American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Hand Reel 14 Inch Push Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight and precise mower for tiny lawns or backyards, the American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Hand Reel 14 -Inch Push Lawn Mower is perfect for you. Boasting of a classic bright -red or orange metal frame that is reminiscent of a radio flyer wagon, the reel mower offers a scissor-like cut for grass, particularly the cool -season types of grass such as fescue, bluegrass and rye. It is easy to maneuver and has plastic grips for greater comfort. And with only 14 inches of cutting width, the push mower glides on grass quickly allowing you to spend just a few minutes to mow grass.

Features of American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Hand Reel 14 Inch Push Lawn Mower


Sturdy Construction

The American comes with a sturdy steel construction that ensures efficient and clean cutting of grass. It is perfectly suited to cutting grasses such as fescue, rye and bluegrass. Weighing just 19 pounds after it has been fully assembled, the 14 -inch American Lawn Mower is one of the lightest push mowers you can get.

This means it is simple to maneuver, cut corners and even push uphill. Its unique blade arrangement also ensures consistent frictionless cutting of any type of grass. As for first-time usage, the whole unit comes in parts with all its nuts and bolts contained in the packaging.

If you follow all instructions, it takes just around 15 minutes to assemble and start using it. Make sure to oil all moving components before first-time use in order to have a smooth break-in.

Robust Handle

American Lawn Mower has hardened handles that can withstand the pressure of trimming difficult lawns. However, the handle is coated with soft padding to ensure your hands are not calloused after a long and heavy day of mowing.

Since the mower is lightweight and very quick on the ground, it can mow through short and tall grass efficiently, though you will need many walk-throughs to complete mowing. Its lightweight nature also means that it may leave out that odd grass blade which is longer than the rest.

Therefore, the robust and soft -padded handle allows you to mow comfortably for as long as you need to achieve your desired cut.

Rugged Wheels

The 8.5 -inch high -impact polymer wheels are strong enough to withstand and roll over any obstacles in the lawn. Supplied with treads that allow them to retain stronger grip on the underlying terrain, the wheels enable the mower to glide through and cut different types of grass cleanly.

Remember that the American Push Lawn Mower allows height range of 0.5-1.5 inches. Hence, you should care for your lawn regularly so that grass does not catch pace and forces you to spend more time evening out your lawn.

But if you attend to your lawn weekly, you will find the reel mower incredibly quick and efficient. When set at 1 inch height, the push mower works best and leaves behind a clean, regular effect.

Adjustable Roller

Attached to the back of the American Lawn Mower, the roller helps to smooth grass soon after cutting
resulting in a well manicured look that makes the lawn to look great. When using the mower, you should ensure the rollers are always in the back, near you, to allow the mower to cut grass.

Always check to remove anything caught in the blade because the mower may stop if a twig or big lump of grass is jammed into the blades. For edge mowing, the American will get pretty close to the sides but you will still need an edge trimmer to effectively get the job done.

Easy Maintenance

Occasionally, the blades of the mower will get struck on twigs and pinecone that hold tight inside the spiral arrangement of the blades. When this happens, move the mower back and forth 3-5 times to release the blades. Typically, the only part of the American Lawn Mower that wears away with time is blade sharpness. Fortunately, because of the traditional design of the mower, this can be remade at your local workshop.


  • Inexpensive mower that costs at least $30 less than many reel mowers in the market.
  • Offers clean, precise, scissor-like cut. The perfect mower for small lawns or backyards.
  • Durable steel construction makes it useful for cutting grasses such as bluegrass, rye and fescue.
  • Simple design that ensures quick and easy assembly and limited maintenance costs.
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver and allows for easy cornering and mowing close to the edges.


  • Small 14 -inch cutting swath which limits its usefulness to small lawns.
  • Requires massive effort to cut wet grass. Only ideal for thinner and dryer grass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Does the mower require any skills to assemble?
A. No unique skills. Just the ability to tighten bolts.

Q. Is it made in America?
A. No. While it is called the “American,” it is made in China. This however should not be a big deal as it is a premium quality product.

Q. Does the mower push well on slightly sloped backyards?
A. Yes, it does move well. However, you should expect slight difficulty.

Q. Can it cut grass containing tall weeds such as dandelions?
A. Using the mower for the first time on tall grass may be really difficult. But if you mow your lawn at least once a week, there will be no problem. If the grass on your backyard is too tall, rent a power mower for first-time mowing and then you can use the American without problems.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a small lawn? Do you need a standby push mower? The American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Hand Reel 14 Inch Push Lawn Mower is ideal for those with small lawns or seekina low-ariced push mowers. It is an inexpensive, sturdily built and incredibly low -maintenance lawn mower that performs amazingly. Indeed, looking at the ease -of -use, durability, price and precise scissor-like cuts achieved through this mower, it proves a good value -for -money product that is worth buying.