A Comprehensive Review Of The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor

If you are a looking for the best video baby monitor to buy, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor will be a great pick. You will find it handy for dealing with your little one during the day and at night. Not only does it allow you to hear your baby at a distance, but it also allows you to watch over them visually. It is packed with improved and impressive features that will make parenting very easy for you.

Features Of The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor

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1. Superb Video Quality:

One of the things that you are going to love about this video baby monitor is the excellent quality of video it gives. You will be able to have a clear view of your little one when they are sleeping or playing in their crib.

If you are the kind of parent who is so addicted to your baby that you just cannot be able to stop looking at him/her even for a minute, you will find this gadget to be very useful. You will not need to rush to your baby’s room now and then to check on them.

With the superb video quality that it features, you will be able to watch what is going on with the baby from wherever you are in the room. During the night, you will be able to lay your eyes on your baby without being forced to get out of bed. As a result, you will not lose valuable sleep time by walking to your baby’s room to check on them.

2. Sensitive Audio:

The audio of this video baby monitor is very sensitive that you can hear your little one breathing. Besides being able to watch what your baby is doing, you will also be able to listen to the sounds that they are making.

When your baby starts crying because of hunger, discomfort or another reason, you will be able to tell very fast. You will not be forced to constantly go back and forth in your baby’s room to check if they are crying or if they need to be fed. The baby monitor will help you know when it is time to feed the baby or change them.

As a result, you can sleep soundly or go on with your activities in the house without worrying too much about your little one. If no sound is heard, it shows that your baby is sleeping well.

3. Long Battery Life:

This is another thing that you are going to love about this-this video baby monitor. When fully charged, you can use it for more than eight straight hours. This means that it is the perfect choice of the video monitor to use at night. You can use it without worrying about recharging it now and then.

When there is a power outage, it will still prove useful because it is going stay with power for a good amount of time. It uses four AA batteries. If you live in an area where power outages are common, you can buy eight of them to make sure that you are never inconvenienced when it comes to monitoring your baby.

But even the four batteries are enough because it is less likely that you will be using the baby monitor continuously especially during the day. When you are spending time with your little one, you can turn it off to save the power.

4. Long Distance Range:

This is definitely one of the features that make this baby monitor great. You can be able to monitor your baby from a distance of up to 300 meters. It is equipped with an out of range indicator that shows when the area that you are in is not within range.

This means that when your little one is sleeping in their room, you can continue doing other activities in the living room, kitchen or anywhere else in your home as long it is within the 300 meters range. It also has a two-way talk -back feature as well as full digital sound to help you reassure your baby from afar.

You can make sounds keep the baby active or soothe them to sleep through the baby monitor while you are still doing other things indoors or outdoors. In case the link is lost, there will be no need to panic because there is an out of range indicator for that.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor is a great device that you will not regret spending your money on. Setting it up is a breeze. It comes with an instructional manual that you can refer to just in case you experience problems setting it up or using it. Make sure that the batteries and battery covers are fitted properly before you start using it. Also, make sure that the adapter cable is not stretched across furniture in your house to prevent damaging the wiring.