Baby Monitors: 4 Things to Know Before You Buy

If you are a new parent and have not bought a baby monitor yet, it is imperative that you consider buying it. The idea of leaving your little one even for a minute can be very terrifying if you do not have this gadget. With a lot of stories about sudden infant death syndrome running around, the fear of living your child unattended is understandable. The baby monitor will be the solution to this fear. It will allow you see how your baby is doing from wherever you are in your house or even outside.

Before buying the baby monitor, you need to know the following four things.


1. There Are Different Types Of Baby Monitors:

Do not just assume that all baby monitors are the same because they are not. You will need to take some time to shop around to understand the different types that are available and choose the right one for your needs. There are essentially three types of baby monitors that you can choose from namely:

– dedicated video baby monitors

– Wi-Fi video monitors and

– Wired monitors

The dedicated video monitors are by far the common option and are preferred by many people. They work in the same way a walkie-talkie works. They have a base camera that is supposed to be placed in the baby’s room and a parent unit that is placed in the parent’s room. The Wi-Fi video monitors require you to have internet capabilities and a compatible device to be used as a parent unit, for instance, a computer or iPhone. They usually come with a camera that uses an app or the internet. The wired monitors are more like surveillance systems and they require hard -wiring of a camera and a video monitor device in your house.

2. Range In Video Monitors is Poor Compared To Sound -only Monitors

Many people prefer buying baby video monitors over sound -only monitors because of the advantage of being able to see what their baby is doing. But if range is one of the important considerations you are keeping in mind when buying this unit, you might as well consider buying a sound -only baby monitor. If the monitor does not allow you to keep track of your baby from wherever you are in your home, it is not going to be of great use. But the video baby monitors have their advantages too. They may not beat the sound -only monitors when it comes to range, but they are usually built with digital technologies that help them eliminate static interference which happens to be a big problem in many sound monitors. If you choose the Wi-Fi units, you will not need to worry about range from the baby unit to the parent unit.

3. Price Does Not Determine The Quality Of A Baby Monitor

It is without doubt that price is one of the important considerations you will have in mind when you are buying a baby monitor, but it should not be the only factor. Just because a baby monitor is expensive does not mean that it is going to meet your needs. You will need to take your time to evaluate the features and functions of the unit that you are considering and make sure that it is going to help you monitor your little one with ease. If you are operating on a tight budget, you are most likely to focus your search on the cheapest baby monitors. While that is not a bad thing to do, you also need to check the features of the monitors you are considering. You need to look for an affordable but good quality baby monitor that is going to serve the purpose that you are buying it for.

4. Good Visuals Are Very Important

If you have to buy a video baby monitor, make sure that it has good visuals. You should be able to see your little one clearly without straining a lot. The flattery eyelashes and chubby cheeks on your beautiful baby should be visible. There are some units that have blurry displays and do not offer a clear image at all. Even if such units are cheap, it will be a bad idea to buy them because they will not prove helpful to you at all. Better buy a sound -only baby monitor than a video baby monitor with a blurry video.

Final Verdict

While choosing the best baby monitor can be a daunting task, it is worth taking your time to search for the right one if you want to have an easy time with your little one. Make sure that you check reviews that other people have left on the units that are you are considering before you pay for them. If other people were not satisfied with them, it is less likely that you will be satisfied with them. Invest your money in the device wisely if you do not want to end up with regrets.