Advantages and Features of Video Baby Monitors

A baby monitor is an essential device for a parent, especially a busy one can own. A baby monitor generally allows parents to keep a close check of their babies, especially when asleep to ensure safety, security and utmost care. However, there are various types of baby monitors, including the modern baby monitors that come with a number of great advantages and convenient features. Here is a breakdown of some of the most incredible advantages and features of video baby monitors.


Distinguishing Video Baby Monitors From Other Types

Baby monitoring systems are simply devices that receive and transmit signals from the one place (the baby’s crib) to another (the parent’s location). They are basically composed of a transmitting and a receiving device. There are three main types of baby monitors in general. These include audio monitors, video monitors, and Wi-Fi monitors.

Just like the name suggests, video monitors are designed to allow visual monitoring of the baby by the parent. On the other hand, audio monitors are mostly used to transmit sounds, noises, and voices from the baby or her surrounding to the receiver at the parent’s end.

One advantage of video baby monitors is that modern models are designed to include many different features, including digital audio, low -light vision, and night vision technologies. Some models actually have wireless features such as Wi-Fi and cloud monitoring to allow long-distance convenience.

Video Monitors Motion and Temperature Sensors

Some modern-day video monitors come equipped with motion -sensing and temperature detection technologies. These are quite beneficial to a parent, especially when it comes to determining whether or not, the child is lying down. These features can also be helpful in avoiding injuries from falling off the crib or bumping the head against furniture, as some babies are fond of.

Some of the best models trigger an alarm if such a movement occurs, in which the parent can follow up quickly to prevent such occurrences and injuries. Most of these are normally placed close to the baby’s cot or even under the mattress for easy reception of motion signals. Room temperature sensors are also important as far as ventilation and the baby’s comfort are concerned.

When higher than average temperatures are detected, you can easily rush into the bedroom and change the baby’s clothing or improve ventilation.

Visual Display and Night Vision Technology

One of the most important advantages of video baby monitors is that unlike other types, you are able to actually monitor your baby, visually. Most video monitors feature one or a few cameras near the bay’s position and an LCD or LED screen display at the monitoring device held by the parent.

Some of these monitoring systems also come with infrared night vision technologies to enable transmission of quality video even during the night or in low -light conditions. Most baby monitoring models with the night vision functionality are designed to switch to darkness or low -light mode automatically when darkness sets in. Some models come with wireless connectivity functionalities, which allow you to get visual HD quality video streaming from the internet enabled device.

As a matter of fact, most video monitors of the current generation come with integrated wireless connectivity network feature. The video monitoring and visual display features are also helpful in tracking your baby’s sleep schedules, not forgetting that they enhance the baby’s safety, and security.

Smartphone-Video Monitor Integration

In today’s smart world, your mobile phone can be used in many different ways for your own convenience. With regards to baby monitoring, some of the best video monitor models provide the capacity to connect the monitoring system to your Smartphone for ease of access on the go.

Such baby monitoring systems usually rely on Wi-Fi-enabled cameras that capture your baby’s footage in video and save or transmit them to a cloud storage drive. Parents can, therefore, keep track of their baby’s activities through Smartphone apps that are dedicated to baby monitoring services from wherever they are.

Some monitoring apps are also designed so that you can leave a Smartphone near the bay’s location to act as a video monitoring camera and use another Smartphone to access live streaming videos of your baby. The advantage of this Smartphone to Smartphone system is that it can be cheaper than the actual devices meant the purpose, especially if you already have an extra cell phone.


In general, video monitors have multiple advantages over alternatives such as audio monitors when it comes to baby monitoring. However, different brands and device models may come with different features and functionalities. For instance, some models are able to support more than one or two cameras. Some provide unique features such as a split screen for each camera at the display monitor. When choosing a video baby monitor, therefore, it is important to first consider factors such as brand reputation, features, and functionalities before buying one.