Baby Monitor Mistakes Most Parents Make

A baby monitor is an essential parenting tool that lets you keep track of your baby’s crib or nursery when you are home or away. It allows you to respond to his/her behaviors, especially when asleep, to take action or respond in a certain way to keep the baby safer, healthier, and more comfortable.

However, some parents tend to make certain mistakes that affect the convenience of owning the incredible parenting tool while deterring its effectiveness. These mistakes should be identified and avoided. This being the case, below are a few baby monitor mistakes most parents make.

Not Carefully Choosing a Baby Monitor

One of the most common baby monitor mistakes parents make is choosing the wrong model of the tool when buying. When approaching the stores for a baby monitor, it is important to take several important aspects into perspective.

These include the baby’s safety, security, and health, as well as your own convenience of parenting. If you have a naturally anxious kind of personality, you would most probably need a device that won’t end up freaking you out instead of offering you some peace of mind.

In such a case, an audio monitor would be more advisable. It is also important to consider the features of a baby monitor on your needs and those of your baby’s. If you travel a lot, you would perhaps be more comfortable with a baby video monitor with Wi-Fi and cloud functionalities. This would allow you to monitor your baby, say from work using any internet-enabled device.

Forgetting to Charge the Monitor’s Battery

Even though some models are available with electric cable plugs, most baby monitor models run on rechargeable batteries. However, most parents tend to forget to keep the baby monitor battery charged in advance. It can be quite intimidating when you’re away, and you can’t get a video feed of how your baby is doing, just because the device went off due to a dead battery.

As a matter of fact, the parenting tool becomes useless if the battery goes dead. This, therefore, puts your baby’s safety and security at risk, not forgetting the possibility of freaking you out tremendously.

Forgetting to think about the Baby’s Sleep and Theirs

Sleep is one of the most important routines and activities as far as human health is concerned, especially for babies. As much as the baby should get adequate sleep for healthy growth and development, the parent’s sleep is as important as that of her baby.

Unfortunately, most parents tend to forget about the aspect of sleep when buying or using a baby monitor. The best way to ensure adequate sleep for the baby is to be consistent with the baby’s sleeping schedule in order not to confuse them.

Also, you should think about whether the tool’s features such as flashing lights, sounds, and backlights would disrupt your own sleep. The device you choose should be able to work without any disruptions, especially when your baby is sound asleep and you get the opportunity to lay down yourself as the parent.

Failing To Check the Reliability of Network Connections

Some of the best video baby monitors come with internet and Wi-Fi functionalities to allow the parent keep track of their baby even from miles away. This is mostly done by accessing video feeds or streaming from cloud storage services.

If, however, the internet connection reception at the baby’s nursery is poor or unreliable, the parent will obviously not get the most out of the baby monitor. As a matter of fact, it can leave you even more anxious than you would be if you didn’t have the tool. Most parents tend to overlook the importance of checking the reliability of network connection, which you should avoid.

Over Relying On the Baby Monitor

A video Baby Monitor helps enhance the baby’s safety, security, and quality of sleep among other benefits. However, parents should not over rely on the parenting tool, which is, unfortunately, the case for most parents that own the device.

The device is susceptible to malfunction, breaking down, or even losing battery charge without your knowledge. Therefore, be sure to physically peep into the nursery and check on your kid every once in a while when and if you can.


Now that you know about some of the common baby monitor mistakes most parents make, you are better off to avoid them easily. To get the most out of the device, choose a model that meets your needs and requirements. Also, be sure to consider your sleep’s quality, as well as that of your baby, ensuring that it will not be disrupted by the equipment or other factors. Always keep track of your baby monitor’s battery life and be sure to confirm that you have a reliable Wi-Fi signal reception at your baby’s crib.