locking arms.

The workhorse is used to hold parts firmly so that the machine can support both light and heavy juicing operations. The stainless steel, filter speaks a lot regarding durability. Also, cleaning of this filter is easier; thus you will not spend much time cleaning. A quick brush up and rinsing is enough to see your machine cleaned up. 10.5 -cup bulb compartment can be easily and quickly removed -The making of Bellemain 1000watts stainless steel is all about convenience.

By saying this, I mean when they were building this pulp compartment they built convenience into it. With this type of chamber, you don’t have to regularly stop your machine to empty it because it is easy to remove it when it gets fully. As a matter of facts, all removable parts of Bellemain 1000watts stainless steel are made for quick disassembly when you want to clean up to help you save time Bonus 1 -quart pitcher -The Bellemain 1000watts stainless steel comes with an acrylic pitcher. What is the function of this pitcher? Well, in this review we have talked much about efficiency and convenience and still we are continuing, the answer to that question is simple; for convenience and effectiveness. The acrylic pitcher is designed to fit under the dispensing tube to allow you juice directly and smoothly into it. After you have successfully juiced, you can snap on the lid to store where you want e.g. in the refrigerator.


  • It is affordable juicer that comes with a pitcher that is easy to put together and clean.
  • The parts of this machine are easy to clean.
  • The brushed stainless finish makes this home juicer look handsome and expensive.
  • Setting up this juicer is easier since it is self-explanatory. Anyone who knows to read can just follow the guidelines and be able to use the machine within minutes.
  • The design of this machine is fantastic thus can fit in almost all kitchen designs.
  • The machine is easy to use when compared to other brands.
  • The juicer has cups with handles that makes it easy for one to drink right after making the juice
  • The machine ensures you get your juice in a matter of minutes due to its speed


  • It shoots out small pieces of pulps thus it messes the surrounding
  • Sometimes it passes big chunks of fruits into the canister.
  • The parts of this juicer keep on getting discolored
  • The pulp is wet. If it happens you squeeze the pulp, you will salvage other glass of juice.
  • It vibrates a lot when juicing especially hard fruits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is this home juicer 1000watts or 800watts since you have mentioned both?
A. The juicer is 1000watts
Q. Are the removable parts of this juicer dishwasher safe?
A. All parts of this home juicer are dishwasher safe apart from the main base.
Q. Should one go for appliance protection when purchased this machine?
A. No. the product lasts long enough if you can handle it well.

Final verdict

Bellemain stainless steel 1000watts is a kind of product that you don’t have to miss. The product has brought on board large feed tube, 2 -speed powerful motor to extract maximum juice, it incorporates heavy duty construction, 10.5 cup pulp compartment, and a bonus 1 -quart pitcher that contains acrylic pitcher to ensure you experience maximum efficiency and convenience when using the machine. If you compare the price of this product and its competitors, you will agree with me that this device is cheap and it gives you the value of your money.

leaning is the problem with many machines, but with Bellemain 1000watts stainless steel, this is not an issue. If you want or searching for a home juicer that is cost friendly, straightforward, easy cleaning, then this machine is what you need in your kitchen. Embrace this machine, and you will never regret your decision because the machine will serve you amazingly.