Atlas Electric Pasta Machine, Silver with Motor Set

The Atlas Electric Pasta Machine, silver with Motor Set is a great pasta making machine with great features that make it easy and enjoyable for making pasta. This pasta machine enables you to prepare, delicious and light pasta with your own preferred ingredients which in turn ensures your pasta dishes have a nice taste always. This model includes special rollers in alloy meant for food. The rollers allow for the adjustment of the pasta and also one can get three different types.

The cutting wheel’s front is removable so as to be replaced with the other accessories if there is a need for the same. The machine is also equipped with a powerful motor of 110 Volts which makes it very efficient in performance. The motor enables the hands of the use to remain free and therefore they can be used to accompany the pastry. The engine’s regular rotation gives a thickness that is more uniform to the pastry. The package of the Atlas Electric machine includes a crank that drives the wheels and a clamp for setting the machine onto the table.



This Pasta machine has a counter -top design which makes it convenient for use in kitchens by:

Housewives Chefs in restaurant kitchens


The Atlas Pasta machine has the following great features which facilitate its effectiveness in pasta making.
1. Chrome plated steel: The body of the pasta maker is made of this plated steel which increases the machine’s durability. The countertop design makes the machine stable on the table.

2. Rollers and cutters: The Pasta maker has cutters and rollers made of anodized aluminum which makes them durable cutters and free from the heavy metals which are harmful since they can leech into the food being prepared. The rollers are easily adjustable to regulate the thickness of the pasta dough.

3. Instruction book with recipes: This sturdy pasta machine includes an instruction book with various recipes that enables you to make different shapes of pasta from fettuccine and lasagna to ziti and macaroni easily.

4. Manual and electric power options: The machine allows you to choose between a manual machine which uses the hand crank and the electrically powered motor, has two speeds, for you pasta making. This machine also uses more than 12 various clip -on accessories for more options.

5. Various color options: The Atlas Pasta machine comes in various colors and therefore you can choose your preferred color option or the one that matches the kitchen decor. Moreover, the model makes fresh and homemade pasta with great flavor and texture.


  • It is a basic pasta machine for all those making themselves dough sheets hence easy to use It allows you to choose your desired thickness of dough sheets using the regulator that has ten positions to choose from which range from 4.8 mm to 0.6 mm.
  • The machine is equipped with a practical bayonet coupling which allows the engine Pasta -drive to make your work easier and quicker.
  • This set also includes a table clamp used to fasten the device to the working surface as well as a winch The Atlas pasta maker has a 150 Roller and 12 optional accessories which can be mounted for better performance. The accessories are sold separately
  • The materials used in building this unit are of the highest quality which ensures the machine is worth its price.
  • Its structure is built of chrome steel which makes it very durable
  • The rollers are made of anodized aluminum alloy which ensures that there are no metal residues remaining on the dough sheet.
  • It has a nine position dial which is easily adjustable to effectively regulate the thickness of the pasta dough Comes with a recipes and instruction booklet for your versatile pasta ingredients.
  • The Atlas pasta maker has attachments for making two types of pasta.


  • This model lacks serious limitations.
  • There has however been a few complaints about malfunction on purchase which has been dealt with by appropriate refunds and replacements
  • Other few reviewers have said this machine is too slow in performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the commonly asked pre -purchase questions and their appropriate answers which will offer you guidance for acquiring this unit.

1. Can this engine serve me for my 220v country?
110v within the U.S. drives the Atlas pasta machine It may work for you differently if you are from somewhere else.

2. Is the pasta machine easy to clean?
It is super easy to clean. Water should however not be used on the cleaners of the machine as it will cause the rollers to gum up.

3. The description of the product says that it comes with two cutter heads. What are cutter heads?
One of these cutter heads cuts the pasta that resembles linguine while the other is meant for smaller pasta such as spaghetti.

4. If the motor goes bad or stops functioning can it be replaced?
The answer is yes; the motor is entirely separate and is replaceable by ordering a new one.

Final verdict

The Atlas pasta machine is greatly easy to use and clean. Its great features offer efficiency in perfect pasta preparation. The pasta maker has an electric motor which makes the whole process simple, but the second set of hands makes this job much easier and also quicker. The pasta machine is has a solid construction and advantageous features, which is why you should not hesitate to order for this particular unit via Amazon.
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